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Find a Job and Earn Your Degree With Sabio and Alliant International University

By Jess Feldman
Last updated on May 24, 2021

Alliant International University recently partnered with Sabio to create a program that allows students to earn a degree in Information Systems and Technology within three years! Sabio offers a 10-month, full stack curriculum that will prepare students for today’s tech workforce, plus Sabio supplies the job support students need to successfully land their first developer role within a year of starting their studies. Learn more about the benefits of a bootcamp integrated into a 3-year bachelor’s program at a university, the ideal student for this program, and the kinds of tech jobs students are prepared for!

Tell us about Alliant International University! What is Alliant International University’s mission?

Alliant is a private university accredited by the WASC Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC), which offers programs in psychology, education, business management, forensic studies, and law. Alliant's mission is to prepare students for professional careers of service and leadership and to promote the discovery and application of knowledge to improve the lives of people in diverse cultures and communities around the world.

What does this new partnership between Alliant University and Sabio look like?

Sabio’s coursework has now become embedded in Alliant University’s undergraduate program. It’s like a concentration in software development inside of a Bachelor’s of Science in Information Systems. The Sabio coursework takes about 10 months to complete. Students are considered full-time and receive about 20 hours of credit.

Alliant International University offers in-person learning locations in the major metro areas of California, and there are online options for students outside of these areas. Cohort size will vary by location, between 8 and 25 students.

What makes this program better than just doing a 4-year degree or a coding bootcamp?

If you haven’t already gotten an associate’s or bachelor’s, this is really the best of both worlds for career advancement. You get the exact technical skills that are in demand, as well as a degree that allows you to experience significant career advancement.

Who is this program designed for?

This program is more appropriate for a younger person, maybe someone who has taken a year of community college or no college at all. This is an opportunity for them to get highly specialized training while earning their degree. The innovative curriculum for the bachelor’s degree can be completed in 3 years, plus they learn the skills needed for employment early on in their studies. This allows them to start the job search at the beginning of their degree instead of waiting until they graduate. After completing the Sabio portion of the course, these students will be able to start working or land paid internships while they easily get their Bachelor’s of Science within one or two years.

For those individuals who already have their bachelor’s, this program may not be the best fit. For those individuals, the more traditional coding bootcamp like what we offer at Sabio is a better fit. 

Why was it important to offer college credit in this program?

Having the technical skills that you learn at a bootcamp is important, but there are still a lot of benefits that come with securing a college degree. Until now, students often felt torn between choosing college or a coding bootcamp. Now students can have the best of both worlds within one program

What will students learn in the program? Is the curriculum the same as Sabio’s immersive?

The curriculum is exactly the same as our Sabio bootcamp, except that it’s been vetted by Alliant University’s undergraduate program. We have to split the curriculum into 5 different courses based on the material we have to cover and the competencies we want students to have. We begin with courses for CSS, HTML, and JavaScript, and then we take students through the full stack. The last two courses are an academia practicum where they do a large project to give the sort of a portfolio. This is why the Alliant bootcamp takes longer to complete than a 3-month, accelerated coding bootcamp. 

Are the instructors for this program from Sabio?

We will assign a senior instructor from Sabio to each cohort. The classes will be taught jointly and in collaboration with Alliant professors.

What is the application process?

Anyone applying for this program will need to enroll as a new student at Alliant University. Applicants should head to our website and complete an online form, and afterwards, there is an admissions consultation. We are happy to help anyone with a military transcript figure out how many credits they can transfer in. If someone took a couple of classes at a community college, we’ll also help them understand how many credits they can bring in and what their pathway through the degree program will look like. 

Do you need to know how to code to apply for this program?

You don’t need any coding experience to be in the program. Since this is a 10-month program, we cover everything in the curriculum. Our students will start with a coding intro into HTML and CSS.

Will there be scholarships or special financial aid available for this program?

There are several scholarships, such as Sabio’s Women in Tech Scholarship, as well as FAFSA, Pell Grants, and the G.I. BIll.

Any time you create a program that allows state and federal aid, you’re going to make it more accessible. By making this program available both online and in-person, we are giving people more options to find a solution that works for them, which once again, increases accessibility. We definitely anticipate that these programs will be diverse in their attendance.

Are career services or job placement included?

Our Sabio team will be leading career services for our students. At Sabio, we have monthly webinars with big tech companies, like Microsoft, Google, and Twilio and we put our students in direct contact with their hiring managers. We also give students assistance throughout the process of applying to various programs, such as the Microsoft LEAP program, Twitter’s summer internship program, Pinterest’s apprenticeship program, and the veterans apprenticeship program at AWS. We will be giving our Alliant University students access to all of those networks and resources.

What kind of jobs or positions will graduates of this program be eligible for?

When someone completes the 10 months of coursework, they will be ready for tech roles as a full stack web developer, software developer, React engineer, or back end engineer.

The wonderful thing about being a software engineer is that you can always be coding and building projects even when applying for a job. That way when an interviewer asks about what you’re working on lately, you have to have something exciting and compelling to talk about. The hallmark of an awesome engineer is someone who’s always creating. 

Find out more and read Sabio reviews on Course Report. This article was produced by the Course Report team in partnership with Sabio and Alliant International University.

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