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Lumenbrite specializes in software skills training and consulting for digital media and marketing. The company has established enterprise Adobe Authorized Training Centers in Austin, Houston and Phoenix, but also works with partner locations throughout the United States. 

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  • Chevy
    owner • Student • Austin
    Aug 25, 2016
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    Lumenbrite rocks!

    I have taken several classes for my own business with Lumenbrite. I run a digital media marketing company here in austin, but needed to learn more after hassling with incompetant designers. Lumenbrite is not a coding-school in the same way as some of the other coding bootcamps in that they don't really seem to offer job placement and wern't trying to get me to enroll for a 3month program. I went with them originally because they were the only ones that were really Adobe certified, but came...


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How much does Lumenbrite cost?

Lumenbrite costs around $1,995. On the lower end, some Lumenbrite courses like Adobe Photoshop Bootcamp cost $1,595.

What courses does Lumenbrite teach?

Lumenbrite offers courses like Adobe After Effects Bootcamp, Adobe Dreamweaver Bootcamp, Adobe Illustrator Bootcamp, Adobe InDesign Bootcamp and 2 more.

Where does Lumenbrite have campuses?

Lumenbrite has in-person campuses in Austin, Houston and Phoenix.

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