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This school is now closed. Although Software Guild is no longer accepting students or running its program, you can still see historical information and Software Guild alumni reviews on the school page.


Software Guild

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The Software Guild offers immersive full-time, online, 12-week or part-time, 10 to 14-month coding bootcamps. Courses focus on .NET/C# and Java and do a deep dive into the language fundamentals, server side, data tier, user interface, and tools. Software Guild focuses on .NET/C# and Java because those stacks are stable, proven, and in highest demand in the enterprise. The Software Guild takes driven beginners, or more experienced students passionate about developme...

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  • Andrew
    Software Developer • Graduate
    Sep 04, 2016
    Overall Experience
    Job Assistance

    I now work for IBM

    This program should be a serious option for those who are interested in transitioning to a career in software development. 

    At around May of 2015, I was at an important crossroad in my life: I knew I wanted to pursue a career in software development, but like most others in that kind of situation, I was led to chose between two options: going to a programming bootcamp or atttending a 4-year CS degree program. 

    Ultimately, I decided that after already having ob...


Software Guild Alumni Outcomes

Employment Rate
Graduation Rate
Median Salary
92% of students intended to seek in-field employment within 180 days of graduating. 0% of students did not intend to seek in-field employment. Below is the 180 Day Employment Breakdown for 35 graduates included in report:
180 Day employment breakdown
Employed in-field91.7%
Full-time employee87.5%
Full-time apprenticeship, internship or contract position4.2%
Short-term contract, part-time, or freelance0.0%
Started a new company or venture after graduation0.0%
Not seeking in-field employment0.0%
Employed out-of-field0.0%
Continuing to higher education0.0%
Not seeking a job for health, family, or personal reasons0.0%
Still seeking job in-field8.3%
Could not contact0.0%
salary breakdown
Notes and Caveats

Recent Software Guild News

Nat Davis
Updated January 19, 2023
Coding bootcamps are certainly the most efficient way to quickly make a successful career pivot. But what is a coding bootcamp actually like ? Since 2014, we ve spoken with hundreds of alumni about their in-person, online, full-time, part-time, and self-paced bootcamp experiences and now we re sharing their insights with you! Let s break down a typical day at a bootcamp, teaching styles, and exactly what to expect in a bootcamp classroom. What is a Coding Bootcamp Like? Here ...
Jess Feldman
Updated February 14, 2022
When elementary school teacher Mark found himself learning how to code alongside his students, he realized tech may be a better career fit for him. Wanting to land a developer job quickly after graduating, Mark enrolled at The Software Guild s part-time, online .NET/C# coding bootcamp to learn the tech stack that would make him most marketable in Minneapolis. But what was Mark actually able to learn at Software Guild ? Take a tour of the car sales application that Mark built for ...
Jess Feldman
Updated November 30, 2021
When Judy Thao hit a ceiling as a dental hygienist, she began looking for a new career path with more opportunity. By enrolling at the Software Guild , Judy got the foundations and real-world project experience she needed to launch a career in full stack development. Now four years into a successful tech career, Judy walks us through what it took to get started as a developer and how her Software Guild experience continues to help her as a Senior Associate Full Stack Developer at ...
Jess Feldman
Updated August 17, 2021
Java is a well-established programming language and learning Java can lead you into a great tech career. So what does the path look like from newbie to expert in Java development? Software Guild instructor, David Hunnicutt walks us through the job titles, responsibilities, and average salaries for today s Java developers at the entry-level, mid-level, and senior-level. Plus, David shares insider tips on what to expect in the technical interview for Java developer roles, ...
Liz Eggleston
Updated June 02, 2021
Since 2013, Software Guild has been offering both virtual and in-person bootcamps teaching Java and .NET/C#. Kishore Pashindla, a Technical Trainer at The Software Guild, joins us for a virtual walkthrough of the Software Guild online classroom and explains a typical day at the bootcamp. Kishore also shares his advice for students interested in making a career change into tech and tells us exactly what sets Software Guild apart from other remote bootcamps. Please note, currently ...
Rachel Meltzer
Updated April 29, 2021
With almost all personal banking, lending, electronic payments, and trading done online these days, financial technology is an in-demand field for technologists in 2021. But do the top fintech companies actually hire coding bootcamp graduates? We re breaking down what to expect at a financial technology company, and the top 6 Fintech companies that hire bootcamp alumni. Plus, our tips for employers who are onboarding bootcamp grads onto their fintech teams! What is a FinTech ...
Jess Feldman
Updated February 18, 2021
When Miranda decided to pivot from clinical dietitian into software engineering, she was drawn to The Software Guild because of their reputation in Louisville. Miranda explains how The Software Guild s remote Java bootcamp made it possible to make a career-change while working full-time. Plus, Miranda shares how The Software Guild s career services team gave her the support she needed to land her first software engineering role after graduating! What inspired you to pivot ...
Jess Feldman
Updated January 12, 2021
Their latest CIRR report shows a 91% alumni job placement rate at The Software Guild, but how exactly is The Software Guild preparing graduates for the workforce? Director of Career Services, Kipp Graham, tells us about their commitment to each bootcamper s success, from their initial career goals to landing their first job. Plus, Kipp explains how to assess whether a company is the right fit for you and what employers are actually looking for in today s junior developers. Meet ...
Jess Feldman
Updated March 11, 2021
Course Report Coding Bootcamp News in Review 2020 As we wrap up a very tumultuous year, we're taking a moment to round up all of the most impactful coding bootcamp news we saw in 2020. Follow along as we call out the top trends of 2020 and break down this year s biggest acquisitions and fundraises in the bootcamp space. Plus, we re sharing our predictions for 2021, how a new Biden/Harris administration may impact bootcamps, and what we re hoping to see in the bootcamp world this coming ...
Liz Eggleston
Updated December 29, 2021
Career centers and workforce development grants are a key resource for unemployed/underemployed workers looking to re-skill. Around 12 million people have contacted their local career centers this year, which is 8.5 million more than in 2019. Federal programs like WIOA (the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act), the CARES act, and even initiatives run by your city or state can make it possible to attend a bootcamp tuition-free! But these programs can be difficult to ...

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Software Guild worth it?
Is Software Guild legit?
Does Software Guild offer scholarships or accept the GI Bill?
Can I read Software Guild reviews?
Is Software Guild accredited?

How much does Software Guild cost?

Software Guild costs around $13,750.

What courses does Software Guild teach?

Software Guild offers courses like Java, .NET/C#.

Where does Software Guild have campuses?

Software Guild teaches students Online in a remote classroom.

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Includes Housing
Offers Corporate Training
Accepts GI Bill
Kentucky Commission on Proprietary Education, Resident School License No. R-0470, Minnesota Office of Higher Education, OHE Assigned Institution ID: 1829945
Is Software Guild worth it?
Employment Rate
Graduation Rate
Median Salary

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