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  • Ultimate Guide to Cyber Security Bootcamps

    Lauren Stewart4/16/2020

    Ultimate guide to cyber security bootcamps infographics

    You’re probably familiar with the term “hacking,” but do you really understand the importance of cyber security? Did you know that by 2019, it’s projected that globally we’ll need 6 million security professionals, but we’ll be short by 1.5 million? Cyber security is comprised of technologies and practices to protect networks, computers, software programs, and data from attack, damage, or unauthorized access. The need for technical security talent is increasing and Security Bootcamps are launching to fill this void. If you’re deciding on which coding bootcamp route to take, and you’re interested in learning cyber security, there are a few things to consider (and we’ve listed where you can learn these skills!) Check out our Ultimate Guide to Cyber Security Bootcamps. 

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  • Instructor Spotlight: Brian from Evolve Security Academy

    Liz Eggleston8/1/2016


    With security breaches and hacks in the news and on TV (Mr. Robot, anyone?) cyber security is more important than ever. Bootcamps like Evolve Security Academy are now helping to train the next generation of Cyber Security Professionals. We caught up with Brian Liceaga, the Lead Instructor at Evolve Security Academy in Chicago, to learn about the types of roles graduates get in security, the curriculum at a security bootcamp, and the best meetups, conferences, and podcasts for aspiring security professionals.

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