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Interface Web School is a 10-week intensive web development program, where students will learn to build their own web applications and be effective software developers. Based in Omaha, Nebraska, Interface Web School teaches beginners who are motivated and have aspirations to be we developers. Student will learn hard technical skills like behavior-driven development, programming patterns, and 3rd party API utilization. In addition, students will participate in proje...

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  • David Tarvin
    Student • Student • Full-Stack Web Developer Training Course: Java • Omaha
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    Jul 27, 2017
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    Great School!

    I have taken two classes at Interface Web School so far - Foundations and Java. I am starting my third class with them, WordPress, on August 7. I have really enjoyed my time at Interface. The instructors, Nick and Kent, were great. I learned a lot from them. Nick ran the Foundations course, which teaches HTML, CSS, and jQuery, with a bit of Bootstrap (although Nick doesn't like that - he prefers coding in pure CSS). We did several projects, including one where we animate flipping a card ov...


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Is Interface Web School worth it?
Is Interface Web School legit?
Does Interface Web School offer scholarships or accept the GI Bill?
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Is Interface Web School accredited?

How much does Interface Web School cost?

Interface Web School costs around $7,500. On the lower end, some Interface Web School courses like Front-End Web Development and Design Implementation cost $5,500.

Where does Interface Web School have campuses?

Interface Web School has in-person campuses in Lincoln and Omaha.

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The Interface Web School program fits the Nebraska Department of Education Private Postsecondary Career Schools requirements.
Is Interface Web School worth it?
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Recent Interface Web School News

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