Which New York Coding Bootcamp is Best for You?

By Liz Eggleston
Last updated on February 2, 2018

How do you choose a coding boot camp in New York that's right for you? New York City is home to 13 full-time coding bootcamps, teaching everything from Web Development to Mobile App Development to FinTech. With so many options to choose from, you should consider factors like your learning style, professional goals, and language preferences.  

Lucky for you, we've done all the hard work!

The following New York coding bootcamps cover a range of language focuses, teaching styles, and cost.   

The Flatiron School

The Flatiron School is an intensive, full-time, 15-week school in New York City for individuals who love to create. Headquartered in the Financial District in downtown Manhattan, the school offers courses in Ruby on Rails with JavaScript. Expect to pay $15,000 in tuition, unless you're chosen to participate in the NYC Web Development Fellowship, which offers training in web development at no cost to the student. Underrepresented groups including women and veterans can get a $2000 scholarship. Flatiron School also has a job guarantee so if you don't find a job within 180 days of graduation, you get your money back.    


TurnToTech is a mobile development school located in New York City's Flatiron District. Turn to Tech offers offers 12-week programs in iOS and Android mobile development for $12,000. Women are eligible for a $1000 scholarship. The 12-week bootcamp is followed by an optional six-week internship with one of TurnToTech's partner companies.

Fullstack Academy

If you're looking for training to be a tech leader or start your own business, check out the Fullstack Academy.  The school's 13-week Software Engineering Immersive, also in Manhattan's Financial District, costs $17,910, with financing and scholarships available. True to its name, Fullstack Academy teaches full-stack JavaScript web development, with a focus on the NERDS (Node, Express, React, SQL) stack. Fullstack Academy also offers a flex-immersive, part-time version of their Software Engineering Immersive, plus an Introduction to Front-End Development program.

Grace Hopper Academy

For a women's only alternative check out Fullstack's partner, Grace Hopper Academy. This immersive engineering school for women has no upfront cost! Students only pay their tuition after they find a job. Like Fullstack Academy, the 13-week course is preceded by a four-week part-time remote foundations course. Students graduates as proficient developers, with a focus on full-stack JavaScript, and receive job placement support that includes mock interviews, hiring events and interview prep.

App Academy

If you are a student who values hands on experience over traditional lectures and you don't have the cash to fund your tuition upfront, then App Academy may be a good fit. Despite the name, App Academy offers classes only in Full Stack Web Development, focusing on Ruby, Rails, and JavaScript. We recently caught up with founder Kush Patel, who said that the New York office has really taken off and is placing 100% of their graduates in tech jobs. App Academy's goals are not strictly profit-based; in fact, students don't have to pay tuition until they get a job that they're happy with.

General Assembly

The General Assembly Web Development Immersive program is located in Flatiron District, and offers 12-week courses priced at $14,950. One of the largest networks of coding bootcamps, General Assembly will train students in the full-stack and set students up for success in the interview and hiring process. General Assembly also hosts frequent info sessions, so if you're interested in the WDI program, stop by their offices for a live session!  

Recurse Center

If you don't want to learn Ruby or iOS, there aren't many options for you in New York. Lovers of Python or Android can attend Recurse Center (formerly Hacker School), which is a three-month free school that strays from the popular immersive, instructor-led model where most other bootcamps have found success. What you will get is space, structure, a dedicated learning environment, and a community of other hackers on the same track. Recurse center makes money through recruitment fees if you're hired after the program.  

Startup Institute 

Startup Institute offers a 12-week part-time course in Web Development, with a focus on Ruby on Rails. Startup Institute emphasizes access to experienced mentors who work in the industry, and teaching you the ins and outs of working for a startup- from culture to org structure. Tuition is $9,500 for the 12-week course. Startup Institute also offers 12-week courses in Digital Marketing, Web Design, and Sales and Account Management.

Hack Reactor

In New York, Hack Reactor started as MakerSquare in 2016. As of 11/1/16, Hack Reactor has unified its network of schools, including MakerSquare and Telegraph Academy, under the Hack Reactor brand. The network of schools teach a 12-week immersive program covering full stack JavaScript and costs $17,980.


Galvanize's new New York City campus opened in 2017 in West Soho, and is the Denver-based school's ninth campus. Galvanize originally started in Colorado but has now opened campuses on the West Coast and East Coast. After an acquisition, Galvanize now runs Hack Reactor's 12-week immersive bootcamp in full stack JavaScript and for $17,980. Galvanize still runs its original Data Science bootcamp.

New York Code + Design Academy

Another option in New York is New York Code + Design Academy which offers a full stack Web Development Intensive in Ruby on Rails with JavaScript. The school has a "learning by doing" attitude and encourages teamwork and immersion in the tech community. The Web Development Intensive is 12-weeks long and costs $10,000, a little cheaper than some of the other 12-week options.

Byte Academy

Byte Academy is one of the rare coding bootcamps offering a Python web development curriculum. Byte's full-time program is $10,000 for 12 weeks. Byte also offers part-time options in evenings and weekends with a pay per class model. All women are eligible for a $2000 scholarship, and some candidates may be eligible for Byte's Tuition Deferral Program where they don't pay until they are hired.

Product School

If you're interested in learning product management, then Product School is a great option in New York. They teach classes designed for both coding newbies and long-time engineers.

Looking for a coding bootcamp in San Francisco, Chicago, or Texas?  Check back on the Course Report blog for future guides to other cities, and use our school directory to easily browse schools and their courses! 


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