7 Data Entry Skills to Break into Tech in 2024

Nat Davis

Written By Nat Davis

Last updated on December 26, 2023

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Data entry is one of the original tech jobs. And while data professionals may not be punching cards anymore, data entry skills are still imperative to modern organizations and are in high demand by companies that use data to run their businesses. Developing strong data entry skills will undoubtedly benefit your tech career in software engineering, cybersecurity, or data analysis. Hone these 7 skills and you’ll be unstoppable in today’s workforce. 

What Are Data Entry Skills? 

Data entry skills are those related to inputting information to a database and using a computer, scanner, and other data entry tools like voice activation. In data entry, tasks may include sorting and organizing information, entering data from a document to a digital file, reviewing and correcting errors, and generating reports. 

These are the 7 specific data entry skills used in the modern tech workforce:

  1. Basic software skills: the ability to use word processors, spreadsheets, databases
  2. Typing speed: employers often want a 30-40 WPM average 
  3. Typing accuracy: the ability to type correctly without errors
  4. Communication skills: these may include having efficient verbal and written abilities as well as operating with confidentiality 
  5. Self-motivation: the internal desire to get tasks done and stay on track
  6. Attention to detail: the ability to sift data with a fine-tooth comb
  7. Organization: the ability to sort and prioritize

5 Data Entry Skills Certifications

There are certifications you can get to boost your data entry skills! Having an added credential can equate to higher salary and career advancement. These are 5 data entry skills certifications that may boost your career:

It’s 2024: Why Learn Data Entry Skills?

With most modern companies relying on data to support their businesses, having data entry skills leverages your ability to get hired in today’s job market. For employers, an employee with data skills means increased productivity with the capacity for adapting to new projects, thanks to solid communication skills. For the employee, data entry skills mean employability, job security, higher wages, and increased opportunities for remote work.

4 Data Entry Jobs + Salaries

If your career goal is to specialize in data entry, a Data Entry Clerk role may be perfect for you. A Data Entry Clerk is responsible for upkeeping computer files and database systems. Data Entry Clerks typically earn salaries around $40K.

Even if you aren’t working in a data entry-focused role, it still pays to have data entry skills on your resume. These are 4 tech jobs with an average salary of $117,500 that also use data entry skills:

  • Software engineer: $120K
  • Data scientist: $130K
  • Cybersecurity professional: $120K
  • Product manager: $100K

Data Entry Skills: On the Job

Now that we know what data entry skills are, reasons why they boost a resume, and what tech careers use data entry skills, plus their respective salaries, let’s break down how each profession uses these skills on the job. 

As a software engineer/developer, data entry skills are necessary for inputting code, communicating with teams and stakeholders, translating information from languages or other teams, and working efficiently with minor errors. 

As a data scientist or a data analyst, data entry skills are imperative because the data being inputted has to be correct, clear, and done on time because all other work after input relies on its accuracy. Data scientists use data entry skills to support their decisions in problem solving and communication, while data analysts use these skills to utilize spreadsheets and other tools like SQL and Tableau, and to communicate their conclusions.   

As a designer, data entry skills are important for cultivating user experiences, keeping information organized, coordinating with team members and stakeholders, and researching client information. 

As a tech salesperson, having data entry skills will elevate the ability to communicate with clients and teams, increase productivity with efficient typing skills, and ultimately boost sales!

As a product manager, data entry skills are needed for planning, researching, inputting data, communicating with a team, communicating with stakeholders, organizing a timeline, and keeping information secure. 

As a cybersecurity professional, data entry skills support the ability to operate software, protect secure information, input data to build structures, communicate effectively with a team, and keep a lot of information organized. 

How to Learn Data Entry Skills

You don’t have to go to college to learn data entry skills — you can learn them through a short course or even on the job! Alternative learning styles, like bootcamps, enable learners to gain the tech skills necessary to build a thriving tech career, in a fraction of the time or cost. 

3 Data Entry Courses

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