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AndroidIn PersonFull Time15 Seats

The Advanced Level Course takes each student through the full stack of the aspects of Android application development. Including not only complementary website applications and also sophisticated highly developed code driven applications which will put you at the lead of any team. Additionally, the skills which you will acquire during this course will open doors to be able to easily acquire knowledge and proficiency of any development language.

Python, JavaScript, Django, CSS, HTMLIn PersonFull Time13 Hours/week

The Advanced Level course is a hit-the-ground running all inclusive course. You will learn advanced level CSS3 layout design, advanced framework integration with HTML5, and advanced dynamic manipulation using JavaScript. Concluding this course you will have acquired proprietary source code for deploying several applications including e-commerce solutions and also know-how in making just about anything you could ever dream of writing in Python on the Django framework.

iOS, Objective-C, XcodeIn PersonFull Time15 Seats

Our Advanced iOS Level Course has been formulated to bypass any barriers in deploying fully scale applications for the iOS operating system. You will learn X-Code advanced usage practices and advanced depths of Objective-C and its vast number of Libraries. These applications will be able to incorporate sophisticated algorithms and you will learn to design, write, and implement these advanced topics into your everyday workflow.

Rails, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, RubyIn PersonFull Time15 Seats

The Advanced Level Course you through the completion of several scalable website applications. During this course you will learn everything you need to know in order to regularly formulate and develop code coupled with layouts to deploy your website. Inclusively you will learn user interaction with your websites, HTML5, CSS3, Ruby scripting language, Rails Framework, and JavaScript.

CSS, HTML, JavaScriptIn PersonFull Time15 Seats

Concluding the Advanced Level Course will engage you in developing a portfolio of templates with which you will be able to rapidly deploy User Experiences for each style of website from Admin Interfaces, ECommerce Solutions, to Informational Websites. During these 8 weeks you will be studying how to build a dynamic layout framework, and also editing existing frameworks such as Twitter's famous Bootstrap

AndroidIn PersonFull Time15 Seats

At an introductory level you will learn about making application which you will easily be able to deploy interactive applications using action bars to present information for your Web Applications. These simple apps complement any website with ease.

HTML, JavaScript, Python, CSSIn PersonPart Time8 Hours/week15 Seats

During our introductory level course you will learn everything you need to get started in a full stack development environment. You will learn to assemble an advanced framework called, Django, for your website and also install a single application in addition to learning basic Python, CSS3, HTML5, and JavaScript; enough in these fields for a self-starter who will take what they learned here and continue their studies on their own.

Objective-C, iOS, XcodeIn PersonFull Time15 Seats

Our iOS Introductory Course engages you in learning the basics of Objective-C and an introduction to X-Code where you will be able to get up to speed on how to begin making iOS application for iPhones and iPads as well as Macintosh Desktops. This course is focused mainly on introduction and you will learn to make a simple application which you can deploy across all of the available platforms.

JavaScript, Rails, Ruby, HTML, CSSIn PersonPart Time15 Seats

The Ruby on Rails Introductory Course covers everything you need to know in order to deploy a basic website, using the Rails Framework, Ruby scripting language, HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. Concluding this course you will be a self-stater and obtain the basic knowledge base in order to fully immerse yourself in web development using Ruby on Rails.

JavaScript, CSS, HTMLIn PersonFull Time15 Seats

A User Experience Designer must be able to think outside the box of what's 'possible' in order to create high impact user experiences that grab the subconscious needs of customers in a way that brings them happiness and delight. This requires a great deal of imagination, and innovation. The User Experience Design Course covers all of the latest technologies in layout structure and design. The Introductory Level Course will cover the activation of Dynamic Layouts, CSS3, HTML5, and JavaScript in an interactive deployable way.

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