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CodeX Academy offers full time and part time Front End Developer, Full-Stack Developer, and Full-Stack Engineer bootcamps. CodeX Academy Developer programs are designed by a veteran full stack software engineer with more than 30 years of development experience. All CodeX Academy bootcamp students will have 24/7 community chat access and internship opportunities. CodeX Academy students receive career assistance, and will have access to a 12-24 week, professional int...

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  • Anonymous
    Student • Front End Developer (Part-Time) • Online
    Oct 05, 2022
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    Waste of time and money.

           Please don't use this Bootcamp as a launchpad for your computer programming career. It is a waste of time and money wrapped in a veil of motivational messages and lies. Most instructors are rude and will make fun of you if you don't know something in an evaluation. I have gotten off calls crying because of how stupid the instructor made me feel, which is ironic because all of their "curriculum" is just a collection of resources on the internet that you can find for free. I have on...
  • Anonymous
    Full Stack Developer • Online
    Apr 01, 2022
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    Curriculum is teaching yourself and paying them to help you sometimes. They set a date for you to complete badges and learn coding languages, but It takes a lot longer to actually learn these things so you're just being set up to fail regretfully. After your target date passes you will pay by month. They upped the price a significant amount in the middle of my studies, so I didn't have much of a choice but to swallow it and continue. Most of the meetings I scheduled to get a badge were c...

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Qualifying Courses

  • Front-End Developer (Online)
  • Front End Developer (Part-Time) (Online)
  • Full Stack Developer (Online)
  • Full Stack Developer (Part-Time) (Online)
  • Full Stack Engineer (Online)
  • Full Stack Engineer (Part-Time) (Online)

Recent CodeX Academy News

Jess Feldman
Updated July 29, 2021
Course Report Course Report Coding Bootcamp News Roundup - July 2021 This July, we re reporting on one huge ( 850M!) bootcamp acquisition and 35 million in bootcamp fundraises. Two higher ed experts opined about both sides of the debate around expanding federal funding like Pell grants to short-term programs like bootcamps. We re also covering what bootcamps need to do beyond just teaching students to code, and we ll share a bunch of partnerships that are giving validity to the ...
Jess Feldman
Updated February 26, 2021
Course Report February 2021 Coding Bootcamp News 150M in fundraises + bootcamps in space! This February, coding bootcamps announced 42M in fundraising and another 110M more if you include money injected into the ISA (Income Share Agreement) industry. As the U.S. continues the attempt to get people back to work, we saw lots of encouraging news about new workforce development programs. And with the rise in university-bootcamp partnerships these days, we re diving into the ...
Liz Eggleston
Updated May 10, 2022
Deferred tuition and income share agreements ( ISAs ) are becoming more widely available and can be attractive to students who don t have 20,000 in the bank. ISAs and Deferred Tuition align a school s incentives with those of their students essentially, a school isn't successful unless their students get jobs. Plus, deferred tuition and ISAs remove the barrier of an upfront tuition, expanding accessibility to a wider range of students. However, ISAs exist in a regulatory grey ...

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Is CodeX Academy worth it?
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Does CodeX Academy offer scholarships or accept the GI Bill?
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Course Report readers can receive an Exclusive Scholarship to CodeX Academy!


How much does CodeX Academy cost?

CodeX Academy costs around $17,550. On the lower end, some CodeX Academy courses like Front End Developer Spanish (Part Time) cost $5,850.

What courses does CodeX Academy teach?

CodeX Academy offers courses like Front-End Developer, Front End Developer (Part-Time), Front End Developer Spanish, Front End Developer Spanish (Part Time) and 4 more.

Where does CodeX Academy have campuses?

CodeX Academy has in-person campuses in Nashville. CodeX Academy also has a remote classroom so students can learn online.

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