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Product Gym is an exclusive membership association dedicated to the advancement of product managers, providing an exclusive community for networking, skills-building, and career acceleration. Located in New York City, Product Gym offers 30 - 45 hours of in-person instruction taught by a lead instructor and subject matter expert. Covering the product development lifecycle, from ideation to release and maintenance, members learn the skills needed to excel in product management. These trainings include learning how to create a product roadmap, conducting business and market analysis, defining an MVP, evaluating OKRs and KPIs, wireframing, prototype testing, and building stakeholder consensus. 

The Product Gym community offers aspiring Product Managers multiple networking, career acceleration, and coaching development channels, all designed to help members and contribute to the community. Applicants do not need to have a base knowledge of product management as Product Gym teaches content to beginners. Professionals with at least 3+ years of relevant working experience looking to make a career transition are welcome to apply.

These trainings are designed to develop members’ hands-on product management skills and equip professionals with the best education and job-hunting strategies. Product Gym’s primary instructors are product management fanatics dedicated to sharing the best of their industry knowledge. Instructors hold senior product management positions at top tech companies such as Google, LinkedIn, and Spotify. Upon completion of Product Gym’s trainings, members will be awarded a Certificate of Product Management.

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    • Product Management

      Product Management
      OnlinePart Time5 Hours/week10 Weeks
      Start Date None scheduled
      Class sizeN/A
      Our Product Management career community membership gives you access to our 20+ live and recorded classes. Members also receive access to our suite of career services including resume, interview, case study and negotiation coaching, together with our tested job search strategy and supportive community.
      Refund / GuaranteeConditional 30 day refund policy.
      Getting in
      Minimum Skill Level3 years of professional experience. Product Management experience not required.
      Placement TestNo
    • Anonymous • Graduate
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      My path to Product Management was inadvertent. I never knew what it was, until my friend (an industry veteran) exposed me to it and I was hooked. I read every book I could find on the subject, network ferociously, and prayed. There wasn’t a single book or person that was able to provide me with a roadmap of how I was going to leave my job in finance and transition into product. I didn’t want to take a job I don’t want at a company I liked; just to HOPE I could transition into product someday. Yes someday, that one f****ing day that never seems to come around. And then I discovered Product Gym; once I was blind, but now I see. Their Head Career Coach sat down with me for 1 full hour and broke my game plan. They told me what I needed to do inside and outside of class to be successful. In addition, I was also given a set of metrics to work with; 5 final round interviews. I just needed 5 final rounds and I will be home free. 
      I made the transition in two months. It was really hard and at times I really wanted to quit; but these guys wouldn’t let me. My advice to anybody looking to make the transition is to accept that this is going to be hard, follow the advice, and be prepared to do the work.

    • Anonymous
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      My instructors were all true product management veterans, having worked as PM’s at some of the world's top companies. Our Lead Instructor leveraged his vast experience as a PM to give the class examples of what we can expect to encounter and how to approach challenges. This was very helpful considering that most of the students in the class has very little PM experience. I particularly liked how they had a VAULT of interview questions. Each week you would learn how to master a very particular set of questions based on different categories. It was so refreshing to see students landing and passing interviews during the course. By the end of the course, in addition to the PM concepts you'll know how to generate interviews, prepare for the them, and work with your instructor to progress to the final rounds.