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Most programming languages today rely on English vocabulary and syntax, which can make it difficult for non-native speakers who are learning how to code. While the majority of coding bootcamps are taught in English, Spanish-speaking coding bootcamps are gaining traction. To make it easier for our hispanohablante readers, check out Spanish-speaking coding bootcamps currently available online or in-person at campuses throughout Latin America and Europe.

 25 Spanish-Speaking Coding Bootcamps:

  1. 4Geeks Academy
  2. Assembler Institute of Technology
  3. Bedu/Tech
  4. BeTek
  5. CampSite
  6. CEI Escuela de Diseño 
  7. Codenotch
  8. Correlation One
  9. Cyber Patio
  10. Digital House
  11. Henry
  12. Holberton School
  13. Ironhack
  14. Le Wagon
  15. Mente Argentina
  16. MIOTI
  17. MindHub
  18. Multiply College
  20. Nuclio School
  21. OpenBootcamp
  22. Plataforma 5
  23. Reboot Academy
  24. The Bridge
  25. Universidad Europea 

9 American & Latin American Coding Bootcamps

1. 4Geeks Academy

In addition to their English-speaking cohorts, 4Geeks Academy offers Spanish-speaking online and in-person bootcamps in Miami, Florida.

2. Bedu/Tech

Bedu/Tech is a MEAN stack bootcamp with campuses in Guadalajara and Mexico City. Students must understand English, but courses are taught in Spanish. 

3. BeTek

BeTek is a live online bootcamp based in Medellín that offers programs in front end and back end development as well as data analytics. The bootcamps are taught entirely in Spanish. 

4. Digital House

Digital House is an online coding bootcamp based in Buenos Aires that offers a Certified Tech Developer program. Students are also able to take complimentary technical workshops during the program, such as design thinking, UX and UI, Data Analytics and digital product management.

5. Holberton School

Holberton School is a two-year software engineering school with campuses in US cities like Tulsa, Oklahoma, but also has campuses in Barranquilla, Bogotá, Cali, Lima, Medellín, Montevideo, Quito, and San Juan! While the bootcamp is taught in English, students at the Latin American campuses will be surrounded by other native Spanish speakers.

6. Ironhack

Ironhack is a global coding bootcamp that has campuses in Mexico City and São Paulo. The bootcamp in Mexico City (as well as the online bootcamp from Mexico City) is taught in Spanish, while the bootcamp in São Paulo is taught in Portuguese.

7. Le Wagon

Le Wagon is a global bootcamp with in-person campuses in Buenos Aires, Mexico City, Rio de Janeiro, Santiago, and São Paulo. Le Wagon teaches in Spanish at these South American campuses, except for Rio de Janeiro where the bootcamp is taught in English and São Paulo where the primary language on campus is Portuguese. Students can choose to learn Full Stack Web Development, Data Science, or Data Analytics. Note that at Le Wagon’s European campuses in Barcelona and Madrid, classes are only taught in English.

8. Mente Argentina

Mente Argentina is based in Buenos Aires, and the coding bootcamp is taught in Spanish. For students who do not have an advanced level of Spanish, Mente Argentina offers optional, monthly intensive Spanish courses. 

9. Plataforma 5

Plataforma 5 is an online coding bootcamp based in Buenos Aires that teaches Full Stack Web Development in Spanish. While knowledge of English is not mandatory, Plataforma 5 does state that English will help its students better understand documentation and access bonus materials offered by the school. 

12 Bootcamps in Spain & Portugal

1. 4GeeksAcademy

4Geeks Academy offers online, Spanish-speaking bootcamps as well as in-person and hybrid bootcamps at campuses in Madrid, Barcelona, Valenia, Málaga, and Lisbon. The bootcamps at 4Geeks Academy include a job guarantee.

2. Assembler Institute of Technology

Assembler Institute of Technology is based in Barcelona, and is highly selective of its students, accepting only 10% of applicants. All students of the bootcamp are required to be residents of Spain

3. CEI Escuela de Diseño

CEI Escuela de Diseño teaches in Spanish and offers both on-site and online bootcamps with in-person campuses in Lisbon, Madrid, and Seville. Students can learn web development, design, digital marketing, and more at CEI Escuela de Diseño. A student can also obtain a Master’s degree in Web Design from the Distance University of Madrid (UDIMA) by paying the university fees. 

4. Codenotch

Students can learn in-person coding skills at Codenotch’s Madrid campus or opt for their online bootcamp. Codenotch offers program in Data Analytics and Web & Mobile Development. 

5. Cyber Patio

Cyber Patio is a full-time UI/UX design bootcamp which can be completed in-person in Barcelona or live online. Cyber Patio also offers intro courses to coding for designers. 

6. Ironhack

Ironhack has European in-person campuses in Barcelona and Madrid. Students at the Barcelona and Madrid campuses have the option of choosing to learn in either English and Spanish. 

7. Le Wagon

While Le Wagon offers in-person learning at their European campuses in Barcelona and Madrid, classes are only taught in English. Potential students should have good English skills in order to participate. 


Based in Spain, NEOLAND offers bootcamps in web development, UX design, data science, and cyber security. NEOLAND has campuses in Barcelona and Madrid as well as online, live instruction. 

9. Nuclio School

Nuclio School offers both on-site technical training at its campuses in Barcelona and Madrid and remote live instruction through its online bootcamp.

10. Reboot Academy

Operating from the Canary Islands, Reboot Academy teaches full stack web development with full-time and part-time programs. The bootcamp is taught in both Spanish and English, and there are no language requirements to enroll. 

11. The Bridge

Based in Spain, The Bridge only teaches in Spanish! The Bridge has campuses in Bilbao, Madrid, Seville, and Valencia, and offers a variety of bootcamps, such as full stack web development, cybersecurity, data science, digital marketing, product design, and more!

12. Universidad Europea

At the Universidad Europea, the bootcamps are entirely taught in Spanish at campuses in Madrid and Valencia. Students applying to any of the programs (Blockchain, Data Science, Digital Marketing, or Project Management) should have a very high level of Spanish. Applicants will take an admissions test that will assess if their level of Spanish is enough to complete the program.

7 Spanish-Speaking Online Bootcamps:

1. CampSite

The online coding bootcamp at CampSite is taught in Spanish, so no understanding of English is required. However, CampSite reminds students that English is used by much of the tech industry, so knowledge of English will be helpful in a tech career.

2. Correlation One

While Correlation One teaches in English, they have many native Spanish speakers enrolled in their programs in Latin America. Since many of their learners and teachers are native Spanish speakers, groupwork work together partially in Spanish.

3. Henry

HENRY's online bootcamp is 100% in Spanish! HENRY prepares students for full-time careers in Full Stack Development and Data Science with over 80% of their graduates finding remote tech jobs. 


MIOTI is a live online data science bootcamp based in Spain where the courses are all taught in Spanish. Since MIOTI courses are so intensive, applicants should have a basic knowledge of technical skills to apply. 

5. MindHub

MindHub is a remote bootcamp in LATAM where the program is taught in Spanish. The curriculum at MindHub is entirely project-based, and students choose between two learning paths: full stack Java web development and full stack MERN stack & mobile apps.

6. Multiply College

Multiply College is an online tech sales bootcamp based out of Spain that is taught solely in Spanish. Applicants from around the world are welcome to apply, but they should have a solid understanding of Spanish.  

7. OpenBootcamp

OpenBootcamp offers a free, online coding bootcamp that is taught in Spanish. Students will learn a variety of programming languages, such as Python, JavaScript, React, and SQL, and they will have access to OpenBootcamp’s hiring network.  

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