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  • Instructor Spotlight: Aaron Brager, Bloc

    Liz Eggleston12/22/2014


    Aaron Brager is a seasoned iOS Developer who gained notoriety by contributing extensively to the Stack Overflow community. Now, he's the iOS Course Director at Bloc, an online, mentored bootcamp with courses in web and mobile development. We talk to Aaron about his role writing and developing the curriculum, how he finds excellent mentors for Bloc students, and his passion for accessibility features in iOS apps.

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  • Student Spotlight: Jared Rader, Bloc

    Liz Eggleston9/22/2014


    Jared Rader was working on a startup when he decided to enroll in Bloc to deepen his understanding of Ruby on Rails. ​​We talk to Jared about his mentor experience, the projects he's most proud of, and how he's continued his education after graduation. 

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  • Student Spotlight: Jay Ottenstein, Bloc

    Liz Eggleston9/3/2014


    When Jay Ottenstein decided to learn to program, he knew he needed a flexible training schedule that still facilitated his love of learning. So he signed up for Bloc, chose his mentor, and got to work. We chat with Jay about his experience at Bloc, how the online program has managed to create a sense of community, and how he's continued learning after graduation! 

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  • Free Webinar: Which Online Coding Bootcamp is Best for YOU?

    Liz Eggleston8/14/2014


    Online, mentored coding bootcamps offer convenience and structure without forcing you to quit your job or move to a new city. But not all online programs were created equally, so which one is right for you? We'll learn from alumni at each online coding bootcamp, ready to answer your questions about their experience during class, how they found mentorship and community online, and how their careers have skyrocketed afterwards.  

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  • Learn Apple's New Programming Language Swift at These Coding Bootcamps!

    Liz Eggleston6/24/2014

    Apple released their new programming language, Swift, for Cocoa and Cocoa Touch this month. The language is meant to be interactive, fun, and works side-by-side with Objective-C so developers can use it with their current apps. 

    So how can you learn Swift quickly? Check out these programming bootcamps that are already offering classes in the language and get started on your next iOS project!

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  • Bloc vs. Thinkful

    Liz Eggleston12/14/2018


    Thinkful and Bloc are both online programming schools that employ mentors to propel their students to success. Both schools offer full-time and part-time bootcamps that take students from beginner to job-ready, junior developers. And as of April 2018, Thinkful has actually acquired Bloc. So which online bootcamp should you choose: Thinkful vs Bloc? Here, we've examined how Bloc and Thinkful compare to each other in terms of focus, curriculum, cost, job guarantees, and more.

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  • Mentor Spotlight: Matthew Maxwell, Bloc

    Liz Eggleston5/1/2014


    Matthew Maxwell is a new mentor in the Front End Web Development Apprenticeship at Bloc. His mentor profile picture jumped off the page, and we knew we had to find out more about this animated mentor! We talked to Matthew about his "hawkward" pic, how he got involved with Bloc and what makes the "apprenticeship" different!

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  • Webinar Series: Bloc

    Liz Eggleston3/31/2014

    In the Course Report webinar series, we give you the opportunity to get valuable information straight from the source. In this episode, we're joined by Roshan Choxi, CEO of Bloc. Bloc is an online school that emphasizes work with mentors to teach you web development. Find out about their apprenticeship programs and see real-life projects presented by a recent Bloc graduate.

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  • Register now for our free Webinar with Bloc!

    Liz Eggleston3/21/2014

    Course Report is hosting an exclusive webinar with CEO of Bloc, Roshan Choxi. Join us on Thursday, March 27th at 5:30pm PST and learn how you can become a developer in 12 weeks. We'll explain Bloc's offerings, their extensive mentor network, and how the apprenticeship is structured. And of course, there will be time for all of your questions! Plus, get $200 off of your next Bloc apprenticeship just for attending.

    Register here!

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  • Interview with Bloc

    Liz Eggleston2/7/2014

    Juline is a program coordinator for Bloc, focusing on prospective students, growth, and advising students. We talk with Juline about Bloc's extensive mentor network, how Bloc is preparing graduates for careers in tech, and why the online approach can be a great fit for students.  


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