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Behavioral Design Academy is a digital psychology & emotional design training and certification platform that offers 9-week, in-person and self-paced Applied Behavioral Design bootcamps. The program aims to integrate psychological knowledge with tech-based design concepts. The Applied Behavioral Design bootcamps cover topics like psychology, psychometrics, brand personality, adaptive brand guidelines, wireframes, reinforcing user behavior, and behavioral user journey. 

The Applied Behavioral Design bootcamp is designed for all skill levels and no UX/UI experience is required. While beginners are welcome, this bootcamp is appropriate for experienced industry professionals looking to expand their knowledge and practices. 

Behavioral Design Academy is meant to help beginners and professionals gain insight to user psychology in order to boost their own careers. Career support is not included as part of the Applied Behavioral Design bootcamp curriculum.

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  • Behavioral Design Training Package

    Start Date November 06, 2022
    Class sizeN/A
    In 9-weeks, you’ll learn how to build psychology-driven websites, apps, and digital campaigns. This training package includes two foundational courses plus a 9-week LIVE coaching course, on the behavioral design process. Course 1: Applied Behavioral Design is the LIVE tutorial course where we’ll guide you through an applied behavioral science project focused on any digital project you wish to tackle. Course 2: Psychology for Digital Behavior Change covers 50 behavior change principles, psychological design patterns, and the foundations of digital psychology. Course 3: Emotional Design Psychology and Neuroscience covers the neuroscience of user cognition and motivation, focusing on the primary emotional systems that drive online behavior.
    Refund / GuaranteeIf you’re not satisfied, we’ll give you a 100% refund. Just ask for a refund within 2 days of joining our online training or 1/2 day of joining our classroom.
    ScholarshipWe offer scholarships to persons who use digital media, to promote a better world. These run about once per year, so check our scholarship announcements:
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    Minimum Skill LevelBeginners are welcome in this course.
    Placement TestNo
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    November 06, 2022 - Online
  • Malik  User Photo
    Malik • Design Strategist • Student Verified via LinkedIn
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    One of the best, if not the best set of courses on digital behavior change and emotional design. Refreshingly, it is not prescriptive but allows me to design/adapt my own model(s) of change depending on the situation, picking and choosing from the broadest menu of principles and models.
    The emotional mapping and design in the Emotional Design Psychology [EDP] course is unique and undoubtedly the best guide/model out there. The Persona Spark persona-mapping/building tool also limits itself to sound published scientific research and not myths. I found the courses refreshingly honest in evaluating claims about behavioral science and emotional design.

    More value for money than any course I have ever taken.