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UNH Coding Boot Camp is a part-time, 24-week, web development course in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. The full-stack curriculum includes HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Node.js, Express.js, Database Theory, MongoDB, MySQL, Git, and more.

Applicants do not need previous experience to enroll, but once admitted, all students will complete a pre-course tutorial. As the program is part-time, UNH Coding Boot Camp is designed for working professionals and students who are actively pursuing a career change, advancement or are looking to gain a new skill set.

Students will benefit from a wide range of career services to be positioned for success through graduation and beyond. Services include portfolio reviews, resume and social media profile support, career content and practice sessions, technical interview training, 1:1 career coaching, soft skills training, and more. Graduates will receive a Certificate of Completion from the UNH Professional Development & Training, and will have a portfolio of projects demonstrating a working knowledge of the topics covered throughout the program.

UNH Coding Boot Camp is powered by Trilogy Education Services a 2U, Inc. brand.

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  • Full-Stack Flex - Part-Time

    MongoDB, HTML, Git, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS, React.js, Node.js
    In PersonPart Time10 Hours/week24 Weeks
    Start Date Rolling Start Date
    Class size25
    UNH Coding Boot Camp is a 24-week, part-time web development course. The full-stack curriculum includes HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Node.js, Responsive Design, Heroku, Git, User Authentication, React.js, MySQL, MongoDB, and more. Students have access to participate in experiential learning opportunities. Students receive career-planning services, portfolio reviews, and 1:1 coaching to position students for success in the field.
    Payment plans available
    Tuition PlansPayment plans available
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    Minimum Skill LevelBeginner
    Prep WorkPre-work
    Placement TestNo
  • pete mclaughlin • Graduate
    Overall Experience:
    Job Assistance:

    I was looking for a change. I have been working in some form of customer service since I was 15 years old and it is getting old. I'm also a single dad and living on a customer service rep salary is  almost impossible. I saw the ad for the bootcamp on Facebook and took a chance. Honestly I feel better for it. I'm excited about a new career as well as the flexibility to work where ever. I have aspirations of moving to Ireland and will certainly be using what I learned at bootcamp to make headway and possibly work for a company in Dublin or Galway. I want to thank Mason and Bryan for their time and expertise as well as Adam and Josh the TA's we had everyone has been wonderful it was a great experience and worth every penny 

    Response From: Boot Camp Team of UNH Coding Boot Camp
    Title: Community Team
    Tuesday, Sep 10 2019
    Amazing, Pete! Thank you for choosing our program to make a significant career change. We're thrilled you successfully learned the fundamentals of web development and felt supported by our entire instructional team — we also think Mason, Bryan, Adam, and Josh are fantastic. Congratulations on graduating, we truly appreciate your review! All the best moving forward.
  • Mike Galarneau • Graduate
    Overall Experience:
    Job Assistance:

    Background/Expectations:    I come from a programming background, I've been in the industry for quite some time but needed a skills refresh.    This program fit my needs because it was fast paced, technologically current,  in-person and outside of core daytime job hours.   I've been around the block a few times, so I expected to be "the oldest guy in the room".  I was pleased to see that in my cohort there was a cross cut representation of age, gender and experiences.   Some were complete novices and others were very seasoned professionals trying to get some new skills.   Any apprehension about being in the right place vanished immediately on day 1.

    Curriculum:  The syllabus is good,  it matches up nicely with what I am seeing in the corporate world.  UNH/Trilogy keeps refreshing the content and the instructors tweak the material to keep it fresh.   Expect to answer seemingly endless weekly surveys, but I am presuming that is one benchmark they use to tweak the curriculum, so do them accurately and pay it forward!   There were a couple of items that I would drop from the curriculum, but they weren't significant enough to warrant a concern.  (e.g., teaching Computer Science in a day, adding Java is too much, our cohort deprioritized it)

    Pre-work: There was a fair amount of pre-work and an interview before the first class begins.   Again,  I suspect it is to gauge the experience of the class.   It's also good practice for anyone who hasn't been in school for a while.   At the very least it provides a means to practice the homework submission process.

    Instructors:  From my point of view, this was a real differentiator.  Local technical leads from local industry really allows for a personal touch.   They were either industry profressionals, bootcamp graduates or both.  Their abilty to salt the Trilogy/UNH playbook with their industry insights, tips and tricks cannot be over-stated.  top notch.    I appreciated their adjustments to the curriculum, while never taking anything away that was promised,  that allowed us to focus on what we deemed the important topics.   I didn't use the remote help that Trilogy offers.   Our instructors and TAs were readily available and that was sufficient for me.  But it was nice to know it was there if needed. 

    Classwork:  I won't repeat the detail curriculum,  that's easily discoverable.  The beginning classes had a  fair amount of powerpoints with some hands on tasks.   All good stuff, but it had to be powered through.  Soon enough it turned into in-class examples and the memories of those powerpoint days faded to a hazy memory.   Candidly, sometimes I felt there was plenty of time to get the task done and at other times, it was just too quick. (YRMV).    I think that is hard to avoid given the pace of a bootcamp and different backgrounds of the participants.    Project work were group assignments.  That adds a layer of complexity but certainly emulates more real-world conditions.   

    Homework:  The homework is tied very closely to the in-class examples.  If you can keep up with the in-class examples, then the homework will be challenging but do-able.   The Trilogy method is to have you do the homework the week after you've learned the new concept.  This means you may be juggling two concepts at a time in-class versus at-home.   Our cohort adjusted the homework to be due the week you we're learning the concept.   It was a trade-off,  better focus on one-concept which was good for new-learners, but it took away from the runway to the homework deadline.  In a 6-month sprint, there is no make-up time,  you're borrowing time from Peter to pay Paul, sooner or later it comes due.   (e.g., get your homework done before jumping into deep project work if possible)

    Job Assistance: Full disclosure, I rated it highly based on observation but I didn't really use it.   It was all there and fully available as the class developed and there was plenty of reach-out.   I did review the job materials and it was all the same quality of materials that you would see in the corporate world.   It is designed to put your best foot forward.  It's on my to-do list to go back and polish my print and digital identities.

    Final Thoughts:   As with any new endeavor, the usual maxim "you get out of it what you put into it" certainly applies here too.  The sweet spot would be for anyone who has had a modicum of programming experience, but the syllabus promise of first-principles teaching holds true here.   You'll have to do the work, but the curriculum structure, coding examples and teaching support is all there to help you clear the hurdle.

    Don't let yoursellf get behind on the homework (they do allow some skips),  if possible try to even get ahead a bit.   The second half of the course picks up speed rapidly with React.   Stay with it and it'll make sense.   Do all the in-class assignments at home and master them.   They all are foundational and in most cases build into the next item.  

    With respect to the three projects.   Have some idea of what you might want to do before you get to that point.   We lost valuable time trying to land on one idea that could have been used to develop ode.   If you have some fleshed out ideas on a napkin,  it will pay off in good team planning.  Save the homework skips for the final project, your future self will appreciate the favor.

    Net Promoter Question:  Would I recommend UNH Bootcamp Full Stack Development to a family or friend?  Yes,  already have.

    Response From: Boot Camp Team of UNH Coding Boot Camp
    Title: Community Team
    Friday, Mar 22 2019
    Amazing, Mike! We're thrilled you had such a positive boot camp experience and enjoyed our curriculum and instructional team. We're constantly working on updating and improving our course material, so we're glad this resonated with you. Like you mentioned, you get out what you put into the program, so completing class exercises and utilizing all additional resources will reinforce your learning. Congratulations on graduating, we truly appreciate your detailed review and advice for prospective students! We're rooting you on as you move forward. 
  • Thomas Hudson • Graduate
    Overall Experience:
    Job Assistance:

    Great experience. The curriculum is solid (and always being tweaked and tuned to make it better and keep it relevant). Scott, our instructor, was always clear, knowledgeable, and helpful. It was made clear upfront that your success is up to you and you will be expected to spend a lot of time outside class, practicing and learning additional material on your own, but they always point you in the right direction and offer plenty of support. Tutors are available and staff is accessible online.

    It was hard to gauge exactly what career services would entail beforehand. You're given guidance on your resume and online profiles along with some interview prep. Our final projects were presented in a "tech fair" format, which was attended by a few industry reps.  At least a few students landed a job before they even completed the course.

    Overall, very satisfied.

    Response From: Joanna McKay of UNH Coding Boot Camp
    Title: Student Success Manager
    Friday, Jun 01 2018
    We really appreciate you taking the time to share your experience, Thomas! Our instructors and TAs have a real passion for teaching and it shows - we also think Scott is pretty amazing. We're happy to hear you had a positive experience with our career services, as our staff is truly dedicated to providing students with the instruction and help they need to navigate today's job market. Congratulations on completing the program and we wish you all the success in your future aspirations!