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Microverse offers an online, full-time, 38-40-week full stack software development course with no upfront costs. Microverse believes that learning should be accessible to everyone, no matter where you live. Their methodology uses remote collaborative learning and mastery learning so that students worldwide can learn together and support one another. Courses are available to students in all countries, with three time zones available for study.

Every Microverse student works with a pair programming partner, a standup team, a mentor, and Technical Support Engineers to achieve mastery learning of front end and back end technologies, including computer science foundations, Ruby, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, Redux, Ruby on Rails, algorithms and data structures. A portion of the program is dedicated to professional skills, interview preparation, salary negotiation, and job searching, where students work with career coaches. Throughout the program, students work together to build real-world projects and contribute to open-source projects.

Microverse requires that students are fluent in English. To apply, applicants must solve coding challenges and take part in a collaborative project with another applicant via pair programming. Microverse offers an Income Share Agreement. Every Microverse education costs $0 until a student lands a job making more than $1,000 a month, at which point, the student pays back 15% of their salary until they’ve reached $15,000.

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  • Software Development Program

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    Microverse's Software Development Program is completely free until you get a job. For 22 weeks, you will learn software development while doing remote pair programming with multiple coding partners around the world. This is a full-time and immersive program where you will master computer science foundations, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and React. You will also learn how to contribute to open source and find freelance projects as part of the program. Once you are done with the main curriculum, we will help you craft an exceptional resume, portfolio and LinkedIn profile, as well as prepare you to ace the job interviews through mock interviews with other students. Once you are ready, we will work with you to connect with global and remote jobs. No matter where you are in the world, we want to invest in your education and help you succeed as a professional software developer.
    Tuition PlansThe program is completely free until you find a job. After that, you will pay 15% of your monthly salary until you reach a cap of $15,000.
    Getting in
    Minimum Skill LevelN/A
    Prep WorkYou will need to pass a series of coding challenges and complete a collaborative project with another applicant in order to join the program. If you are not ready for the coding challenges yet, you can complete our pre-course work.
    Placement TestNo
  • Henok Mekonnen • Student
    Overall Experience:
    Job Assistance:

    I am sparked to publish this self-experience article with an intent to reach out to many potential web developers and software programmers out there who are bound by financial and geographical limitations. I am a student at Microverse and would like to share my wonderful experience.

    Microverse is an online program that trains students to become full-stack web developers. It is a mastery learning program with industry-standard projects, tools, and evaluations. There are a lot of impressive things at Microverse.
    • It is a very organized learning platform with very objective documentations. It has a student-centered learning system with strict follow-up, guidance, and mastery-level project approval.
    • Projects, tools, and evaluations are industry standard with strict best practices requirements.
    • It is also an Excellent platform for collaborative learning simulating the actual remote job collaborative workspace.
    • Students enjoy some special privileges like PRO membership of GitHub.
    • It creates an exceptional opportunity to make professional and social connections.
    • A great program to develop important professional skills and traits especially demanded in a collaborative work environment.
    • Steep learning curve because of the well structured, dense, and representative materials and projects which are bound by the deadline.
    • It is an ideal online platform for people around the world who don’t get the opportunity to become accomplished full-stack developers.

    People might find Microverse not for their expectation due to some reasons like :
    • An optional part-time program would be a good choice for many who can’t afford full-time.
    • For students who enjoy a less stressed and relaxed environment, it may be ineffective as it is not like other online learning platforms.

    To sum up, I found Microverse full of programming adventure and satisfaction at the same time. The fact that Microverse doesn’t ask for any payment until graduates secure a job, is a pretty cool thing for many potential programmers with financial limitations. I would recommend anyone who dreams to be an accomplished full-stack developer without any reservation to join Microverse and witness his/her amazing transformation.
  • Software Developer
    - 1/19/2021
    Paul Balitema Kabali • Software Developer • Student
    Overall Experience:
    Job Assistance:
    I have been totally impressed and incredibly satisfied with the well-structured and guided learning at Microverse.

    - A well-structured curriculum makes learning a lot easier and more fun
    - Very well researched and compiled references and material help firmly impart knowledge
    - Grouping and pair-programming concepts build team skills
    - Making friends and connections from all over the world
    - Self-discovery and development through a well-curated professional skills course
    - The concept of mastery learning removes the pressures caused by different learning speeds 
    - An impressive career-coaching system
    - The full-time course is a little financially difficult for students who are self-supporting since it is difficult to do anything else.
    - Reviews and skills evaluations could be better. Students can be allowed to progress before fully understanding the concepts.
    - Due to the random pairing, the group can only progress as fast as the slowest person. Let us not forget that every day in the program has a financial implication.

  • BEREKET A. BESHANE • Full stack web developer • Student
    Overall Experience:
    Job Assistance:
    I started attending Microverse in June 2020. I was, and still am, NOT in a position to waste my time on something that wouldn't benefit me and help me grow as a developer. That means I can not waste a single minute in vain when it comes to education and career-related things. A lot of students in Microverse, including me, are from a different educational background. Speaking for myself, I have worked in multiple positions in the past, and in that process, I have learned to identify what is best for me and what is not. Accordingly, It has come to pass for me to know that Microverse is the best decision I have ever made so far. Let me state a few reasons: - 
    1. Accountability. Most developers, self-thought or not, find it hard to follow a daily routine of learning. And those who find it easy may do it the WRONG way. I, for example, have built some websites and applications before Microverse. But I now realize there are a lot of things involved before and after building. Example: - Linting, TDD...
    2. Imposter syndrome. The "I can't do it" mentality will go out the window once you see your peers create awesome apps and websites. You will realize that you can create something as good as what other Microverse students created, if not better. Example: - building a game.
    3. Communication. In Microverse, you will communicate with a wide range of people with different perspectives and experiences. Pair-programming is one of the core principles in Microverse, so you will get the test of what remote work is. 
    4. You will learn industry-standard development.
    I can add more reasons, but to make an already long review short. Let me close this off by stating why I think it's not for everybody.
    Microverse is a work in progress (who isn't?), and not everything is a smooth ride. You will hate it if: - 
    - You cannot communicate with coding partners and stand up team members.
    - You don’t like it when people comment on your code, albeit some of them might not be constructive.
    - You can’t dedicate 8 hours per day.
    - You don't have a good internet connection.
    - You hate reading or learning on your own when you have to. I find it funny when someone wants to be a developer and don’t want to learn, explore, google, dig around, debug things by themselves first. I think that is the best way of learning, and I believe even the best developers have to do that every now and then.
    Overall, it has been a great experience for me. I like the setting, Most of the courses, the people, and more.

  • Gustavo Sanmartin • Full Stack Web Developer • Student
    Overall Experience:
    Job Assistance:
    When I was looking on the internet one day, I didn't expect to find Microverse, there were difficult times, without a job and free time, I had to do something, and then this advertising appears.

    I postulate "because"; I thought my English level or my development skills wasn't enough to be approved, and this is the thing with Microverse: you don't need a high English level (B2 is enough) or an incredible TI background (you can find psychologist, lawyers, economist, etc.) you will need a good internet connection and desire to work.

    I have not completed the curriculum, but: the statistics, the people who I talk to, and my own experience; this is enough to believe in this program on this project. 

    Microverse teaches you more than just code: Microverse teaches you soft skills, gives you remote experience, helps you to find a job. You will see the effort they do to help you to complete the program and start to work.

    Another aspect of Microverse is that you don't have to pay if you don't complete the program, if you are not currently working on a web development job or if your payment is less than USD 1000. 

    So, there exist many good things that make me believe in Microverse and this experience. If you want to give it a try, you will love this.
  • Odufu James Chigozie • Software Developer • Student
    Overall Experience:
    Job Assistance:
    Enrolling at Microverse is one of the greatest things that ever happened to me. Here at Microverse, you don't pay tuition upfront until you land your dream job and earning at least 1,000 USD. As a student of Microverse, I've learned a whole lot here as regards software development, remote work, pair-programming, communication skills, mentorship, and collaborative skills.
    The way the program is structured is entirely amazing. Here, the methodology is project-based. There're five modules on this program and the students and their coding partners have a series of projects to work on each module, which is amazing. Some projects are solo while some others are collaborative. This approach helps the students to learn pair-programming, remote work, and collaboration.
    There're both mandatory and extra algorithms and data structures in the technical curriculum to help the students improve their problem-solving skills.
    Also, there're fantastic Career Coaches that helps the students prepare and land their dream jobs at the end of the tech curriculum.
    There's a whole lot to write but I'll have to stop here. However, I won't forget to say that Microverse also helps some students who are committed and are facing financial challenges with student supports. And I'm currently a beneficiary of the Microverse stipend support.
    So, there's nothing I do not like @Microverse.
    Thank you.
  • Review
    - 1/18/2021
    Rayan • Student • Student
    Overall Experience:
    Job Assistance:
    -  Microverse has a significant and rare support feature other schools\bootcamps don't offer, which is no upfront payment, without such facilitation 
       wouldn't be able to study, I know this applies to many other students too.
    - Overall very good study experience
    - Learning with partners or collaborators
    - Help graduates with landing a job

    Can be improved:
    - No live chat support
    - Insufficient study material, especially for Ruby. It is time-consuming to google everything 
  • My review
    - 6/20/2020
    David Auza • Full Stack Developer • Graduate
    Overall Experience:
    Job Assistance:
    I'm going to be brief. Are you learning to program and you feel there is still something missing between you and getting a great job? That's exactly the space Microverse will fill. There you will not only learn the technical knowledge but also a really important skill: Working with people. You will be working full time focused on learning relevant skills while working with someone else every day in English. Trust me there is no better experience you can have out there in order to get a job. I'm currently living a dream working for an American company as a Full Stack Developer. Exactly what I wanted and what I planned before joining Microverse.
  • Sanel Hodzic • Web developer
    Overall Experience:
    Job Assistance:
    Microverse is not just a school, they are a global family. At this school I find the great friends for the rest of my life, I learned a lot and I they changed my life and my mindset.
  • Nyaga Andre Roy • Student
    Overall Experience:
    Job Assistance:

    Microverse is a global school for software developers. From my experience, it emphasizes two main aspects: technical skills and soft skills, both of which are very important for a software developer.

    I studied Biology and am new to programming. I started coding in January 2018 and it’s amazing how quickly I am growing. I remember the excitement and fulfillment I felt after completing the tic-tac-toe game project using Ruby.

    For the first time, I felt like a programmer and the thought of everything being possible kept ringing in my mind. As a programming novice, what I love about Microverse is the way their material is organized and how every topic builds on a previous one facilitating the understanding of concepts that are sometimes difficult.

    As a Cameroonian African, the major difficulty we face with online studies is the inability to financially sponsor our studies, but when I heard that Microverse teaches for free until you land a job, I immediately saw an opportunity to build my programming skills without financial worries.

    Today makes me 19 weeks of working with Microverse. I have one last project with Ruby on Rails and am hoping to enter the Career Prep part of the program as fast as possible

  • Vlad • Software Dev • Student
    Overall Experience:
    Job Assistance:

    I've been a student in Microverse for 4 months already, i think this has been a great experience overall since day 1. 
    New students are grouped in teams of 5(like scrum), this methodology helps improve the student's abilities by allowing them to share their daily experiences with others students from around the world(amazing huh?) while also improving communication and team work.
    Personally i can give testimony of the amazing staff Microverse has, they are always open to hear you whenever you have a difficulty and that says a lot about their mindset as a company.
    -Great way to start your software development career.
    -Meet people around the world.
    -Build experience.
    -Helps you build a daily routine and discipline.
    -Improves communication and team work.
    You need a 10mb stable internet connection at all times(for collaborating with your coding partner in video call)
    There is some basic web development and coding requirements to join.
    For some people with different timezones to the US, it might be difficult to attend the program since its from 9am-5pm

  • Afani Martin • Full Stack Ruby on Rails Developer • Student
    Overall Experience:
    Job Assistance:

    Joining Microverse was the best decision of my life.

    I studied Computer Science in college, but I learned more in 3 months at Microverse than I learned in 3 years at university. The difference was my college's curriculum was built around theory instead of practice.

    Microverse helped me learn how to use real-world tools and connect with passionate students like myself from all over the world. I never had that while at my university.

    I would recommend Microverse to anyone who wants to become a world-class developer and create a global network of friends.

  • Zina Talaa • Graduate
    Overall Experience:
    Job Assistance:

    I am an Algerian woman, married with 5 children, who gave up her professional career as a computer engineer to start a new one at 'Microverse'. The desire to grow in my field has been steadily increasing since my graduation from university in 1996, however, I have encountered many obstacles "The internet, child-rearing, the nature of my work and others, "which prevented me from realizing my dream.
    My admission to 'Microverse' last January, put me in a great dilemma, either leaving my job and fulfilling my dream or continue my normal life and give up my dream.
    Sure, I chose without hesitation to join 'Microverse'. Now after hard working, I have finished my technical curriculum, I have learned with my partner, my team, and the reviews of many TSEs (Technical Support Engineers) all that is needed for web development (frontend and backend), and I am ready to move on to my new professional career also with the assistance of 'Microverse' staff.

    I recommend Microverse Bootcamp to anybody because it's: safe, pleasant, beneficial, and the most important thing it's free until you got a job.