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This school is now closed. Although Software Guild is no longer accepting students or running its program, you can still see historical information and Software Guild alumni reviews on the school page.


Software Guild

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The Software Guild offers immersive full-time, online, 12-week or part-time, 10 to 14-month coding bootcamps. Courses focus on .NET/C# and Java and do a deep dive into the language fundamentals, server side, data tier, user interface, and tools. Software Guild focuses on .NET/C# and Java because those stacks are stable, proven, and in highest demand in the enterprise. The Software Guild takes driven beginners, or more experienced students passionate about developme...

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  • Andrew
    Software Developer • Graduate
    Sep 04, 2016
    Overall Experience
    Job Assistance

    I now work for IBM

    This program should be a serious option for those who are interested in transitioning to a career in software development. 

    At around May of 2015, I was at an important crossroad in my life: I knew I wanted to pursue a career in software development, but like most others in that kind of situation, I was led to chose between two options: going to a programming bootcamp or atttending a 4-year CS degree program. 

    Ultimately, I decided that after already having ob...


Software Guild Alumni Outcomes

Employment Rate
Graduation Rate
Median Salary
92% of students intended to seek in-field employment within 180 days of graduating. 0% of students did not intend to seek in-field employment. Below is the 180 Day Employment Breakdown for 35 graduates included in report:
180 Day employment breakdown
Employed in-field91.7%
Full-time employee87.5%
Full-time apprenticeship, internship or contract position4.2%
Short-term contract, part-time, or freelance0.0%
Started a new company or venture after graduation0.0%
Not seeking in-field employment0.0%
Employed out-of-field0.0%
Continuing to higher education0.0%
Not seeking a job for health, family, or personal reasons0.0%
Still seeking job in-field8.3%
Could not contact0.0%
salary breakdown
Notes and Caveats

Recent Software Guild News

Imogen Crispe
Published October 11, 2016
Should I do a coding bootcamp? This is a question we hear all the time, and for good reason. As more coding bootcamps launch (not to mention the rising media coverage), you’re probably wondering, “should I jump on the bandwagon and learn to code?” A recent TechCrunch article implored you not to learn to code unless you’re ready to put in the work to be great, whereas President Obama wants...
Imogen Crispe
Published September 28, 2016
Corbin found his passion for coding in his late 20s and has worked as a developer in Minneapolis since before the dotcom crash. He always loved mentoring and with all his experience at startups and consulting, he was a great fit to become an instructor at The Software Guild’s Minneapolis campus. Corbin tells us about how he learned key coding skills on the job, why he wants to be flexible w...
Lauren Stewart
Published August 04, 2016
Emma’s love for linguistics and solving puzzles led her to The Software Guild in Minneapolis. Her background in analyzing language processing tasks using a program written in Python got her curious about learning code. A former member of the Conservation Corp and former English teacher in South Korea, see how this programmer utilized her past skills to transform her career and land a junior...
Imogen Crispe
Published August 01, 2016
Kathy has worked in software testing for 15 years, but realized she needed to update her skills and learn web development, so she enrolled in The Software Guild Online Program, a part-time option ideal for students who aren’t ready to quit their jobs. Kathy shares her tips for learning to code online and why she appreciates the motto, “Once a Guildy, always a Guildy.” Plus, Kathy gives us a...
Imogen Crispe
Published August 01, 2016
Welcome to the July 2016 Course Report monthly coding bootcamp news roundup! Each month we look at all the happenings from the coding bootcamp world from new bootcamps to big fundraising announcements, to interesting trends. This month the biggest trends this month are initiatives to increase the diversity in tech, some huge investments in various bootcamps, and more tech giants launching t...
Imogen Crispe
Published July 20, 2016
Austyn graduated from MIT and worked for Microsoft for three years before joining the Software Guild as a Java instructor in Louisville. She is now dedicated to enhancing the tech scene in her hometown, and loves passing on her passion for coding. Austyn tells us about the different coding skills you gain at college versus a coding bootcamp, why she uses llamas as examples in her teaching...
Liz Eggleston
Published May 14, 2016
Since the first bootcamp acquisition in June 2014, we’ve seen several coding bootcamps get acquired by a range of companies from for-profit education companies (Capella Education), to co-working companies (WeWork), and other coding bootcamps (Thinkful + Bloc)! With rapid market growth in the bootcamp industry, for-profit education companies are taking note. These acquisitions and consolidatio...
Liz Eggleston
Published May 13, 2016
A coding bootcamp can propel your career in tech to new heights, but that often means quitting a job, uprooting your life, or moving to a new city. Maybe you’re moving to a new city to become a developer and need a short-term housing option. Or perhaps you’re an international student without credit history. Regardless of your background, funds can become tight when committing to a full-time, ...
Imogen Crispe
Published February 11, 2016
How much do coding bootcamps cost? From students looking for free coding bootcamps to those wondering if an $18,000 bootcamp is worth it, we understand that cost is important to future bootcampers! While the average full-time coding bootcamp in the US costs $13,584, bootcamp tuition can range from $7,800 to $21,000. So how do you decide what to budget for? Here, we break down the costs of cod...
Harry Hantel
Published September 03, 2015
Welcome to the August News Roundup, your monthly news digest full of the most interesting articles and announcements in the bootcamp space. Do you want something considered for the next News Roundup? Submit announcements of new courses, scholarships, or open jobs at your school! Reminder: Have you taken & shared our 2015 Student Outcomes & Demographics Survey? It takes less tha...

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Software Guild worth it?
Is Software Guild legit?
Does Software Guild offer scholarships or accept the GI Bill?
Can I read Software Guild reviews?
Is Software Guild accredited?

How much does Software Guild cost?

Software Guild costs around $13,750.

What courses does Software Guild teach?

Software Guild offers courses like Java, .NET/C#.

Where does Software Guild have campuses?

Software Guild teaches students Online in a remote classroom.

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Guarantees Job
Job Assistance
Includes Housing
Offers Corporate Training
Accepts GI Bill
Kentucky Commission on Proprietary Education, Resident School License No. R-0470, Minnesota Office of Higher Education, OHE Assigned Institution ID: 1829945
Is Software Guild worth it?
Employment Rate
Graduation Rate
Median Salary

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