Phoenix Coding Bootcamps


Our comprehensive guide to Phoenix coding bootcamps, including the best Phoenix code schools, reviews, scholarships, and more!

Tourism, healthcare, education, high-tech and telecommunications dominate the Phoenix economy. One industry report indicates that health care startups are among the most popular in Phoenix. Phoenix based tech startups include Giftcard Zen, APpVirality, Tuft & Needle, and Pagely, plus big tech companies like Uber and Yelp have outposts there. Electric car manufacturer Lucid Motors is also opening a plant in Phoenix, bringing another need for tech skills. If you are looking for web developer jobs in Phoenix, attending a Phoenix coding academy is a good place to start.

Tech Talent South offers full-time and part-time immersive web development courses in Phoenix, covering Ruby on Rails and JavaScript. There are also shorter programs in iOS, UX, and website design.

Originally launched in Colorado, Galvanize now has a Phoenix campus teaching 12 and 24-week bootcamps in JavaScript web development and Python data science.

Coder Camps Phoenix launched in November 2016, and is the coding bootcamp’s third campus after Houston and Seattle. Coder Camps Phoenix offers 12-week web development courses in .NET and JavaScript.

The University of Arizona also has a 24-week part-time coding bootcamp offered in their continuing education department.

Given the popularity of tourism and high tech companies in Phoenix, the number of coding schools in Phoenix is sure to continue growing.

 Phoenix coding bootcamps received an average 4.3 of 5 based on 912 reviews