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April Coding Bootcamp News Roundup

By Harry Hantel
Last Updated May 5, 2015


Welcome to the April News Roundup, your monthly news digest full of the most interesting articles and announcements in the bootcamp space. Want your bootcamp's news to be included in the next News Roundup? Submit announcements of new courses, scholarships, or open jobs at your school!

9 Bootcamp Headlines

  1. Coding bootcamps find homes at accredited universities.
  2. Could This Hybrid Approach Be the Future of Coding Bootcamps in Canada?
  3. Lifehacker: Will a Programming Bootcamp Help Me Get a Coding Job?
  4. Learning House Acquires Coding Bootcamp Provider Software Craftsmanship Guild.
  5. Why These Chicago Teachers Traded the Classroom for Coding.
  6. Part-Time Bootcamp AnyoneCanLearnToCode Launches Careers in Programming.
  7. Video: How to Transition to a High-Paying Tech Career - With No Prior Experience (ft. Dev Bootcamp).
  8. Galvanize Offers New $50,000 STEM Scholarship to Encourage Latino Students.
  9. Wyncode Academy Announces Expansion to Fort Lauderdale.


7 New Schools In Our Directory

  1. Learn in Louisiana: HackerForge launches a 10-week bootcamp in Shreveport and Tech Talent South expands to New Orleans.
  2. LearnTech Labs offers a "gap year" curriculum in Silicon Valley.
  3. Online Courses: Modern Developer offers several career paths, and Code Cloud matches students with mentors to compete projects.
  4. .NET bootcamp Nation of Code opens in Sussex, England.
  5. 13-week bootcamp CodeaCamp opens in Mexico City.


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