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Craft Academy offers two, 12-week bootcamps based in Stockholm and Gothenburg, Sweden: Full Stack Web Developer and Cybint Cybersecurity. Full Stack Web Developer students will complete a part-time 4-week preparatory course before beginning the bootcamp. Cybint Cybersecurity students will complete a 1-week preparatory course. The Cybint Cybersecurity bootcamp is delivered in a blended on-campus and online format. Every Friday, all bootcamp students will receive a weekend challenge to complete before the next week of class. 

The Full Stack Web Developer bootcamp curriculum covers Agile software development methodologies and modern frameworks, including HTML5, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, React, Semantic-ui, React Router, and React Native. Full Stack Web Developer students will learn about APIs, external libraries, websockets, Heroku, and techniques such as continuous integration and continuous deployment. Students will build several projects to add to their portfolios, including a complex final project utilizing all the skills students will learn during the bootcamp’s duration. Students will create a portfolio and receive career services, such as CV review, job interview coaching, and several lectures about technical work and the marketplace. 

The Cybint Cybersecurity bootcamp is designed to prepare students with little to no background in IT for entry level Cybersecurity jobs. This bootcamp was developed around military training methodologies and hands-on learning. Cybint Cybersecurity students will learn the basics of network traffic, hardware components of topology, network and routing protocols, and hands-on operation of a computer network and equipment. Cybersecurity students will also learn network mapping and os fingerprinting. telecommunication concepts and range. system and network admin concepts, management principles and controls, hands-on creation and use of virtual machines and bootable USB OS. Cybersecurity students will learn threats, attacks and tactics, security strategies, cyber defense, forensics, and ethical hacking. The bootcamp ends with students working on a hands-on scenario. Cybersecurity bootcamp students will receive assistance with technical and soft skill job interview preparation. 

Craft Academy cohorts begin every 8 weeks, and applications are continuously reviewed. The decision-making process takes about two weeks and includes an interview.  Craft Academy gives all online bootcamp students a Nomads Pack, which includes everything students need to set up their home office, including a computer, a second screen, webcam, headset, cables, and school swag.

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  • Full Stack Web Developer Bootcamp

    HTML, Git, JavaScript, Sinatra, jQuery, Rails, Product Management, Mobile, CSS, React.js, Front End, Ruby
    In PersonFull Time40 Hours/week12 Weeks
    Start Date None scheduled
    Class size16
    LocationOnline, Stockholm, Gothenburg
    Students will learn Agile software development methodologies along with modern frameworks including HTML5, Javascript, Ruby on Rials, React and React Native.
    DepositA 10% deposit is charged at approved registration.
    Refund / GuaranteeWe proudly offer a 5% discount to female bootcamp participants. Our industry needs more female developers and we want to do everything we can to help women succeed on their coding journey.
    Getting in
    Minimum Skill LevelN/A
    Prep WorkDuring the prep course, you'll work from home with our materials. Expect to spend about 15 to 20 hours each week in the month before bootcamp begins.
    Placement TestNo
  • Holger Tidemand  User Photo
    Holger Tidemand • React/Native Developer • Graduate Verified via LinkedIn
    Overall Experience:
    Job Assistance:

    Craft Academy and thier coach team does a fantastic job guiding you in to the jungle of web development. 

    You will get a great understanding of the big picture which makes picking up new lanuages and frameworks after the bootcamp a real treat. 

    Three weeks after the bootcamp I got an intership as a React/Native developer. 

    I have Craft Academy to thnak for that. 

    I if want to learn how to code I really recommend this bootcamp.



  • Kalle  User Photo
    Kalle • Graduate Verified via GitHub
    Overall Experience:
    Job Assistance:

    Due to a long time wish of wanting to learn to code, but not wanting to do online course I started looking into the concept of coding bootcamps. 

    After some research and considering my options I ended up applying for Craft academy in Gothenburg - a decition I do not regret. 

    The course starts with building fundamentals and from there move on with teaching you tools and techniques for you to create more complex things and solutions. 

    There is no secret that the course is both intensive - whenever you feel that you are getting the hang of something you can be sure they throw something new at you! 

    You'll feel challenged, and at times it can be extremely hard, but at the same time also gives you an extreme feeling of accomplishment whenever you feel that the puzzle is comming together. 

    The syllabus is relevant and up-to-date, the coaches are great instructors and are there for you when you need them.
    The student-coach ratio is good. 

    I feel now that i have a good foundation for further development and is excited about what the future brings for me and my coding skills. 

  • Antonella  User Photo
    Antonella • Junior Web Developer • Graduate Verified via GitHub
    Overall Experience:
    Job Assistance:

    I took part of Craft Academy with the January 2018 cohort, what a ride!

    I moved from Italy to Sweden just for attending this course and I can state it's been the best investment I could have made on myself as a person and my career. 

    I definitely reccommend this Bootcamp, coaches support is outstanding, since the preparation course before the actual beginning of the Bootcamp itself. I remember I was still in Italy at that time and they got in touch with me on a daily basis, whenever I had a problem or questions they were efficient and supportive, that was awesome because when I started I felt like I knew them already and that facilitated the beginning of the bootcamp and reduced the initial "shock".

    My group was amazing too and we had a lot of fun together, CA Team makes always sure you feel comfortable with the others, providing you with a professional life coach support (who could speak also Italian so I felt even more at my ease, great!), to help you go through this tough and intense experience. The office in Gothenburg is central and easy to get to, it is very cosy and welcoming too, with wide windows and two fantastic couches where to chill from one coding session to another.

    I had no coding experience at all before but after 3 months I can say with no doubts that I feel confident enough to apply for positions that require a Degree level education, and I am also getting response from employers regardless I don't have a degree in Software development, this is encouraging and proves that what we build during the bootcamp is remarkable and rich in terms of technologies used. My skill set is not just about technical skills, but also soft ones, I learnt the agile method to actually approach problems and eventually solve them, it can be applied in any life situation, this is extremely valuable. The course is stressful, tiring, challenging, tasks are increasingly more and more difficult during the path, but if you are committed, driven and strongly passionate, you will do it and beautifuly make it to the end!

    In my opinion, for the intense nature of the course , I would recommend it to not-too-young individuals with some work and life experience that presumably have a structure in the workflow, know how to behave in a professional environment and who also know and are ready to commit themselves 100% to the bootcamp.

    Craft Academy was more than getting a Diploma and add it to my CV to me, it was a life changing experience, a turning point in my career and life, I'm grateful and very satisfied with the results I have achieved and the help I had during this incredible journey. Keep up the good work!

  • What a journey!
    - 2/21/2018
    Zuzanna Bienkowska  User Photo
    Zuzanna Bienkowska • Test manager • Graduate Verified via LinkedIn
    Overall Experience:
    Job Assistance:

    I have been working within IT, with software testing and test management since 2007. And I totally love my job! However learning new things is never wrong, right? I attended Craft Academy for two reasons.

    I wanted to expand my current role to also include working with test automation. What I really liked with this bootcamp was the concept of test and behavior driven development. How big part test is playing in software development - that I always knew. What I didn't know and realized during this bootcamp was how powerful test was in my own process of learning how to code! I don't think that without TDD and BDD I would get where I am today when it comes to my coding skills! So be prepared for a lot of testing and believe me - it will help you a lot, just let it guide you through the whole MVC process! Together with coaches, because they are going to be there for you, when you feel frustrated, need help or just want to learn more.

    During all these years I've been wondering what my all developer colleagues were talking about? Back-end, front-end, jQuery, Bootstrap, APIs, divs, Angular, JSON, Type Script, you name it. What I missed was a context. And a deeper technical understanding from inside out. Now I have IT... And much much more...

    Sometimes you might get a feeling of just 'hanging in there'. Take this course for what it is, learn as much as you can, be structured, give all you have but be nice to yourself. With a family, a husband and 2 small daughters, this journey wasn't easy. But still, I managed to complete it and I learned so much! I'm pretty proud of myself and my new skill set. Just follow the process and you will be too!

  • Magnús Þór Ársælsson  User Photo
    Magnús Þór Ársælsson • Student Verified via GitHub
    Overall Experience:
    Job Assistance:

    I can highly recommend this boot camp.

    The coaches are always there for you both to assist and challenge you to move forward. I cant remember how many times I felt like I didn't know wtf was going on and as soon as I was getting comfortable with the material the coaches ramped up the difficulty. This is a very demanding course and hard work and consistency is the only thing that will get you through it.

  • Best decision ever!
    - 11/28/2017
    Ólöf Vignisdóttir  User Photo
    Ólöf Vignisdóttir • Junior Frontend developer Verified via LinkedIn
    Overall Experience:
    Job Assistance:

    I was bored of my job and life in Iceland, after a short google search about how to become a developer I found Craft Academy and decided to go for it! Left my job and home in Reykjavik and moved to Gothenburg to pursue my dreams.


    This journey was definitely not easy, the first weeks were very tough and I felt so stupid for not getting it instantly. The pressure was high and it’s an emotional journey, the second week of the bootcamp I felt so stupid that I broke down in tears and told Thomas that I was giving up and would leave the bootcamp. That was  probably the best thing that has happened to me because we had a really good talk and he inspired me to keep on going and that I could do this. At that point I could really feel that he cared and everybody at this school supported each other through thick and thin. Emotion will run high as the pressure builds up, but the team sticks together. Together as a team we will make it!


    My dream to become a developer has already come true. . I got a job as a junior developer before I graduated and started to work the day after graduation. As for landing that job one of the most important factors my employer saw in my experience was good coding habits, to work well under pressure and in a team. My employer is very impressed by how much you can learn in 12 weeks of this bootcamp.


    Thank you so much Thomas, Raoul, Gustav, Faraz, Hanne, my cohort and everyone at Craft Academy!


    Best investment I have made in my life.


    Best Regards


  • Amanda  User Photo
    Amanda • Graduate Verified via GitHub
    Overall Experience:
    Job Assistance:

    You can attend this bootcamp no matter what background you have. The only important thing is that you stay and fight. It will be confusing and you will feel stupid - but you're never alone. 

    You will rely heavily on the other team members and the coaches - and they will have high expectations of you. It will be hard, but it will also be a great experience. 

    Apart from learning how to handle a new programming language and framework, we also learned how to plan & keep track of a project, run design sprints, do lots of testing, and work with a client.

    This school cares about its studens, but also about making the world and the coding community a better place. They try to improve every day, and will always listen to your suggestions or comments. 

  • Nurlan Emir  User Photo
    Nurlan Emir • Student • Student Verified via LinkedIn
    Overall Experience:
    Job Assistance:

    It's tough, it's mind blowing and it's practical. No bullshit, no excuses.

    Leave your ego at home, show up and work.

    It's simple as that.

    Code or be coded.

    I strongly recommend the bootcamp.

  • Excellent Course
    - 10/15/2017
    Faraz Naeem  User Photo
    Faraz Naeem • Student Verified via LinkedIn
    Overall Experience:
    Job Assistance:

    This is an excellent Bootcamp.

    I went from an accountant to a web developer in 12 weeks with absolutely no coding experience since before.

    The course started with a 1-month long prep-course going through basics as HTML, CSS,  Ruby, and Javascript which laid the foundation for the rest of the Bootcamp.

    The Bootcamp focuses heavily on Ruby on Rails and the coaches are relentless that one should follow good coding practices, pair programming, and TDD.

    Although many of our projects were only made specifically for the course our final project was made for a real external client and is used to simplify their business.

    You shouldn't enter this program with the expectation that you'll have free time a day over the run of the course. The course is tough and mentally demanding. The material is challenging, but there's a friendship that forms in the cohort as you're struggling along with others to achieve the same goal. There is a colossal time investment, and it is punishing if you fall behind.

    I recommend this course very highly.

  • Benjamin Comley  User Photo
    Benjamin Comley • Graduate Verified via GitHub
    Overall Experience:
    Job Assistance:

    This bootcamp is a great first, second and third step in to the world of coding.

    Trying to learn to code on your own is a daunting task. What should I learn? Where should I start? Why doesn't this work? What if what I'm learning is redundant?

    At Craft Academy the coaches are genuinely invested in your future, as long as you are. You will get back multiples of what of what you put in. But do not go in to this thinking it's going to be easy, this WILL be your life for 12 weeks.

    There are no nice GUI's here, there is no Dreamweaver. This is real, this is Notepad (well, not Notepad, check your Windows at the door and get a real OS).

    The prep course is CRITICAL. I have seen a few people not take it seriously, and by the end of the first week of the bootcamp you can see the fear and regret on their faces. Do not float through it either, learn it, understand it, this is how you will get the most out of the bootcamp.

    It took a while to get used to the discomfort of trusting in what I was doing without fully understanding how it was working but believing that it would eventually become clear as other pieces fell in to place (which it did), but when I did it was like a weight off my shoulders and my progess increased dramatically. I felt this was another key, PLOUGH ON, don't worry about the understanding all of the intermediacies of where you are, they become clear eventually through continuous immersion, not through static concerntration.

    The other piece of advice I would offer is "Always be coding". I would be in the office for 8-10 hours a day, 6 or 7 days a week, then I would get home and work on my own projects using my new skills for a couple more hours most evenings. By the time the final project came around, I had learnt some things outside of the camp that I was able to integrate in to it to solve complex issues quickly. Always be coding.

    Oh, and do not be afraid of failure, failure isn't failing, it's just giving you a direction of what to do next.

    The coaching staff are A+, Thomas, Raoul, Andy, Rodrigo, they are always, always there to help. Often I could pose a question on a weekend or a rediculous time of the night, and I would always get an answer back as soon as someone was online. After the conclusion of the bootcamp, you are a part of the family, you can continue to ask for help whenever you need, and you too can start to offer help to those just starting on their path.

    This was and continues to be a great experience. I would fully and absolutely recommend it to anyone looking for a coding bootcamp in Sweden or South Africa.

  • Max Mollerstrom  User Photo
    Max Mollerstrom • CEO & Junior-Developer • Graduate Verified via GitHub
    Overall Experience:
    Job Assistance:

    I tried to learn how to program by myself at first from different online tutorials, but I often found that what I was trying to learn was unstructured, complicated, and it was awfully hard to get the grasp of it.

    Coming from a business background with a variety of different start-ups, some successful / some not; these 12 weeks has been the biggest challenge of my life so far. 
    No other education have ever given me so many 'ahaa!' experiences as Craft Academy,
    note that I've been to (at the time) one of the most prestigious business schools in northern Europe. But all those years spent studying business, I found Craft Academy being the most challenging, but also the most giving education I've ever received.

    I've always been amazed about programming and its potential straight from a business perspective.
    What tools can I make use of to build something great and make a bunch of money?

    I've the ideas, I've got a good nose for business-potential, but what next?
    Craft Academy gave me not only the tools to build, and what to look for within software development, but also a very good way of structure your own thoughts in order to achieve what you want. A good strategy often makes your life much easier -especially in coding!
    It's always easier if you have a plan, and writing it down might be one thing, but putting it into action it's a whole other story. The boot camp provided me with the know-how to continue being an entrepreneur while at the same time being a valuable asset on the job-market.
    My plan for now after graduating is to work as a junior-developer while at my spare-time, turn my ideas into realization.

    During the boot camp you will learn:

    • Sort-out what's valueable to know in a structured way
      (everything is up to date with the latest, so you don't have to worry about learning anything old and outdated)
    • Test Driven Development (Sinatra, Jasmine, Rspec & Cucumber during my year)
    • Ruby
    • Javascript / Angular
    • HTML
    • CSS
    • Ionic framework
    • Rails framework
    • Build real-life Apps for Android and IOS with backend API
    • Pivotaltracker
    • SCRUM 'developer technique'
    • GitHub

    By teaching you the latest, sorting out what's valuable and not, and what is being searched for by companies within the development-sphere, most graduates will become confident junior-developers after only 12 weeks, landing a job without spending 5 years and $87.000 at a U.S University. After the Boot camp you will be amazed of the knowledge you have learned and you will be more than eager to put it into practice!

    Make no mistake, this is a very challenging education, but if you just have the right attitude you will definitely make it! 
    Those 12 weeks has been amazing and frustrating at the same time. There are times where you'd want to smash your head into the wall because you're not getting it, but with an excellent curriculum, supporting teachers and students you will get it and success if you just put down your soul and mind into it.

    You also learn how to collaborate as a team, there are many different ways of achieving your goal in programing, CA delivers an excillent BMP (Best Management Practice) off how to do so.

    At the end of the course you will be building your very own app together with your team, my team made it almost without any help from the coaches! Our team functioned very well together, so I bet you will be making very good friends as well!


  • Osegbemoh Dania  User Photo
    Osegbemoh Dania • Graduate Verified via GitHub
    Overall Experience:
    Job Assistance:

    That decision to quit my white collar IT job to attend a coding bootcamp at Craft Academy is by far one of the best decisions in my entire life.

    Having spent 8months just learning the theoritical part of development, it was really difficult to delve into the actual practice, writing my own code or working on a project. I couldn't achieve this and it just felt like "Forever", trying to learn to build something from scratch myself and not just relying on already built "off the shelf" applications.

    Trust me, It wasn't an easy journey, It was tough, challenging, and at some point I "hit the wall", due to the workload, expectations and amount of stuffs we had to learn but thanks to the coaches who helped me pick up again. Craft Academy drilled us really hard with high expectations from every students. I guess thats why it's called a "Bootcamp". I even think it should be changed to "Craft Academy Coding Military Bootcamp". IT IS THE REAL DEAL!

    The experience at Craft Academy was life changing for me, learning web & mobile development using test driven and behavioural approach. The anthem at Craft Academy is "Agile Software Development, TDD & BDD". Well structured path of learning. Great course content material. From day one of resuming the camp, you start coding right away. You have no choice, you just have to code, code, code, code daily.

    At some point in the camp, we were asked to build a personal portfoilio site for ourselves and I was amazed at what I was able to do in week 3 of the camp. I felt so proud of what I built. Several other projects, real life projects/apps were thrown at us to develop and I feel so confident to take on any challenge out there. 

    I feel really confident to pick up other programming languages and work on any project in Ruby on rails or javascript. 

    Great team of coaches and I personally had a fantastic team in my co-hort, we had great pair programming sessions where we learnt alot from each other. Watch out for the next big startup coming out of our final project from Craft Academy. 

    The coaches were always there to answer your questions, review your codes and lead you the right way. "Someone is just always there to help you".

    This was a fantastic experience, feel EXTREMELY HAPPY with the skills I acquired at Craft Academy.  

    My strong advice to peope out there considering attending a bootcamp, make that leap! it's a risk worth your time and sacrifice.  Don't hold back, start coding, write one or two lines of code yourself even if its crap, the bootcamp will teach you the right way of doing it. Get into a bootcamp to lead your path in a more organized and structured way to learn coding.

    Using the words of one of our coaches, I say to you all, LIVE LONG & PROSPER!!