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LakeHub Academy is a self-paced, 5-month software development bootcamp in Kisumu, Kenya. The LakeHub Fellowship includes 3 months of immersive learning, 2 months of mentorship, and 2 years of paid job placement. The curriculum covers full-stack JavaScript and is delivered through a combination of instructor-led, self-paced, and peer learning experiences. Students also use supplemental video training courses. 

For the first four weeks, LakeHub Academy focuses on the fundamentals of computer science and core JavaScript concepts. Students will work on writing code, learning communication and leadership skills, and about algorithms and data structures. During weeks 5-8, students will begin to work on realistic codebases while building both client-side and server-side JavaScript. Students will learn about HTTP, Node.js, Express.js, SQL, NoSQL, MongoDB, Object Data Modeling (ODM), React.js, and Heroku. The last four weeks of the program are spent building real-world applications. Students will get the chance to work on a project that they are passionate about. The projects allow students to work on honing in their coding skills while learning to work with a team. 

After graduating, LakeHub Academy provides students with an 8-week career membership. During this time, students receive mentorship with guidance in preparing for entering the software development career. Mentors will help students develop a project portfolio and learn how to navigate the job search and application process.

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      • Loop 8.0: Javascript Fullstack Development

        Start Date None scheduled
        Class size35
        A ready-to-work coding bootcamp developing competencies in frontend and backend development (React, Node, Express, MongoDB), and professionalism for software developers.
        Deposit60% of tuition.
        Self-sponsored financing for tuition at a subsidy due to availability of lending partners.
        Tuition PlansSelf-sponsored tiered pricing paid in the course of the program. USD 500 for Fullstack JavaScript and USD 300 for either Backend or Frontend JavaScript.
        ScholarshipScholarships available occasionally for underserved students.
        Getting in
        Minimum Skill LevelWorking knowledge in computer programming.
        Prep WorkPre-course material on curriculum provided following application to the bootcamp.
        Placement TestNo
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