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While some tech companies like Slack and Apple have shared that ~7-8% of their US workforces identify as LGBTQ, visibility for LGBTQ+ folks in the tech industry remains a struggle. Diversity in entrepreneurship and in the workplace is essential – it ensures different perspectives and experiences are represented within a team and encourages new ideas and better problem-solving. With 700,000 tech jobs open in the U.S. today and 87% of IT executives admitting that it has been challenging to fill those vacancies, coding bootcamps are uniquely designed to prepare a new, diverse generation for the tech workforce. 

From LGBTQ+ scholarships to affinity groups to meetups, we’re rounding up resources for LGBTQ+ folks researching coding bootcamps or for bootcamp graduates who now want to contribute to the LGBTQ+ tech community.

LGBTQ+ Scholarships

1. Bloc - Close the Gap Scholarship Fund

The Scholarship: Up to 25% off tuition for the Part-Time Web Developer Track or the Designer Track.

The Application Process: Self-identifying women can apply via Bloc's online application process, explaining your background in code, what events you have attended, and your plans for when you graduate. You must then schedule a call with a student advisor.

2. Code Platoon - Transgender Veteran Full Scholarship

The Scholarship: Full tuition ($15,500)

The Application Process: This full-tuition scholarship is awarded to one transgender veteran per cohort. Candidates should apply online. 

3. Codesmith - LGBTQ Scholarship

The Scholarship: Tuition discount

The Application Process: When completing the bootcamp application, applicants should notifiy Codesmith of their interest in this scholarship.

4. DevPoint Labs - Opportunity in Tech Scholars

The Scholarship: 50% off tuition

The Application Process: Scholarship to be used for the Salt Lake City Full-Time ProEd Web Development and Salt Lake City Part-Time Web Development courses. Previous coding experience is not required to apply. Candidates must complete an online application and answer essay questions explaining why you are the best candidate. 

5. Flatiron School - NexTech 100 Scholarship

The Scholarship: $1.2M scholarship initiative 

The Application Process: The NextTech 100 Scholarship is to used for Flatiron School’s Software Engineering and Cybersecurity courses at its campuses in Chicago, Washington, D.C., Denver and Houston. Candidates should submit an online application and then will undergo an interview process with the Admissions team.

6. Grand Circus - Diversity Scholarships

The Scholarship: $1,750 automatic scholarship for LGBTQ+ students and full tuition scholarship in partnership with NCWIT Aspirations in Computing Michigan Digital Skills Pilot Program

The Application Process: LGBTQ+ students automatically receive a $1,750 scholarship at Grand Circus. Michigan LGBTQ+ students can also apply for the NCWIT Aspirations in Computing Michigan Digital Skills Pilot Program, which offers a full tuition scholarship.

7. Lesbians Who Tech - Edie Windsor Coding Scholarship

The Scholarship: Up to half of coding bootcamp tuition scholarship

The Application Process: The Edie Windsor Coding Scholarship can be used at one of Lesbians Who Tech’s 18 partner bootcamps, such as Codesmith, Springboard, CareerFoundry, and Fullstack Academy. The scholarship also gives recipients mentorship and networking opportunities through Lesbians Who Tech.

8. Metis - In the Classroom Scholarships

The Scholarship: $3,000

The Application Process: Applicants should submit a scholarship application form upon admittance to Metis. Metis offers 30 scholarships per cohort.

9. Quip - Diversity Scholarship

The Scholarship: Up to $5,000

The Application Process: Five applicants will each receive a scholarship of $5,000, and five runners-up will each receive a $3,000 scholarship. Candidates must have a demonstrated interest or declaration of studying computer science or a related field. Candidates must be students who are currently enrolled or accepted into a full-time, onside cohort in one of these coding bootcamp programs.

10. V School - You Belong in Tech

The Scholarship: Full tuition scholarship + paid internship

The Application Process: This full ride scholarship is to be used in V School’s Web Development course. The paid internship will be through creative design agency Smash Creative. Interested candidates should apply online. 

We keep this list updated as new scholarships are announced; notice a new scholarship is missing? Mention it in the comments!

Get involved with these affinity groups, organizations and networks

“I’ve had great opportunities by just volunteering my time and connecting with people through organizations like Out in Tech and Lesbians Who Tech.” Alex, Flatiron School

“I spoke at the Lesbians Who Tech conference about the machine learning project we have been working on with our data science team. It’s a triaging algorithm to figure out how severe each texter’s crisis is when they texi into the Crisis Text Line. The other event was an Out in Tech event, which was an LGBTQ+ event focused on health tech, so Crisis Text Line was invited. I spoke about how 46% of our texters identify as LGBTQ+, even though we have never marketed ourselves as service specifically for that community.” Mariya, Grace Hopper Program

Lesbians Who Tech

Lesbians Who Tech & Allies is a community of LGBTQ women, non-binary, and trans individuals in around the tech world. Lesbians Who Tech’s mission is to increase visibility of queer, female, trans, GNC, and POC individuals in tech. 

LGBTQ in Technology Slack 

The LGBTQ in Technology Slack channel is a safe space for LGBTQ individuals in tech to network and support one another. 

National Organization of Gay and Lesbian Scientists and Technical Professionals

Since the 1980s, the National Organization of Gay and Lesbian Scientists and Technical Professionals (NOGLSTP) is well-known in the U.S. for its collaborating with organizations and agencies in promoting LGBTQ+ visibility and equality.

Out in Tech

The non-profit Out In Tech unites the LGBTQ+ tech community through networking, events, mentorship, and leveraging tech for social change. Mentor techie, LGBTQ+ youths with Out In Tech U’s Mentorship Program or support LGBTQ+ activists with the Out In TechDigital Corps


Headquartered in Montreal, QueerTech is committed to empowering Queer people to claim space within the tech community. QueerTech works to break down barriers in order to create opportunities for Queer people to enter tech, and providing resources such as skill development to allow Queer people already in tech to thrive. QueerTech also provides resources to companies and holds workshops to foster more inclusive workspaces and hiring practices.

TransTech Social Enterprises

TransTech Social Enterprises is an incubator for LTBTQ talent, and offers members workshops, training, events, drop-in days, and amenities at its Chicago and Washington, D.C. offices.

Unicorns in Tech

Since 2014, Unicorns in Tech has united an international LGBTQ+ tech community around monthly events and networking opportunities.

Meetups for LGBTQ+ in Tech

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