Our latest on Eleven Fifty Academy

  • Alumni Spotlight: Timothy, Eleven Fifty

    Liz Eggleston12/18/2014


    A former Lotus Notes developer in Washington, DC, Timothy Taylor tried a few online coding courses to update his skills. It wasn't until he found Eleven Fifty in Indianapolis that Timothy felt a genuine support system and learning community. We talk to Timothy about his experience with Eleven Fifty's iOS and Ruby courses, the unique environment, and his advice to future bootcamp students. 

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  • Alumni Spotlight: Colin, Eleven Fifty

    Liz Eggleston12/12/2014


    Colin got an undergraduate degree in physics, but became interested in programming after realizing that the skills would be integral to getting a job. When he started as a Rails developer at Mobi Wireless Management, they offered to sponsor the Ruby on Rails course at Eleven Fifty in Indianapolis. We talk to Colin about his experience in the 7-day class, how he dealt with “developer’s clay,” and why he’s already planning on taking another class with Eleven Fifty!

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  • Instructor Spotlight: Dave Strus, Eleven Fifty

    Liz Eggleston12/2/2014


    Having worked professionally with C++, Java, COBOL, PHP, and Microsoft platforms early in his career, Dave Strus became obsessed with the Ruby language in 2004. Now, when he's not running his web and mobile app consultancy, Fretless, he teaches at Eleven Fifty in Indianapolis. We talk to Dave about the ideal Eleven Fifty student, creating the curriculum for the Ruby on Rails and JavaScript courses, and which technologies students will learn in each class. 

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  • Eleven Fifty Student Experiences!

    Liz Eggleston11/21/2014

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  • Instructor Spotlight: Terrence Kunstek

    Liz Eggleston10/14/2014


    Terrence Kunstek was the Director of Engineering at ChaCha before deciding to teach iOS development at Eleven Fifty. We talk to Terrence about the project-based curriculum in the iOS course, their innovative APPrenticeship program, and what he's learned from the first few cohorts at Eleven Fifty. 

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  • Student Spotlight: Michelle, Eleven Fifty

    Liz Eggleston10/7/2014


    Michelle Schmaltz is a recent graduate with a Computer Science degree. She worked in IT, but wanted to learn new tech skills, so she took the 7-day immersive iOS course at Eleven Fifty. We catch up with Michelle and get the scoop on her experience at Eleven Fifty, the instructors who supported her throughout the course, and how she is using her new skills today. 

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  • Founder Spotlight: Scott Jones, Eleven Fifty

    Liz Eggleston9/22/2014


    Eleven Fifty is a unique accelerated learning environment where students learn in prolific entrepreneur Scott Jones's Indianapolis, Indiana home (of MTV Cribs fame) and are rubbing elbows with techie Scott himself, who has started a dozen+ companies, raised over $250 million in capital, and is responsible for voicemail, as we know it today. We catch up with Scott and co-founder Matt McIntyre to chat about the inspiration for Eleven Fifty, what makes their courses unique, and their APPrenticeship program! 

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