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BoiseCodeWorks is an intensive coding bootcamp based in Boise, Idaho. BoiseCodeWorks's flagship course is a full stack, full-time 12-week immersive course. The course costs $7,800 with a curriculum built to modern industry standards so that students graduate with professional ready portfolios. The immersive focuses on key modern technologies like JavaScript, Angular, and NodeJS, ASP.NET, and Git. Students will learn database technologies like SQL and MongoDB. The immersive course also emphasizes job preparation and includes ongoing career support.

BoiseCodeWorks also offers part-time evening classes in Front End development and UX/UI Design.

While applicants don't need experience to be accepted, BoiseCodeWorks looks for students who are passionate about learning to code, have learned some basics of development, and have investigated the world of programming on their own.

Students will learn in a collaborative team environment that simulates the current industry standards. They will work with industry professionals to gain insight into real-world development environments. Students graduate prepared to offer employers competent coding skills and knowledge from day one.

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  • Immersive Full Stack Web Development

    GitHub, Front End, JavaScript, Node.js, C#, ASP.NET, Git, SQL, .NET, HTML, CSS, jQuery, MongoDB, MySQL, Scrum, Agile
    In PersonFull Time40 Hours/week13 Weeks
    Start Date November 16, 2020
    Class size20
    Our Immersive Course is a full-time experience designed for students looking to start a career in programming. Immersive students learn both front-end and back-end technologies, and work in groups under the supervision of experienced mentors to create fully functional real-world applications. By the end of our Immersive Course, students will be ready to enter the workforce with an impressive portfolio of varied projects and a strong sense of how to contribute to a team of professional developers.
    Lending partners include SkillsFund and Climb Credit. This course is also GI Bill® eligible. 
    Tuition PlansYes
    ScholarshipScholarships Available
    Getting in
    Minimum Skill LevelBeginner
    Placement TestNo
    More Start Dates
    November 16, 2020 - Boise Apply by November 09, 2020
    January 25, 2021 - Boise Apply by January 18, 2021
  • A great move
    - 3/19/2021
    Parker Burkett  User Photo
    Parker Burkett • Student • Verified via LinkedIn
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     When I decided to attend Boise CodeWorks, I had the hope that it would be a valuable way to enter a new career field and improve my ability to support myself. I had no idea that it would be such a valuable and enriching experience in and of itself. Boise CodeWorks and my cohort both created a focused and supportive learning environment like I've never experienced. Boise CodeWorks blew away my expectations. Deciding to attend has cemented itself as one of the best decisions I've ever made. 
  • Amazing Experience
    - 1/22/2021
    Ryan  User Photo
    Ryan • Graduate • Verified via LinkedIn
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     My experience at CodeWorks has been absolutely fantastic. The instructors and staff are always working to make sure you're ready to start a new career and really passionate about helping students change their lives. There is a lot of focus on soft skills and career prep in addition to the time spent learning to write code. I feel like this and the connections to the tight knit Boise tech community really set CodeWorks apart from other options. 
  • Amazing Program
    - 1/18/2021
    Miles Wilson  User Photo
    Miles Wilson • Software Engineer • Graduate • Verified via LinkedIn
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    My expectations were blown away by CodeWorks. Instructors know all of the necessary concepts to get you up to speed to become a software developer. Additionally you get to build out full stack applications, work in development teams, and receive essential career guidance along the way. By the end of the course I landed a job at my ideal workplace! I highly recommend this highly-focused, hands-on learning experience.
  • John Lund  User Photo
    John Lund • Graduate • Verified via LinkedIn
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    Job Assistance:
     I knew Boise CodeWorks was a challenging program, but I never thought that I would learn so much in such a short amount of time. The curriculum is centered on building actual full-stack applications, and the instructors/staff have a singular focus of helping the students find success. Leaving with a portfolio of real-world applications that you built each week is invaluable during the job-search. I whole-heartedly recommend Boise Codeworks to anyone looking to challenge themselves in an environment that is centered around rapid, meaningful understanding of web development. 
  • Robert Gumeny  User Photo
    Robert Gumeny • Student Verified via GitHub
    Overall Experience:
    Job Assistance:
    I had the pleasure of graduating from CodeWorks' Immersive Full Stack program recently, and it definitely exceeded my expectations. I was feeling burnt out in my previous career and was ready for a change, but was hesitant to pull the trigger. What finally sealed the deal for me was speaking with several graduates of their course. As a small, local business they are fully invested in the success of each and every student. Their curriculum is fast paced and difficult, but they give you all of the tools you need to succeed. When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, they seamlessly transitioned from a classroom environment to teaching fully online, and the level of instruction we received never wavered. One of the biggest things that sets CodeWorks apart from their competitors is their family atmosphere and career preparation. They also have tremendous professional connections throughout the Treasure Valley. If you are thinking about making a career change into the world of software development, I cannot recommend the Boise CodeWorks program enough.
  • Matt Owens  User Photo
    Matt Owens • Graduate Verified via GitHub
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    I had one unsatisfying job after another until I stopped to think about where I was and where I wanted to be. I took a hard look at the decisions I had made until then and decided I wanted some changes. After talking to a lot of people and doing a lot of looking around, I narrowed down what I wanted to do to computer programming, even though I had no experience to speak of. I was looking at a 2-year degree, a 4-year degree, or a bootcamp. After weighing my options, I decided to not have a job and do BoiseCodeWorks for 13 weeks, with financial help from loved ones. And I'm so glad I did. I don't think I could have learned as much as I did in as short a time if I hadn't gone to BoiseCodeWorks. Now, it's been 3 months and I'm ready to enter the workforce again, instead of working more dead-end jobs while putting myself through college for a few years. Even my programmer friends are amazed at how much I've learned and how many applications I've already built. Most of all, I have the confidence to continue my education alone to further my career. One thing that I've learned is that I can learn anything and it's all thanks to the wonderful staff at BCW.
  • JD Fuller  User Photo
    JD Fuller • Software Developer • Graduate • Verified via LinkedIn
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    Just for context on what I'm about to say, I have been through multiple training programs in both Civilian and Military organizations. I have completed a Bachelors and taken MBA courses through a reputable college here in Idaho. I have taken classes online and in person in multiple states and schools. 

    I can unequivocally tell you that the program at Boise CodeWorks is more valuable to your career outlook than 90% of the currently available programs on the market - traditional college included. Don't get me wrong, I am a fan of college and love to learn. I think everyone should have a wide scope of knowledge in multiple areas. I was the one in class who enjoyed taking gen eds because I love that environment. But from a purely value driven standpoint, you will leave CodeWorks with more job ready skills than you will from the majority of Associates, Bachelors, dare I say Masters programs on the educational market right now.

    The market demands tech skills and Boise CodeWorks teaches those in demand tech skills. 

    What Boise CodeWorks is able to do that no college program has the ability to do, is pivot and move with the market. The team and CodeWorks actively communicates with local employers and develops, modifies, and evolves the curriculum for every single cohort. Let me state that again in a different way, each 13-week curriculum is different than the last in improved ways because the program is adaptable, or agile, to the extent that they can take what employers need and alter their course ever so slightly to provide the most IN DEMAND skills. 

    This is how education is changing. BCW is at the forefront of the new education model. 

    It's not all butterflies and rainbows. Boise CodeWorks is hard. It's very hard. But, that's exactly why it's worth it. Students develop and build projects from day one and they never stop.

    I have read reviews and watched YouTube videos for hours about CS Degrees VS Bootcamps VS Self taught programming when I was considering a full time intensive program like CodeWorks. I reached out to former students, read blogs, read reviews, and consumed more data than most. I have done the homework for myself and at the end of the day, I trusted the team at Boise CodeWorks. 

    I'm glad I did. 

    I started the program as a hobby enthusiast of technology with a desire to learn and zero hard skills with programming. 

    Now, I'm a software developer. Is there still more to learn, absolutely. Will I continue taking more classes, you bet. Do you leave the program knowing everything, absolutely not.

    What you will leave with is a repository of projects completed, a skill set and fundamental knowledge of software development at the professional level. I think it's key to distinguish between professional grade software and hobby coder. BCW teaches you how to program in a professional environment with real code reviews, peer coding, agile project management, real frameworks, and a highly relevant curriculum. 

    While it may sound like I'm drinking the BCW kool-aid, it's important to know that I do have one major problem with the course --- It was only 13-weeks long. I would gladly have stuck around for another 13-weeks to continue the upward learning curve.

    I'm really only hitting the tip of the iceberg with Boise CodeWorks. I haven't even mentioned the staff or all of the amazing things they do. 

    So, feel free to connect if you have specific questions, comments or concerns - I would be more than happy to answer any questions you might have for as long as needed. It's an important decision and you owe it to yourself to do your due diligence.





    Also, for added context, below is my Boise CodeWorks review on Google. 

    For those considering enrolling in Boise CodeWorks, please read below.
    Do it.

    It will be one of the best life decisions you ever make. Trust me.

    If you're on the fence about making the jump - do it. 

    If you're tired of trying to learn how to program on the side or on your own and you don't feel like you're making any progress - do it. 

    If you're tired of working at a job where you're unhappy and not being engaged and you want to be a professional developer - do it. 

    If you see all of the opportunities to work in an exciting career field with creative individuals and next level technology but you don't have a way to get your foot in the door - do it.

    If you love creating and being fulfilled with challenging tasks and learning new things - do it. 

    If you want a job skills to get a job TODAY - do it. 

    If you are trying to figure out your career path or life and unable to focus without a mentor or guidance, but college is not an option - do it.

    If you're worried about getting a job after graduation - do it.

    If you feel like you can only get so far on coding courses online or from a book and you hit a wall that prevents you from making a career jump - DO IT!

    I sat where you are, I've thought what you're thinking, and I know the doubts you have. Trust me, you will not regret the decision to join Boise CodeWorks. You will build and build and build from day one at CodeWorks. Your knowledge will increase and your confidence will grow until you realize at graduation day - you are a software developer. 

    I made the jump and hold my time and certificate at Boise CodeWorks as more valuable than my bachelors degree. 

    You will learn more about software development and have more hands on experience than 90% of the computer science graduates in the university.

    You will be taught how to think differently, work differently, and program at a professional level. 

    And, just a word of warning. This is not an easy program, but it's worth every single struggle. 

    You will get support from every member of the team from day one and after. 

    You will get support from past alumni. 

    You will get support from the every growing Boise CodeWorks family from the day you start and every day after. 

    Take my advice and do it.

    If you have doubts, concerns, or questions, just reach out
  • Best decision ever!
    - 11/14/2019
    Katrina Fuller  User Photo
    Katrina Fuller • Graduate • Verified via LinkedIn
    Overall Experience:
    Job Assistance:

    Going to Boise CodeWorks has by far been one of the best choices I have ever made. Before going here I was teaching myself how to code on freeCodeCamp after work and on the weekends. After about 8 months, I felt that coding is something I am super passionate about and needed to find a school to really help teach me what I need to know to get into this field. This school does such a great job of teaching and helping you understand the concepts in such a short amount of time. It does get stressful but they know how to keep learning fun. The projects they have you make are really cool and great for putting on your portfolio. I am happy to have graduated, sad to be leaving the school, and excited to be starting my career! I would absolutely recommend Boise CodeWorks to anyone looking to become a developer!

  • Catherine Buergel  User Photo
    Catherine Buergel • Software Developer • Graduate • Verified via LinkedIn
    Overall Experience:
    Job Assistance:

    TLDR; Going to Boise Codeworks was the best decision of my life. The staff is amazing, fun, and knowledgeable. They help you with your job search. The curriculum prepared me for my job. I love my new career.


    Attending Boise Codeworks was hands down the most (and best) life changing decision I ever made. When I decided to attend a coding bootcamp I had been studying on my own at home (nights and weekends) for several months. I had hit a wall and knew I was struggling to move forward without instruction or more time to dedicate to coding. I interviewed with several Bootcamps in my home city, and it became evident pretty quick that they were diploma mills. They made me promises that were out of their control, like guaranteeing success and job placement – this seemed like a red flag to me because they had no idea what I would be like as a student or if I would be good at coding. I started to look outside of my state, and I found Boise Codeworks online. I called and spoke with Brittany, and I am so glad that I did. She was amazing; she asked smart questions to gauge my skill level, she answered every question I had, she explained the curriculum, and she never made a promise she couldn’t keep. Instead, she promised that they would do everything they could to support my success and assist in job placement, but that it would ultimately be up to me to not give up. In addition to loving the curriculum and how the class was structured, I also loved the honesty and integrity that I felt coming from Brittany when we spoke.


    When I actually arrived to take the course, I was terrified, but the fear faded within the first few weeks. Bootcamps are hard; they take a lot of dedication and patience while you learn how to code, and going into it can be intimidating. However, my fear was quickly replaced by excitement as I progressed through the course. The instructors are amazing. Mark, Darryl, and Jake all have a gift for teaching. They’ve mastered the ability to create a learning environment that is incredibly effective while maintaining a sense of joy and humor at the same time. They have seemingly unlimited patience (as well as extensive knowledge); I asked each of them questions on topics that I just couldn’t quite wrap my head around, and they continually found new ways of explaining it until I could grasp it without ever showing any sign of impatience.


    As a student, I also knew that my voice was heard and that I would be respected – not only by the staff, but by other students as well. Zach did an amazing job playing the role of student advocate (among many other roles, like scrum master). He had an open-door policy and made it clear that we had a right to a respectful learning environment and he would ensure that any concerns or complaints were addressed and rules enforced.


    The curriculum is also taught in a very logical order, starting with frontend basics, then incorporating frameworks, and eventually learning backend skills. We covered HTML, Bootstrap, CSS, JavaScript, Vue, C#, .Net, Node, important design patterns, discussed architecture, learned how to think about data relationships, and so much more. There is so much to learn in the world of software development that it’s impossible to learn everything; but what they choose to teach is carefully thought out, as each of these technologies provides a stable foundation for continuing our learning when we leave. I can confirm that everything I learned has helped me immensely in my first position as a software developer.


    Speaking of when it comes to an end: they prepare you for it. The staff takes the time to prepare you for the interview process in a holistic manner. You get practice doing whiteboard challenges; you have an opportunity to practice answering behavioral questions and technical questions; Brittany even gives you advice on building your resume, linkedin profile, and how to network. And once class officially ends, they continue to help you network and find your fit in your first new position. They definitely helped me find my first position, for which I am grateful.


    Boise Codeworks is more than a bootcamp, it’s a community. I found myself excited to go to class every day and I was actually sad when it was over. I’m so extremely grateful to the staff for all of the dedication they put in to structuring and teaching their course; every single one of them truly does want to see their students succeed.


    If you’re looking to change your career into software development through the route of a bootcamp, I have two pieces of advice for you: 1) Study before you attend. Make sure you like coding before you commit to it, because if you don’t love it you will struggle.  Learn some basics before you start your class because I promise you will get twice as much out of it than if you go in knowing nothing.  And 2) call Brittany at Boise Codeworks and schedule a tour. You won’t regret it.

  • Caleb Sherfick  User Photo
    Caleb Sherfick • Software Engineer • Graduate Verified via LinkedIn
    Overall Experience:
    Job Assistance:

    The services CodeWorks provides are life changing. Not only did I learn a lot from the program, I also had an amazing time making memories with my classmates as well as the staff. Every day is a blast and the staff is knowledgeable and will help you work through roadblocks, increasing the rate at which you are able to learn. After graduation the staff still works hard for you. This proves they actually care about you and your success; at CodeWorks, you are NOT just a number. CodeWorks is one of the greatest influences in my life today, and I cannot express how grateful I am to have been given the opportunity to get into a career path I enjoy and start living a life I’ve always dreamed and knew I was capable of. I highly recommend you do anything and everything it takes to make enrolling in CodeWorks possible. If you take my advice, you’ll be thanking yourself in 13 weeks.

  • Immersive CodeCamp
    - 10/24/2018
    Caitlin Brooks  User Photo
    Caitlin Brooks • Full Stack Developer • Graduate Verified via LinkedIn
    Overall Experience:
    Job Assistance:

    Attending the immersive course at Boise CodeWorks was one of the better investments in my career that I have ever made. Each instructor is interested and commited to the success of every student that is willing to put in the work. The effort that goes into teaching the material is equal to the effort of career prep and finding a new role for us to work in after our graduation. I highly recommend anyone who is interested to take the plunge and invest in attending Boise CodeWorks.

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Graduation Rate
Median Salary

Of the students who enroll at BoiseCodeWorks, 85% graduated. 100% of graduates were job-seeking and 76% of job-seeking graduates found in-field employment after 180 days and report a median income of $47,500. Below is the 180 Day Employment Breakdown for 88 graduates included in this report:

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