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Coderversity is an online, instructor-led bootcamp that teaches students the design and architecture techniques necessary to become a successful software, web, or mobile developer. The intensive course introduces students to the software development life cycle, core object-oriented programming concepts, and database design and development.

The curriculum focuses on C#, and classes are 4 to 24 weeks long. Students can choose from a private, semi-private (up to 5 students) or group (10-12 students) format. Both full and part time courses are available.

Before the end of the course, students will complete The Mastery Project, a capstone project that requires students to build a real-world application. Coderversity is building it's employer partnership network and has partnered with Pave to make financing available to its students.

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    • C# Group Program

      In PersonPart Time15 Hours/week
      Start Date Rolling Start Date
      Class size12
      NO UPFRONT TUITION PAYMENTS. C# Group courses are a perfect option for students on a strict budget who desire to learn in a collaborative group setting. No tuition payments are due until you find a job or 6 months after graduation, whichever comes first. There is a small deposit to reserve your spot in the training, and job assistance is provided. Each group course has between 12-15 participants, and students are encouraged to work together online to further enhance the learning experience. Course length: 24 weeks.
      Deposit$100 registration fee to reserve seat. $900 enrollment deposit (Total: $1000 due before class start). Both fees are non-refundable.
      Financing available through Pave.

      Tuition PlansNo tuition due until you find a job or 6 months after graduation, whichever comes first.
      Refund / Guarantee5% rebate off tuition when you enroll together with a friend. Cannot be combined with other offers.
      Scholarship$500 scholarship to women and underrepresented minorities in the IT sector (namely, African-Americans & Latinos)
      Getting in
      Minimum Skill LevelBeginner
      Prep WorkYes
      Placement TestYes
    • Salesforce Cloud Development

      Git, JavaScript, Sales, Java
      In PersonPart Time
      Start Date Rolling Start Date
      Class sizeN/A
      Have you ever heard of Salesforce, SFDC, or If you haven’t, then more than likely, you have also never heard of cloud computing or cloud-based development. Well, Salesforce is the current leader in cloud computing due to their groundbreaking CRM, As you very well know, when a certain technology booms, so does job growth. Companies love the cloud because it’s usually cheaper to maintain, and nowadays, it’s a lot safer and more efficient as resources are managed elsewhere. This 24-week course introduces students to two different worlds: Core Java and Apex/Visualforce Development. Since Apex, Salesforce’s cloud-based object-oriented programming language, is very similar to Java, we begin the course with several weeks of Java training. Then, we transition to development and administration. Finally, as usual, you’ll have a Milestone Project to complete.
      Deposit$100 registration fee $900 enrollment deposit Both are non-refundable.
      Financing available through Pave.
      Tuition PlansPayment plans are available. Contact us for more details.
      Refund / Guarantee10% off tuition rate when you enroll with a friend
      Getting in
      Minimum Skill LevelBeginner
      Prep WorkYes
      Placement TestNo
    • Alexandra D. • Graduate
      Overall Experience:
      Job Assistance:

      First and foremost, I'm a recent college graduate who majored in Computer Science, hopelessly looking for a position as an entry-level software developer. Being that I am a woman, it makes it a lot harder to enter this male-dominated field.

      After perusing CourseReport, I found many great bootcamp courses, but it looked like all of them would require me to quit my current part-time job, and move half-way across the country for 12-15 weeks.

      If I had the money to do that, I would have in a heartbeat, but I needed a solution that would allow me to study remotely. Enter Coderversity...I decided to enroll in the  C# Intense Coder program and here's my feedback.


      What I LIKED:

      - Coderversity, although not quite yet as established as Dev Bootcamp, definitely offers various courses at many different study intensities. They offer group courses and a private course. I took the plunge and decided on getting the most bang for my buck by enrolling in the Intense Coder program.

      - The Intense Coder program gives ultimate flexibility in scheduling and attention. My instructor was very hands-on (sometimes a little too much), and I was allowed to ask questions at any time during the lecture. Since this was a private course, I didn't have to worry about getting drowned in a sea full of other students.

      - I was able to pay using their payment plan. Although the price was kinda steep, I didn't mind because there are many other bootcamps out there with similar price points.

      - The materials and teaching methods are darn good. I learn best by doing so CoderV seemed like the right fit.


      What I DISLIKED:

      - My instructor was too hard on me at times - especially when I slacked off and didn't finish my homework assignments. I felt like I was back in 3rd grade :).

      - Resume preparation was limited: I know that Coderversity is rather new, and even though I am impressed with their courses, I feel like they need to crank it up a notch with resume and job preparation. I asked my instructor about this and he told me that the company plans on introducing more practice in the near future.

      - The private course tuition: Did I already mention that the price was too steep? $15,000 for a private course is a WHOLE LOT OF MONEY, but in the long run, I became employable.



      I could have gone to any bootcamp, but I feel like Coderversity really focused on my needs. I was a lost student with a Computer Science degree who STILL could not get a job. Now, I have one job offer lined up, and I've got more interviews lined up.