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Coder Camps offers 12-week coding bootcamps in Seattle, Washington, Phoenix, Arizona and online. Full and part-time students have the opportunity to choose between full-stack options like .NET, Java, JavaScript and C#. Unlike other schools that teach a single technology stack, Coder Camps covers a variety of technologies in a modular curriculum that prepares you for actual careers. All programs utilize Agile software development techniques and provide experience working in team roles, the application life cycle, and with mobile & cloud applications. Students will master these skills with the help of experienced instructors guiding them through hands-on, real-world projects, and daily individual and paired programming exercises. To apply, prospective students can fill out a short online form and start a series of interviews. 

Coder Camps also provides career services where at the completion of the course, graduates are introduced to leaders in technology to facilitate entry into a new career path in tech. Coder Camps graduates also receive lifetime access to continuing education courses at no additional cost.

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  • Full Stack Web Development

    JavaScript, .NET, AngularJS, ASP.NET, C#, Java, Rails, Ruby
    In PersonFull Time40 Hours/week8 Weeks
    Start Date None scheduled
    Class sizeN/A
    LocationPhoenix, Online, Seattle
    The Full-Stack Web Development program prepares graduates to excel as Full-Stack Web Developers. These sought-after, entry-level professionals make important contributions across all areas of web application architecture. They possess the broad knowledge of computer science principals and modern tools and have fundamental knowledge of available frameworks. They can work independently or as part of a software team.
    ScholarshipHero Scholarship, Women in Technology Scholarship
    Getting in
    Minimum Skill LevelN/A
    Placement TestNo
  • Fullstack .Net
    - 2/1/2017
    Anonymous • Graduate
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    Do not attend Coder Camps. It costs $12,000 for 4 weeks of education. You read that right, 4 weeks. They say 12 weeks but what you get is an instructor for 4 weeks that teaches Typescript, Angular, C#, and .Net each for a week. That's it. That's all the instruction you get. When you get instruction, it comes at you lightning fast, if you can't keep up, TOUGH! Don’t grasp a concept, then you’re told to “read up on the subject, we have to move on”. Expecting homework that reviews the days’ concepts and imbeds them into memory? Nope, the homework is a joke. This subject is a math or science, but the instruction, assignments, and evaluations are given more like humanities. Think learning a foreign language, being taught how to conjugate a few words, then be asked to write a longer follow-up to War and Peace. Week 5 is a test and working on an individual project. Then weeks 6 thru 12 are a group project with all the other students in your class. No instructor, all on your own. Maybe this is how all bootcamps are, I don't know, but for that amount of money 12 weeks of instructor time is not too much to ask. Is there a placement department? I don't know. I've been out of class for months and have yet to be contacted by anyone from Coder Camps about placement. I will tell you though, if you owe them money, they'll call you the day it's due. Do I expect to be hired because of what I learned? Of course not. I don't know jack! I can't even make a simple app, much less a complex one a company would hire me to work on. The only good thing I can say about Coder Camps is that you can re-take any class any time. I'm going to have to re-take it soon, so I guess we'll see after the second time around. Again, DO NOT attend Coder Camps. Look elsewhere. 

  • Great Coder School
    - 10/11/2016
    Anonymous • Student
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    This was the best choice, I have made! I didn't want to go to an overcrowded bootcamp. There are only 5 other people in my Javscript coarse. We have our own instructor, plus a TA.

  • Anonymous • Student
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    This program isn't worth 11,900, go somewhere else.

    • They hire junior programmers to teach. My instructor only has a year of coding experience. This person hasn't been a developer out in the real world.
    • My teacher is also remote, this person doesn't not teach in person. There has been several technical problems, that make our lessons shorter. If you want to pay 11,900 for a romote jr programmer instructor go to coder camps.
    • Romote students are in your class too. This students will slow your class down. 

    Before, you attend coder camps ask questions. Make sure your instructor is not remote. Don't just talk to the sales guys. Go talk to the students in the course that you are intrested interested. The .net course is better then our js course, because they have mid-level or a senior teaching the .net. This program isn't worth 11,900.

  • Anonymous • Graduate
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    Just wanted to say I had a very good experience during my camp.  My instructor was extremely knowledgable and patient with me and the class.  He stayed late for us on many occasions and helped us review or cover material we didn't quite catch the first time.  The frameworks we went over in class are appearing on most of the jobs I've seen posted online.   Overall, I can't believe how much I learned after 9 weeks even if at times I felt like I was going no where.  The project period helped me realize how much I had learned and why I decided to persue becoming a web developer in the first place.