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  • 4 Steps to Become a Remote Developer

    Rachel Meltzer5/6/2020

    Remote jobs are rapidly becoming more popular in nearly every industry, growing by over 173% in the past decade. This phenomenon is sweeping the US, Canda, and most of Europe as millennials demand a better work-life balance. Over 3% of US employees work from home at least half of the time, and over 5% of the US works full-time remote jobs. Whether you want to work from home, become a digital nomad, or have a more flexible schedule, becoming a remote developer can help you find the job of your dreams. Remote work and remote coding bootcamps open a wide range of possibilities, including better salaries (remote software developers make an average salary of $66,000), less time spent commuting, and a better work-life balance. 

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  • Webinar: How to Choose an Online Bootcamp (and get hired)

    Liz Eggleston1/29/2016

    There are so many options when it comes to learning to code online (we have 35 online schools just on Course Report)! From bootcamps to self-guided resources to mentor-driven courses, it can be tough to navigate. So we were excited to join Randle from Skillcrush for a webinar to talk all about choosing the right online coding bootcamp and then being really successful once you're in. And now we're sharing everything we learned!

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  • Webinar: How To Write The Perfect Developer Resume

    Liz Eggleston12/9/2015


    If you're a recent coding bootcamp graduate (or you're learning to code), you're probably already thinking about how to land your first developer job. A killer resume and LinkedIn will be crucial to getting interviews. But what should you be including (and what should you absolutely leave off)? Do you emphasize your bootcamp projects or your past work experience? And what goes into a great LinkedIn Summary?? We sat down with Randle Browning of Skillcrush to cover all of this and more. Watch the recorded webinar below!

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  • 9 Tips for Moms Learning to Code

    Liz Eggleston5/3/2021

    Most immersive bootcamps are less than six months and many offer part-time options, allowing parents to balance childcare and work commitments with learning to code. But as a mom thinking about a code school, what should you consider before taking the plunge? Eight moms (who are successful graduates of bootcamps like Flatiron School, Turing, Thinkful, and DigitalCrafts) share their tips for switching careers and re-entering the workforce.

    Before you initiate the hunt for the perfect childcare solution, find the time to take an online course or experiment with online tutorials and different software, to see if coding is for you. Prepare yourself for the experience. Research front end development, UX design, and full-stack development. Test the waters and see if any of these spark a passion within.

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  • Student Spotlight: Christine, Skillcrush

    Liz Eggleston3/25/2015


    Christine Oskison had a degree in counseling psychology before taking on the role of stay-at-home mom to raise her children outside of Philadelphia. She became interested in web design and development as a creative pursuit, and Christine found Skillcrush when she searched for coding programs tailored to women. Now having completed the Skillcrush Web Development Blueprint, and in the middle of the Wordpress Developer Blueprint, Christine tells us about the benefits of using MightyBell to form a community with other students, Skillcrush’s unique online model, and her goals for using her newfound developer skills.  

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  • Alumni Spotlight: Jamie Raymond, Skillcrush

    Liz Eggleston3/10/2015


    Jamie Raymond was using her degree in Graphic Design at a startup job in New York City, but realized that working with front-end web development was the most thrilling part of her job. Jamie chose to do an online course and was impressed by Skillcrush’s commitment to teaching women. She had a successful 10-day trial with Skillcrush and took both the Web Developer Blueprint and the Web Designer Blueprint. We talk to Jamie about using Mightybell to collaborate with other Skillcrush students, the freelance work she’s getting with her new skills, and the extensive advice and support that she still receives from the team at Skillcrush.

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  • 10 Must-Do's for an Amazing Online Learning Experience

    Kelli Orrela2/19/2015

    Maybe you chose an online program to learn to code because you work full-time and need a flexible schedule. Or maybe you were looking for a lower-cost option. Or you didn’t want to re-locate but still wanted the chance to work with classmates and instructors from around the world. Whatever the reason, now that you’ve made your choice, you want to make sure you get the most out of your online course. These 10 not-to-miss tips will help you have an amazing online learning experience from start to finish. You’ll find out both why each is critical for your studying success and how to use the ideas right away so that you get the most of every part of your course starting today!

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  • Free Webinar: Which Online Coding Bootcamp is Best for YOU?

    Liz Eggleston8/14/2014


    Online, mentored coding bootcamps offer convenience and structure without forcing you to quit your job or move to a new city. But not all online programs were created equally, so which one is right for you? We'll learn from alumni at each online coding bootcamp, ready to answer your questions about their experience during class, how they found mentorship and community online, and how their careers have skyrocketed afterwards.  

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  • Founder Spotlight: Adda Birnir of Skillcrush

    Liz Eggleston4/24/2014


    In 2008, Adda Birnir found herself laid off with some light technical skills- she knew this was the time to learn to code and become an indespensable asset. After a few freelancing jobs and a position at, Adda was ready to bridge the gender gap in tech and teach women (and men!) to code. She founded Skillcrush, an online community complete with courses in Web Design and Web Development, and it continues to grow. We spoke with Adda about her experience teaching herself to code, her inspiration for Skillcrush, and how students are learning with their unique Blueprint courses. 

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