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Jess Feldman

Written By Jess Feldman

Last updated on January 3, 2022

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As we wrap up 2021, we’re rounding up December’s most interesting news surrounding trends like The Great Resignation and the rise of university-bootcamp partnerships. Plus, the recent announcement of a bootcamp acquisition, the latest on ISAs, apprenticeships, and the 5 new coding bootcamps we added to the Course Report directory this month. 

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  • TechCrunch reports that Latin American coding bootcamp, Platzi, picked up $62M in Series B funding.
  • Benny Boas, the CEO of Burlington Code Academy and Upright Education, announced that Upright has acquired Burlington Code Academy. 


  • Yahoo! News reports that Ascent has updated their eligibility to include a variety of students, including US citizens, permanent residents, DACA, and international students.
  • According to HR Dive, the Department of Labor is currently listening to the community at large to find out how to improve marginalized groups’ access to apprenticeships.


  • Bloomberg reports that more than 20 million people quit their jobs between April 2021 to September 2021.
  • CNBC highlighted Kentucky-resident, Stephanye Blakely who quit her job and reskilled through Hack Reactor. She says she went from making $14/hour to $40/hour after reskilling through the coding bootcamp. 
  • Forbes also highlighted some Great Resignation career changers, including former chef Zechariah Deckert who enrolled at Hack Reactor and anthropology college major Hannah Kohr who enrolled at Tech Elevator.
  • Forbes contributor Øyvind Forsbak reminded employers this month not to overlook coding bootcamp graduates who have the training they need to be a good addition to the tech workforce. 


  • Lucie Lapovsky of Forbes wrote about how bootcamps like Podium Education are helping college students be more marketable after college graduation.
  • Technically DC interviewed Juan Pablo Madrid of digital marketing firm, Online Optimism, who points out that bootcamps may supersede internships in the future as they are a better way of diversifying the tech pipeline and getting new techies the experience they need.
  • Higher Ed Dive rounded up the three major trends of OPMs and how they are affecting higher education.


  • Inside Higher Ed reports that the University of North Carolina is set to build its own non-profit OPM, called Project Kitty Hawk, which has been made possible by pandemic recovery funding.
  • Upright Education announced its recent partnership with Columbia State Community College.

We added 5 new bootcamps to the Course Report directory:


General Assembly bootcamp alumni Jack shared with Jess how the online, part-time Product Management course made upskilling his career possible for him this year. Jack had learned product management on the job, but with General Assembly, he was able to level up his knowledge base — Find out how Jack was able to apply what he learned in the classroom at his company! 

Liz spoke with a  panel of experts – instructors and alumni – from Code Fellows about exactly what you’ll be asked in a remote cyber security interview in 2022. They tell us actual questions you may expect to hear and how a cyber range will help you stand out in the interview process. It’s super informative! 

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