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La Capsule Academy is a full-time, 10-week web and mobile development bootcamp in Lyon and Paris, France and Lisbon, Portugal. Students will learn the common core of web development and master basic foundations. Students will also learn advanced concepts for back end and front end programming. Expect to learn the skills needed to create code that is more flexible and powerful, while building applications that can be deployed on mobile phones. The course also includes a 2-week final project with help from teachers and mentors. After the conclusion of the course, there is a 4-week mentor program where bootcamp graduates can utilize career prep and job search help.

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    • Full Stack Web Developer

      MongoDB, HTML, Git, JavaScript, CSS, React.js, Node.js
      In PersonFull Time400 Hours/week10 Weeks
      Start Date None scheduled
      Class size30
      LocationLisbon, Lyon, Paris
      Students learn basic foundations and advanced teachings on web development. Students will also be able to deploy their applications to mobile.
      The Capsule issues a NCCP Level III Web and Mobile Web Developer credential. The program is therefore eligible for the CPF.
      The Capsule is also referenced Datadock, which allows all of our programmes to be eligible for OPCO funding. 
      Getting in
      Minimum Skill LevelN/A
      Placement TestNo
    • after science
      - 9/8/2020
      Jose Luis Carrasco  User Photo
      Jose Luis Carrasco • Graduate • Verified via LinkedIn
      Overall Experience:
      Job Assistance:
      After studying geology, I set up two companies in which I managed technical teams. I had no skills in code but I had some tech knowledge
      as a Product Owner. I then looked for a job in this field and after several recruitments, the HR of one company advised me to turn to
      development, where there were more needs.

      I inquired about the different bootcamps, I hesitated between several of them. The post-program support and follow-up offered by La Capsule were decisive elements in my decision. My interview also went very well with the team, which convinced me in my choice!

      I found in the code the scientific logic that I had acquired during my studies and that helped me a lot in my learning. I followed the training during the containment and it was not a problem, on the contrary. No need to take transport and no loss of time. I could rest at lunch break and get fit in the afternoon! It was really a plus to be in telepresential!

      The program is very well done, very clear to acquire solid skills in web and mobile development. You really see a lot of concepts in 10 weeks, which allows you to be a good junior developer at the end. Working on the final project also allows you to apply all the notions you learn during the training and to have a concrete project to put forward afterwards.

      What really marked my experience at La Capsule was the possibility I had of constantly challenging myself on complex notions, without knowing where it was going to lead me in the beginning. The projects showed us right from the start what we were going to get to, while with the challenges, you have the surprise to see what you managed to do in the end. It's rewarding to see the result once the challenge is over! The program is adapted to each person's level with the possibility of offering us new challenges when we need them and it's very enriching.

      The teachers were great! David is caring, very calm and passionate. The Assistant Teachers are also very attentive to our needs and know how to adapt to everyone's problems. I also kept good contacts with the alumni of my Batch. The agreement was very good between us and we saw each other at the end of the confinement!

      The Capsule was a very good decision for me! After being a Teacher Assistant for a while, I found a position as a Frontend Developer at Carizy, three months after the end of my training thanks to the La Capsule network! I start in two weeks and I can't wait to start my new life!

    • TRUFFAUT Corentin  User Photo
      TRUFFAUT Corentin • Graduate • Verified via LinkedIn
      Overall Experience:
      Job Assistance:
      Initially far from the tech field, I had a few friends in the
      development world and I started to take a close interest in it, and
      finally decided to change my job and become a web developer.

      I discovered La Capsule and the team first advised me to familiarize
      myself with the code on Codecademy since I had few skills in the field
      and I really got hooked. The feeling also went very well from the start
      with the team. I found that it was a human-sized training course and
      that the program was very concrete with its project-based pedagogy. So I
      decided to integrate the Fullstack training at La Capsule.

       From a technical point of view, the program is very operational if you
      give yourself the means to succeed. The program allows us to learn how
      to code quickly and well. The increase in skills is progressive and
      allows us to gradually improve our skills on concepts that seemed
      inaccessible at the beginning of the training.
      It is a very good starting point for a career as a developer, to know
      how to decipher technical documentation etc. It gives us solid weapons
      to launch into development.

      My experience with the teachers has been very positive. Noel and David
      are great, the feeling can only go well with them! The whole
      organization of La Capsule is made to make you feel good as a student.
      There is a real human dimension and a real dimension of accompaniment.
      The principle of the Teacher Assistants is also very well thought out.
      The fact of being able to exchange with students who have finished their
      training allows you to see concretely the level that you can reach and
      the result that you can expect at the end of the bootcamp.

      The atmosphere with the other students of the Batch was also very good.
      You meet people with a common goal and common desires. The general
      climate puts us at ease and creates a friendly atmosphere between
      students but also in the interactions that we can have with the staff.

      As a La Capsule alumni, I can now say that it is a training that gives a
      real value on the job market. We reach a level that allows us to apply
      directly, as soon as the Batch is over, as a junior fullstack JavaScript
      developer, React,React Native. And these are very popular languages and
      frameworks on the job market!

      I would advise La Capsule without hesitation to those who wish to become
    • Hans Cameus   User Photo
      Hans Cameus • Verified via LinkedIn
      Overall Experience:
      Job Assistance:
      I followed a first training named Simplon which made me discover the world of code and web development. I was curious to discover this job and considering the demands on the job market I found it interesting to deepen the subject. I wanted to find a structured training, which would allow me to train quickly and be operational to be able to reconvert myself in this field.

      After some research I discovered La Capsule. My interview with Noel went very well and reinforced my belief that the training corresponded to my expectations and that it would be totally adapted to my reconversion project!

      I must say that I was pleasantly surprised by my progress during the bootcamp, which was very fast! The program is designed to quickly build up your skills and the project-based approach allows you to acquire solid programming knowledge at a level that I would not have thought possible in just 10 weeks. On top of that, the teachers were very attentive to what I had to say and were very attentive to the fact that everyone could progress whatever their level. David, the teacher, is always available and humble, he has a real will to make the code accessible.

      I also kept very good contacts with the other alumni of my Batch. I even continue to work with some of them on entrepreneurial projects. The general atmosphere was very good, both between students and with the La Capsule team.

      My training now opens up new perspectives from a professional point of view. I continue to work on projects to continue to code and learn about concrete cases in parallel with my job search. In fact, I would love to join a startup to rediscover the atmosphere and spirit of La Capsule.

      In short, I would not hesitate to redo this school and I recommend the experience to people who want to start developing as well as to people who want to deepen their knowledge of techno like JavaScript!
    • Fred  User Photo
      Fred • Freelance • Student Verified via GitHub
      Overall Experience:
      Job Assistance:

      I was not expecting such an experience. Before I started La Capsule, I had no experience at all with programming. I only had some knowledge of basic HTML and a big interest in digital tools.

      I had interviews with 3 bootcamps before I had to chose. I decided to join la Capsule for 3 main reasons :

      - it was the only Bootcamp that was offering a React Native training in Paris and as we say : Mobile first !!! 

      - It was the cheapest between the 3 I had selected.

      - My interview with the lead teacher was great and he reassured me about my ability to learn and gave me self confidence.

      At the end I do not regret my choice. I met nice people. Some of my camarades became my friends and we still meet each other from time to time, building a good network. 

    • Anna C • Student
      Overall Experience:
      Job Assistance:
      Having just graduated from a business school, I discovered the code thanks to my Digital Marketing speciality. I did a few internships in start-ups during my studies and I loved the atmosphere there! My goal today is to find a job in a tech start-up.
      Even though I had some basics acquired in school, I felt the need to learn programming to meet the expectations of the market.

      I joined the Fullstack Bootcamp of La Capsule in Lyon. We were able to code mobile applications in React Native, web applications in JavaScript, code in Front and Back-End, use the React library... The pedagogy is really great! We learn quickly and efficiently!
      I learned to master the best methodologies of Agile mode startups! I developed a lot of hard skills, but also my soft skills! You learn to work in a group and you develop great cohesion within the batch very quickly.
      Teachers and TA’s are really available during the development phase of the projects, but also outside the courses.

      Only a month after the end of the batch, I joined a tech start-up! 
      I truly recommend La Capsule Fullstack Program ! It taught me so much in only 10 weeks.
    • Sébastien P • Student
      Overall Experience:
      Job Assistance:
      As a Product Manager, it was increasingly difficult to work efficiently with the developers in my company and be efficient in my job. Technology is evolving so fast! In order to keep myself up to date and thanks to my company, I joined the Code for Business program Full Time for 12 days. 

      The training allows us to adopt the processes used by the best startups, to understand the business of developers and also to create our own tools. 

      It was a great and very useful experience ! 

      At La Capsule, we work on various core concepts of coding, which enables us to gain efficiency and autonomy, extremely useful in our day-to-day work.
      The team is very attentive and extremely patient. The atmosphere within the batch was great! 

      Two weeks after the batch, I communicate much more easily with the Tech team. I have a better comprehension of the challenges faced by the developers and their working methods. We are already seeing results in terms of team organisation ! 

    • Mia Brieux • Entrepreneur • Student
      Overall Experience:
      Job Assistance:
      As an entrepreneur, I have started an innovative tech project. I had all the data, but didn’t have the skills to implement my project. As I am eager to learn, I decided to take a coding bootcamp class to develop my own app.

      A friend highly recommended La Capsule. So I decided to join the program for 10 intensive weeks of programming. 

      At La Capsule, we learn JavaScript, THE most popular web language!
      After the bootcamp, I took a career workshop and got a lot of advice on how to integrate an incubator. Shortly after the batch I was able to present the MVP of my own application.

      The atmosphere in my batch was amazing! The strong cohesion between teachers and students was so nice; everyone helped each other with their course or professional projects, you feel very supported! 

      I recommend the program to anyone who’d like to start an entrepreneurial journey.

    • Paul S • Graduate
      Overall Experience:
      Job Assistance:
      Marketing manager for over 15 years, I decided to learn coding with my marketing team.
      Most companies are going digital. Mine was lagging behind. 
      In the digital age, it seems unthinkable to me not to know how to code! 

      We are a team of 4 and we came to La Capsule to develop our skills. We wanted to catch up on the whole digital part.

      Thanks to the Code for Business Part Time program, the evening and every other Saturday, we were able to develop the notions of front-end, back-end, dataviz and also scrapping. The development of 4 projects really brought us closer, and we strengthened our cohesion! The content is great and the whole training is very well designed!
      Also, Teachers are really receptive : they always answer all our questions and adapt themselves to each student. 

      Today, we are 100% operational and our digital changes are in progress. We are adapting ourselves to our customers' demands. 
    • Nicolas Joel • Digital Project Manager
      Overall Experience:
      Job Assistance:
      Graduated from a business school in Bordeaux, I've been working as a Digital Project Manager for about ten years now, in permanent contact with developers. 

      I joined La Capsule as part of the Code for Business program to better understand the work of my technical teams and to better communicate with them.

      This 10-week training was very intense, but immensely useful! Projects are at the heart of the training. The pedagogy is clear, efficient and the atmosphere is extraordinary whether it is with the Teachers who are always available or with the other students.

      This program has allowed me to make a real leap in my career. I am now much more credible, efficient and autonomous every day and it has been a real game changer for me!  Thank you to the La Capsule team for this incredible experience!
    • Axel • Entrepreneur
      Overall Experience:
      Job Assistance:
      I am an entrepreneur and wanted to learn how to code to develop my application project. My partner had made La Capsule and liked it so I decided to go for it too. 

      It's been a great experience. The project based learning pedagogy is perfect to assimilate all the necessary skills and be ready to start developing your project as soon as the bootcamp is over. I also very much appreciated the support that you get during the bootcamp and even afterwards. The teachers are very available, passionate and attentive to the way everyone learns. The atmosphere within the batch was also incredible, a lot of mutual help and very good moments between us. 

      I acquired all the necessary knowledge to develop my application project by myself. I was even able to code the mvp of my project during the last two weeks. 

      I just regret not having done it earlier !
    • Joséphine
      Overall Experience:
      Job Assistance:
      I realized that knowing how to code was becoming more and more essential so I decided to do a training course to open myself up to new professional opportunities. I first tried some online courses and I realized that I really liked it. So I wanted to go further and do an intensive training course. The bootcamp format was perfect for me. 

      The fact that I could learn how to code in just a few weeks and be operational by the end of my training really convinced me. I really liked the pedagogy proposed at La Capsule and I had a good contact with the team directly. On top of that, I wanted to learn React Native to develop my application and startup project. These 10 weeks were really radical in my professional life. I discovered a world that I'm passionate about and acquired new skills that will allow me to successfully complete my projects. 

      I am very satisfied with my training and I recommend it 100% to all people who like me want to develop their own projet. 
    • Julien • Developer
      Overall Experience:
      Job Assistance:
      La Capsule is a very nice adventure both on a professional and human level. I didn't think it was possible to learn so many notions and a new job in 10 weeks and yet that's what happened. The teaching method is very well thought out and innovative. We code from the first days of the training and we work throughout the program on concrete projects. It's the best way to become familiar with the concepts, to create automatisms and to gradually adopt a developer's way of thinking. 

      I also greatly appreciated the support and follow-up from the entire teaching team. We really feel encouraged and supported in our projects. The teachers and assistant teachers are always there to show us the right direction. The follow-up continues even after the end of the training, which is very much appreciated. 

      Concerning the atmosphere, it was great! There was a very good spirit within the batch, a lot of mutual help and benevolence. That helps to stay motivated throughout the training. We continue to keep in touch with each other on a regular basis. I also work with several alumni of my batch on the development of a project. 

      If you want to learn how to code I recommend La Capsule 100%.