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Last updated on July 12, 2023

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Careerist and Test Pro are both online tech bootcamps that teach QA Testing and aim to help career changers land their first tech role. The two schools have also both been awarded as a Course Report Best QA Testing Bootcamp of 2023. So how do you choose between these two remote bootcamps? From bootcamp cost to curriculum to learning styles and time commitment, we’re breaking down the differences (and similarities!) between Careerist and Test Pro. Plus, find out what actual Test Pro and Careerist alumni have to say about their experiences!

Careerist vs Test Pro: What You Need to Know

  • Careerist and Test Pro both offer Manual QA and QA Automation bootcamps. Careerist also teaches other technical skills like UX Design. Careerist focuses on Python while Test Pro teaches Java.
  • Careerist and Test Pro are both fully online, part-time with flexible learning styles.
  • Both Test Pro and Careerist students have access to career services. Careerist includes an internship component for some of its bootcamps. 
  • Test Pro tuition is more affordable than Careerist. Both Test Pro and Careerist offers money-back guarantees.
  • Both Test Pro and Careerist teach technical skills that can lead to a six-figure career in tech. 


Test Pro


$6,500 – $11,500

$3,500 – $4,999

Time Commitment

7-24 weeks long

Expect to study 6-10 hours per week

9-19 weeks long

Expect to study at least 7 hours per week

Skills Taught

Manual QA, QA Automation, Sales Engineering, Systems Engineering, UX Design 

Manual QA, QA Automation

Programming Language Taught

Python (in the QA Automation Bootcamp)

Java (in the QA Test Automation Engineer Bootcamp)


Yes (for some bootcamps)

No (but there are real world projects within the bootcamp)

Careerist vs Test Pro: Curriculum Comparison

The curricula of Test Pro and Careerist have been designed with tech beginners in mind. Test Pro bootcamps focus on Quality Assurance – a Software QA Bootcamp and a QA Test Automation Engineer/SDET Bootcamp. Careerist teaches bootcamps in Manual QA and QA Automation, but also offers technical training in Sales Engineering, Systems Engineering, and UX Design. 

For Beginners: Manual QA

Both Careerist’s Manual QA Bootcamp and Test Pro’s Software QA Bootcamp are focused on helping total tech beginners get the foundational knowledge and tools (such as Jira, mobile and web testing, bug reporting) they need to launch manual QA tester jobs. Neither of these manual QA bootcamps will teach you how to program or code, but that’s not necessary for a job in QA. 

Next Level: QA Automation

Test Pro’s QA Test Automation Engineer Bootcamp and Careerist’s QA Automation Bootcamp are longer bootcamps that go deeper into more complex technical concepts. Students in these QA Automation bootcamps will learn how to code — Test Pro students will learn Java; Careerist students will learn Python. The curriculum of the QA Automation bootcamps at Test Pro and Careerist are also perfect for beginners, as they start with manual QA skills and move up to QA automation skills. Both Careerist and Test Pro are preparing their QA automation bootcamp students for SDET roles. 

Our Takeaway: The curriculum for the QA testing bootcamps at Careerist and Test Pro are similar. The main difference is that Careerist’s QA Automation students will learn Python and Test Pro’s QA Automation students will learn Java. 

Careerist Cost vs Test Pro Cost

For students who cannot pay for the courses upfront, Careerist and Test Pro offer payment plans. 

The benefit of paying tuition upfront at Careerist is that students are then eligible for the 100% money-back guarantee: If a student doesn't get hired in 12 months of starting the course, Careerist will refund your tuition! 

Careerist Tuition:

  • The cost of a Careerist UX Design track is $6,500.
  • The cost of a Careerist track in Manual QA, QA Automation, Sales Engineering, Systems Engineering is $7,000. 
  • The cost of a Careerist QA Bundle (which includes Manual QA, QA Automation, Python, SQL programs, and Job Application Service) is $11,500. 

Careerist financing options include:  

  • UX Design: Pay $3,250 upfront with a 100% money-back guarantee or finance $4,225. 
  • Manual QA, QA Automation, Sales Engineering, Systems Engineering: Pay $3,500 upfront with a 100% money-back guarantee or finance $4,550. 
  • QA Bundle: Pay $5,750 upfront with a 100% money-back guarantee or finance $7,475. 

Test Pro Tuition: 

  • The Software QA Bootcamp costs $3,500.
  • The QA Test Automation Engineer/SDET Bootcamp costs $4,999.

Test Pro also offers a money-back guarantee as well as financing that can cover up to 100% of tuition. Plus, Course Report is proud to offer exclusive $200 scholarships for Test Pro applicants!

Our Takeaway: Both Test Pro and Careerist offer money-back guarantees. If you need a lower price point, you may want to go with Test Pro. 

Time Commitment

Both Careerist and Test Pro expect a part-time commitment so students can fit in studying around work and other life commitments. 

Careerist bootcamps vary in their duration (7-24 weeks), but regardless of the length, the weekly commitment to each bootcamp is 6-10 hours. Classes are held online for 2-hour live sessions three times a week.

The bootcamps at Test Pro require 9-19 weeks to learn QA, and recommends students dedicate at least an hour every day to their studies. Similar to Careerist, Test Pro hosts live class sessions three times a week, but students who can’t make class can watch the recording.

Our Takeaway: Both Careerist and Test Pro offer live instruction, but thanks to recorded lectures, Test Pro is a good option for anyone who isn’t able to commit to live class instruction three times a week. 

Learning Style & Support at Careerist vs Test Pro

Careerist and Test Pro deliver their programs similarly. They both offer:

  • Live online lectures (conveniently scheduled in the evening and on Saturdays)
  • Self-paced learning opportunities (assignments, quizzes)
  • Mentorship from skilled technical professionals
  • Project-based learning that incorporates real world scenarios
  • Dedicated careers curriculum with job support

Careerist includes an internship within their QA Automation, Sales Engineering, Systems Engineering, and UX Design bootcamps. This internship module is meant to help students gain confidence in their new tech skills — some bootcamp students will work with partner companies and other students will work on internal projects.

To help students gain real world experience, TestPro offers students the opportunity to work on real world projects. These are either commercial projects or open source projects. Test Pro also offers a work environment simulator that can be taken right after the students finalize any of our courses. This simulator experience is covered in the bootcamp tuition!

Our Takeaway: Careerist and Test Pro both have flexible teaching styles. Careerist’s internship component for its longer bootcamps may be a good fit for anyone looking to try out their new skillset before officially launching their tech career. 

What Alumni Have to Say About Test Pro and Careerist…

In this Course Report review, Shreyans reports that the Manual QA bootcamp at Careerist was “well-organized, simple to follow, and the instructor was knowledgeable and interesting. There were changes for discussion and feedback from mentors. Anyone trying to further their career should definitely check out Careerist.” 

Bryan shared in a Course Report review: “If you are looking to break into tech, Careerist is the place to go. The Manual QA bootcamp was challenging but informative and rewarding. I landed a job quickly with the tools from the program and received support from Careerist mentors and my peers learning alongside me.”

Guzal made a career change into QA Testing through Test Pro. She loved working on real-world projects on a flexible schedule with Test Pro. “The investment was totally worth it — my salary since graduating from Test Pro has definitely increased. Plus, Test Pro lets alumni retake classes for free to refresh their skills!”

Bek completed Test Pro’s SDET bootcamp, and says in their Course Report review: “Bootcamp was fun and performance was on top level, very knowledgeable staff, great platform, up-to-date software tutorials, great level of confidence upon graduating. Family-like community even after class completion.” 

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