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Behavioral Design Academy is a digital psychology & emotional design training and certification platform that offers 9-week, in-person and self-paced Applied Behavioral Design bootcamps. The program aims to integrate psychological knowledge with tech-based design concepts. The Applied Behavioral Design bootcamps cover topics like psychology, psychometrics, brand personality, adaptive brand guidelines, wireframes, reinforcing user behavior, and behavioral user j...

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  • Malik
    Design Strategist • Student • Behavioral Design Training Package • Online
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    Jun 26, 2022
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    The Best Digital Behavior Design Training Out There!

    One of the best, if not the best set of courses on digital behavior change and emotional design. Refreshingly, it is not prescriptive but allows me to design/adapt my own model(s) of change depending on the situation, picking and choosing from the broadest menu of principles and models.   The emotional mapping and design in the Emotional Design Psychology [EDP] course is unique and undoubtedly the be...

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Jess Feldman
Updated June 29, 2022
Course Report June 2022 Coding Bootcamp News Roundup Happy Summer! This June, tech hiring was at an all-time high despite news of layoffs and hiring freezes. We caught wind of four workforce developments for aspiring bootcampers in California, Montana, Virginia, and Florida, and three major fundraises in the coding bootcamp and workforce development sphere amounted to 395M. Since the release of the Government Accountability Office report about OPMs, there was talk about ...

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How much does Behavioral Design Academy cost?

Behavioral Design Academy costs around $649.

What courses does Behavioral Design Academy teach?

Behavioral Design Academy offers courses like Behavioral Design Training Package.

Where does Behavioral Design Academy have campuses?

Behavioral Design Academy teaches students Online in a remote classroom.

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Is Behavioral Design Academy worth it?
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Recent Behavioral Design Academy News

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