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Hack Reactor by Galvanize is an educator for rapid career transformation, offering software engineering bootcamps designed so that anyone with motivation can succeed, regardless of education, experience, or background. Hack Reactor by Galvanize bootcamps are challenging, life-changing, and designed to fit a student’s schedule and skill level. Bootcamps include a 19-Week Software Engineering Immersive with JavaScript and Python, designed for beginners, as well as a ...

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  • Luna K
    Graduate • 36-Week Software Engineering Online Immersive • Online
    Sep 26, 2018
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    A Life-changing experience!!

    A life changing experience. I not only gained the technical skills I needed to change my career, but I also made great connections with the people I learned with. It's truly an experience different from a traditional higher education experience (in an amazing way). Everything is focused on your growth and being able to apply your learning immediately! It's fast-paced and challenging but definitely an investment I don't regret!


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Jess Feldman
Published August 01, 2022
Course Report · July 2022 Coding Bootcamp News Roundup This July, the coding bootcamp industry heated up with a $10M fundraise, an acquisition, and a $2B rumor. Drama about OPM regulation continued, and there’s still a lot of back-and-forth about whether the Pell Grant expansion will include online programs. Skills-based hiring continues to be a top trend in 2022, including how to divers...
Jess Feldman
Published January 03, 2022
Course Report · Course Report EOY 2021 Episode 2021 was another rollercoaster of a year, and we’re rounding up all of the most impactful coding bootcamp news we saw in 2021. Follow along as we call out the top trends of 2021 and break down this year’s biggest acquisitions and fundraises in the bootcamp space. Plus, we’re sharing our predictions for 2022, how accreditation and skills-base...
Jess Feldman
Published December 29, 2021
Course Report · Course Report EOY 2021 Episode As we wrap up 2021, we’re rounding up December’s most interesting news surrounding trends like The Great Resignation and the rise of university-bootcamp partnerships. Plus, the recent announcement of a bootcamp acquisition, the latest on ISAs, apprenticeships, and the 5 new coding bootcamps we added to the Course Report directory this month....
Jess Feldman
Published July 29, 2021
Course Report · Course Report Coding Bootcamp News Roundup - July 2021 This July, we’re reporting on one huge ($850M!) bootcamp acquisition and $35 million in bootcamp fundraises. Two higher ed experts opined about both sides of the debate around expanding federal funding like Pell grants to short-term programs like bootcamps. We’re also covering what bootcamps need to do beyond just tea...
Rachel Meltzer
Published April 29, 2021
With almost all personal banking, lending, electronic payments, and trading done online these days, financial technology is an in-demand field for technologists in 2021. But do the top fintech companies actually hire coding bootcamp graduates? We’re breaking down what to expect at a financial technology company, and the top 6 Fintech companies that hire bootcamp alumni. Plus, our tips for emp...
Jess Feldman
Published April 01, 2021
Course Report · Course Report Coding Bootcamp News Roundup - March 2021 We’re wrapping up March, which is Women’s History Month, so it’s only appropriate to share media coverage about the women-in-tech initiatives and scholarships at coding bootcamps. Over at the Course Report office, we published our Alumni Outcomes & Demographics Report in March and it offered key insights into how...
Liz Eggleston
Published March 03, 2021
You’ve likely heard that mentorship is key to a successful career change, but what exactly makes a great mentor and how can you get the most out of a mentorship? As a beginner coder, Elana was drawn to the rave reviews of Hack Reactor’s career prep and tight knit alumni network. With the added bonus of Telegraph Track – a free extra layer of resources provided to underrepresented students at ...
Jess Feldman
Published December 02, 2020
Course Report · November 2020 Coding Bootcamp News This November, we’re talking about one major bootcamp acquisition and three fundraises (including one over $75MM)! But of course, the biggest news this November was the U.S. election, so we’re covering news about the Trump administration’s legacy on private education, and what the bootcamp industry can expect under the new Biden administ...
Liz Eggleston
Published November 06, 2020
What does it take to evolve from a bootcamp graduate or Junior Developer to a senior role like a Software Architect? Everyone says software engineering is a career of “lifelong learning,” but we’re breaking down exactly what that means during your first 10 years after bootcamp. With the help of Curtis Schlak, a Galvanize/Hack Reactor instructor with over 20 years of engineering experience, we...
Liz Eggleston
Published September 17, 2020
Many bootcamps are moving online in 2020, but Hack Reactor has actually offered their immersive bootcamp, Hack Reactor Remote, since 2014! Today, Jonathan Lewis from Hack Reactor walks us through the Hack Reactor online classroom, the differences between their in-person and remote bootcamps, and his advice for anyone who is asking themselves, “is this the right time to do a coding bootcam...

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Hack Reactor costs around $17,980.

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Hack Reactor teaches students Online in a remote classroom.

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Is Hack Reactor worth it?
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