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Inside CompTIA Test Prep with Eleven Fifty Academy

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Last updated on August 28, 2023

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Studying for the CompTIA cybersecurity certification exams? Eleven Fifty Academy has you covered with their new CompTIA test prep course! Learn from real experts with instructor-led training so you can pass the Security+ and Network+ exams faster! Tony Smarrella, Vice President of Marketing, from Eleven Fifty answers our questions about what students can expect in this part-time, online course, and how to choose between enrolling in the Certification Test Prep Course vs the Cybersecurity bootcamp.

What inspired Eleven Fifty to offer a Test Prep course specifically for the CompTIA certification exams?

Hundreds of people are preparing for the CompTIA Network+ and Security+ certification tests on their own. This course provides them with the opportunity to receive instructor-led training over a shorter period of time and receive all of the materials that go with that: the practice tests, digital guidebook, individual coaching without committing to a 15- or 26-week program.

What exactly is a CompTIA exam?

CompTIA is a well-respected IT certification provider. CompTIA’s Network+ and Security+ certifications are excellent for anyone getting into the cybersecurity and networking field who is looking to land their first entry-level role. 

  • The Security+ exam tests a person’s skills at performing core security functions. 
  • The Network+ exam tests a person’s skills at troubleshooting, and configuring and managing networks.

Do you need CompTIA certifications in order to start a career in cybersecurity or networking?

Yes, we recommend it. We have found that it's much easier to place our graduates with employers with those two certifications for cybersecurity and networking. Industry professionals (both employers and our board of advisors) also advise that the CompTIA Network+ and Security+ certifications are necessary to get a job in cybersecurity. 

What can students expect to learn in the Certification Test Prep Course? 

Overall, the course focuses specifically on preparing you for the certification exam, receiving coaching from the instructors, facilitating discussions and topic review, and the review of practice tests. During the test prep course, students will have over 20 different practice tests, plus individualized instruction, projects and labs, and a digital coursebook, so they can do individual prep as well as instructor-led prep. 

We’ve seen that the national pass rates for these certification tests are exceptionally low because they're challenging tests. Our pass rates at Eleven Fifty Academy are significantly higher than the national pass rates because of our curriculum and the instructor-led nature of our programs. 

What’s the difference between Eleven Fifty’s Certification Test Prep and the Cybersecurity Bootcamp?

The Test Prep course is focused entirely on the CompTIA exams, whereas our cybersecurity bootcamp is much more intensive and takes students from the beginning skill set to full competence in the field of cybersecurity, plus the ability to pass their Network+ and Security+ exams. The volume of content on the coding bootcamp is significantly higher than the test prep course. 

Does the test prep course include live instruction with classmates?

Yes! One of the features of Eleven Fifty is that all our classes are instructor-based, and more importantly, our classes focus on student and group interaction. 

What is the time commitment like for the Certification Test Prep Course?

The test prep course is 20 hours over two weeks. It’s still fairly intensive, even on a part-time schedule. The course meets Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday for three hours each evening. 

Is this course offered in-person and/or online?

Right now, test prep is offered online. In the future, students will have opportunities to join either online or in-person.

Do students need to choose between the test prep course for Security+ and the test prep course for Network+?

Typically, our students do both exams. In the future, we’re looking at including CompTIA’s Cloud+ exam to our test prep courses. 

What are the requirements to enroll in the Certification Test Prep Course? 

The Eleven Fifty Test Prep Course is for: 

  • Folks with a technical background who are trying to improve their certification levels in order to advance within the industry or their organization. These individuals don't have the time to attend a bootcamp on a part-time or full-time basis.
  • Folks whose certification has lapsed and don't need to re-attend the whole bootcamp, just retake the test.

Eleven Fifty Academy’s Test Prep course is not for someone with no experience in IT. Our Test Prep students should have a firm background in IT. If you’re someone who loves technology but doesn’t have direct experience in it, we recommend enrolling in the cybersecurity bootcamp, which teaches a variety of skills in a supportive environment.

Who are the instructors for Eleven Fifty Academy’s Test Prep Course? 

The Test Prep instructors have been instructors in our cybersecurity program for a while. They also have industry experience.

What would a student do if they find themselves struggling with the material while in the Test Prep Course? 

Students can certainly engage with all of our instructors, which we select because they're student-centric. If a student is struggling they can reach out to receive tutoring or extra academic assistance. 

Does Eleven Fifty Academy tuition cover the Security+ exam cost?

Yes — students will receive vouchers to take both exams. This is built into the cost of the test prep course. 

Does Eleven Fifty Academy guarantee that cybersecurity students will pass the Security+ exam?

We don't have any guarantees because whether a student passes or not is up to the student. We do offer that if they fail the CompTIA exam, they can take the test prep course again at a significantly reduced rate. If they re-take the course, the tuition would still include a voucher to take the test again.

What is your advice for students, especially career changers, embarking on a course like this? 

Be proficient in computer networks and IT security. If you are looking for a quick shortcut without having put in your own learning, the test prep course is not for you. If you want to dive into learning about cybersecurity, enroll in one of our bootcamps, which also offer career services. 

If someone takes this course but not the cybersecurity bootcamp, are they still considered a part of the larger Eleven Fifty Academy community?

Yes, after they graduate from the test prep course we would still put them into our alumni pool and receive the same type of benefits that our alumni receive, like being invited to career fairs, receiving our newsletter, getting career assistance, and resume help. 

We’re connected to our community. We’re tied in with the state. We want to be a good provider for our industry partners. We work with 729 different employers that have hired Eleven Fifty grads over the years, so we want to make sure that the graduates that we're providing them are competent, hard workers, savvy in terms of technology, and proficient in emotional intelligence and business acumen so that they're good holistic employees.

Find out more and read Eleven Fifty Academy reviews on Course Report. This article was produced by the Course Report team in partnership with Eleven Fifty Academy.

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