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  • What is CSS: A Guide for Beginners

    Liz Eggleston11/22/2019

    How does a website get its style? CSS, of course! But what exactly is CSS and how will you use it as a developer? Joseph Mecham, Devmountain’s Web Development Program Director, explains (in fun, beginner-friendly terms) what CSS is, the history of CSS, how it’s used by software developers, how it works with other programming languages (namely HTML and JavaScript). Plus, get a sneak peek at where CSS is heading in the future. 

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  • How to Land a Job After Coding Bootcamp with DevMountain

    Imogen Crispe10/23/2019


    DevMountain Director of Outcomes and Student Success, Chris Dominguez, gives us a peek at how his team helps graduates land jobs with companies like American Express and Wayfair after coding bootcamp. Chris explains how he helps DevMountain students reframe their (often seemingly irrelevant) backgrounds to enhance their resumes, and shares his tips for applying to jobs in iOS, UX Design, Web Development, and Software QA.

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  • August 2019 Coding Bootcamp News Roundup

    Imogen Crispe8/29/2019

    Coding bootcamps are ramping up as we get closer to fall – in August we published our latest market growth report (23,000 grads expected in 2019), Flatiron School acquired a cybersecurity bootcamp, and companies like LinkedIn and JPMorgan Chase hired bootcamp graduates! We chat about the history of income share agreements, coding bootcamps for social good, women in tech, and companies hiring from (and vouching for) coding bootcamps. Plus, we tell you about the 9 newest tech bootcamps that opened in August!

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  • How Katie Built a Collaborative iOS App at Devmountain

    Liz Eggleston8/22/2019

    In this Final Project Demo, we’re joined by Katie Stakland who took the UX Immersive at Devmountain and created a roommate communication app called Gabble! Because Devmountain teaches tracks in UX design, iOS development, software QA, and web development, Katie got to collaborate with iOS developers on this group project. Katie is now starting her job as a Product Designer at PackBack and tells us how writing a case study about Gabble got her the job. 

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  • Meet an Instructor: Mark McIver from DevMountain

    Liz Eggleston6/11/2019

    Mark McIver is an instructor at DevMountain’s Web Development immersive bootcamp – a course he himself graduated from four years ago! We caught up with Mark and he shared how he’s transitioned from being a bootcamp student to a developer and now an instructor. Learn how he started coding, some of the industry trends he’s seeing, and why he’s passionate about training the next generation of web developers in Utah.

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  • From College Dropout to iOS Developer with DevMountain

    Imogen Crispe4/24/2019


    Herman wasn’t quite sure which career path he wanted to pursue – until he discovered he wanted to build iPhone apps! With eyes on the future, and some Bitcoin to sell, he invested in DevMountain’s iOS immersive coding bootcamp to jump start his mobile development career. Herman told us why DevMountain’s bootcamp plus housing package was great value for someone with no formal coding experience, how his background has helped in his new career, and how he landed his new iOS developer role at startup Tapcart!

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  • How Madi Launched a Career in Software QA With DevMountain

    Imogen Crispe2/27/2019

    Madi spent a few years trying different career paths, but didn’t get really excited about anything until she discovered Software QA. She considered teaching herself, but decided to enroll in DevMountain’s Software QA bootcamp in Utah to learn more, get experience, and build a portfolio. Madi tells us about working on projects with members of her diverse cohort, learning from DevMountain instructors who had real industry experience, and how a chance meeting on a bus led to her new job as a QA Engineer at Young Living Essential Oils!

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  • DevMountain's New Campus in Lehi, Utah

    Imogen Crispe1/24/2019


    With classes spread between Salt Lake City and Provo, the DevMountain team has decided to bring all its Utah operations under one roof in centrally-located Lehi. We sat down with DevMountain Executive Director Krissy Weekley to hear how Lehi has become the tech hub of Utah, which big tech companies are hiring coding bootcamp grads in Lehi, and how having the UX, iOS, Software QA, and Web Development students in one place will allow them to interact, collaborate and learn from each other.

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  • My UX Design Final Project at DevMountain

    Lauren Stewart11/26/2018

    Justin worked in graphic design and art direction for more than 10 years before wanting to digitize his skill set. He’d never heard of UX design, but when he started researching, he realized it ticked all of his boxes. Justin enrolled in DevMountain’s full-time UX Design Bootcamp in Salt Lake City, and designed a fascinating app to help refugees pair with mentors as they resettle. Justin shows us his DevMountain final project on video, tells us how he worked through the trepidation he felt changing careers in his 40s, and how he managed to persuade his current employer to pay for the program and shift his role to UX Design Lead!

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  • Why Progressive Leasing Hires from DevMountain

    Imogen Crispe10/8/2019


    As a Director of Software Engineering at Progressive Leasing, Kristie Azarela hired her first coding boot camp grad in 2017. After meeting Jodi Parker at a DevMountain hiring event, she found that Jodi’s QA and graphic design background, combined with a three month-coding boot camp made her a great candidate for Progressive Leasing.  Kristie tells us about Jodi’s interview process, her progress in her new role and why she recommends DevMountain to other employers.

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