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Harry Hantel

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Last updated on July 22, 2021

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While coding bootcamps can produce stellar developers, Product Management is another integral part of a company's technical team. It’s an organizational function that entails a combination of marketing, development, and analysis. The ability to get into the nitty-gritty of coding is obviously a powerful skill, but product management ensures that the code is maximizing the effectiveness of that power and thus, maximizing profit. These product management bootcamps can turn you into an effective product manager by teaching you skills to contribute meaningfully to the big decisions that guide the lifecycle of a product.

1. Brainstation

Why: Brainstation offers a part-time product management course that meets during the evening once a week for 12 weeks. The course covers product design fundamentals like prototyping, Minimum Viable Product (MVP), market analysis training, and efficient roadmapping to find the best way to build your product. The program combines in-person learning with online content and small class sizes ensure that no one gets lost.

Location: Toronto, ON
Program Length: 10 weeks or 5 weeks (part-time); 1-week (full-time)
Cost: $2,900

2. General Assembly

Why: Long one of the leaders in the programming space, General Assembly also offers an intensive product management immersive at certain locations. The program promises the chance to learn from professional product managers. The course covers user-centered design, the finer points of leading and communicating with a team, and the chance to build a significant portfolio so that the significant amounts of job preparation and career support will be put to good use.

Location: Los Angeles, CA; San Francisco, CA; New York, NY; Washington DC; and more.
Program Length: 10 weeks (part-time)
Cost: $3,950

3. Product School

Why: Product School is a program entirely focused on product management. They have specific courses for engineers and MBAs seeking to learn the finer points of product management. Instructors are working professionals, and the classes have flexible schedules so students won’t have to quit their jobs. The program covers the most important parts of UX Design and Online Marketing as well as the soft skills that make a great product manager.

Location: San Francisco, CA
Program Length: 8 weeks (part-time)
Cost: $3,995 (Product Management) or $8995 (Product Management + Coding + Data Science)

4. ThoughtKite

Why: ThoughtKite is intended for entrepreneurial individuals who wish to learn how to take their ideas and turn them into real products. Expertise is built through extensive prototyping and immersion in the culture of entrepreneurship. The program has different “streams” for iOS product development, lean product growth, and product design. The iOS stream is the only full-time option over 12 weeks. The curriculum is broken into easily digestible modules. Students will also enjoy the extensive meetups and events that ThoughtKite hosts at their coworking space in Toronto.

Location: Toronto, ON
Program Length: 12 weeks (part-time)
Cost: $6000 (iOS) $2000 (others)

5. Product Faculty

Why: Product Faculty offers a part-time 8-week course in product management in Toronto, Canada. The course covers both basic and advanced product management content including PM Foundations, product strategy, roadmaps, agile methods, business, data, and UX skills. 

Location: Toronto, ON
Program Length: 7 weeks (part-time)
Cost: $2,950

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