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Tech Career Booster is a part-time, full-stack, online, mentor-led coding course which lasts between 3 months to 1 year. Students will learn how to build full applications using Ruby on Rails. Students are expected to dedicate at least 15 hours per week to be successful and will learn from instructors who have experience implementing large web applications. Tech Career Booster takes student assessment very seriously – the curriculum includes regular exams and knowledge evaluations. Students learn full-stack web development technologies including HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, SQL, Ruby on Rails, AngularJS and Neo4J. There is a strong focus on quality where students learn how to be a professional software engineer, producing quality code as part of an Agile team.

To apply, prospective students can fill out a short online form to start the course. Tech Career Booster online bootcamp prerequisites include a command of written and spoken English, good computer usage skills, a passion for coding, time, and dedication. Students do not need to pay the full tuition in advance as the Tech Career Booster model allows for a pay-as-you-go system. Should a student not finish the course, they would not need to pay full tuition, only what they have already paid.

Tech Career Booster students have access to a community of other students and mentors where they can get help with any questions they have. The school provides help with the job search by giving advice on how to stand out in the market and has a network of employers looking to hire Tech Career Booster talent. Access to the Tech Career Booster community is forever.

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    • Full Stack Web Developer Online

      MySQL, MongoDB, HTML, Git, JavaScript, SQL, Sinatra, jQuery, Rails, CSS, Linux, Ruby
      OnlinePart Time20 Hours/week
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      This online remote flexi-time program covering technologies including HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, SQL, Ruby on Rails and more. Students can take between 3 and 12 months to complete the online program. Working with a Mentor is coming with extra cost and is charged on a Chapter-by-Chapter basis, pay-as-you-go.
      No deposit is required
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      You pay at the beginning a life-time subscription fee
      Getting in
      Minimum Skill Level
      Moderate computer usage skills
      Prep Work
      No prep work is required
      Placement Test

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    • Nikos Athanasakis  User Photo
      Nikos Athanasakis • Junior Java Developer • Student Verified via GitHub
      Overall Experience:
      Job Assistance:

      Thanks to TCB I started my new career as a Junior Developer with one of the biggest software companies in Greece! TCB provided me with excellent study material, and Panos, my mentor, helped me tremendously with

      - His meticulous feedback (e.g. code reviews) on my TCB homework
      - His elaborate answers to any of my questions while I was studying
      - His generous, motivating words every time I was making significant progress
      - And, the most pleasant surprise to me, with the actual job finding process!

      Having my own actual mentor, made all the difference and is the most helpful thing I can recommend to any aspiring developer out there. He challenged me with frequent feedback on my project submissions, and helped me feel really accountable! TCB's high quality content and mentoring/support/feedback has helped improve more than anything else I've done.

      Getting through the whole program is not easy and that's a very good thing. No matter how many times you have to resubmit your work, keep in mind that we, the students, need to make a mind-shift and prefer to spend as much time & effort as we need, in order to learn our study subject deeply. Rather than to simply "move forward" from one lesson to the next asap. That being said, I much appreciate that I was allowed to make my own creative choices within the limits of the task specs.

    • NASIA APOSTOLOPOULOU • Student • Student
      Overall Experience:
      Job Assistance:

      The guidance of my mentor was critical in order to improve my programming skills. He helped me understand in depth every difficult concept that I encountered, in areas that had only been glossed over in my university’s approach. Although I am still in the middle of the course, my self confidence has greatly increased and I believe that as soon as I finish it, I will be ready to work as a junior web developer.

    • Georgios Stoumpos • Web Developer • Graduate
      Overall Experience:
      Job Assistance:

      Techcareerbooster’s full stack course is a Must-Do online course. Not only does it help you get better, but it also re orientates you on subjects you though you’re aware of. The tips and tricks I’ve learned over the course did help me improve my everyday dev skills. Its the absolute skill enhancer.