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Ruby on the Beach offers an 8 to 10-week, hybrid online full stack coding bootcamp in rotating tropical locations – past programs have included Bali, Ecuador and Thailand. Ruby on the Beach teaches JavaScript and Ruby development skills through one-on-one cloud-based learning and in-person team hacking focused on projects that maximize portfolio and professional development. The guiding principles of the course include individual accountability (everyone is accountable for their own learning), promotive interaction (helping others), social skills (leadership/communication), and group processing (working together). Courses are kept small with high instructor ratios to allow more time spent exploring new ideas and getting guidance towards student goals.

The initial skills phase of the Ruby on the Beach course has an online, flexible schedule that adapts to students’ real-world life demands and schedules. Once students finish the curriculum and are completely confident, they proceed to the on-location bootcamp – past locations have included Bali, Ecuador and Thailand – for a concentrated month of hackathons and projects with full instructor support.

Ruby on the Beach believes that students learn best when they're relaxed. The course curriculum is broken into core material and enrichment and encourages frequent breaks to encourage retention. Ruby on the Beach offers courses in a self-paced format to meet skill levels from newbie to advanced. Because programs take place outside of North America, students must have passports and travel documents to participate. Students also have the opportunity to pay as they go and Ruby on the Beach aims to keep tuition cost flexible and economical.

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    • Cloud Camp

      Design, MongoDB, Rails, Ruby
      OnlineFull Time12 Hours/week8 Weeks
      Start Date Rolling Start Date
      Class size12
      LocationBali, Pacific Coast, Ecuador
      This is a course offering online, cloud-based, one-one-one learning with senior devs. It's meant to be entirely customizable, based on our proven curriculum: students are free to expand the hours and direction of the instruction in this course, as preparation for the bootcamp section that follows. You move through the course at your own rate; if you have existing code experience, or none whatever, you can customize the length, time spent, and any additional material covered or expanded on, as you go. This course can be taken on its own, and students do not have to commit to full completion; it can act as a preparatory course if needed. Completing the full curriculum (approximately 100 units, typically taking 40 hours instructor time, spread over 3-7 weeks) qualifies the student for the following bootcamp. This course has a rolling start, but students may be paired with other students at varying levels to work on projects, and refine skills.
      Pay as you go, biweekly
      Refund / Guaranteenone
      Getting in
      Minimum Skill Levelnone
      Prep Worknone
      Placement TestNo
    • Project Camp

      Design, MongoDB, MySQL, Rails, Ruby
      In PersonFull Time50 Hours/week4 Weeks
      Start Date None scheduled
      Class size12
      LocationPacific Coast, Ecuador, Bali
      This is a followup course: our Cloud Camp course is a prerequisite. Students enter this course with a full suite of coding skills from the Cloud Camp, which they customize to their needs and skill and experience levels. The Project Camp is 100% project focused, with students in teams on day one and building great collaborative projects. During the course, teams are formed and complete projects. As they do so, they are mentored by in person, senior devs. Teams crash-test each others work. Projects provide APIs for other projects, and iteration, continuous improvement and frequent releases are emphasised, to as completely as possible recreate the pressures and fun of active, vibrant coding teams and studios. Whenever instruction (as opposed to mentoring) is needed, any student can book instructor time, in person or via the same collaboration tools as our Cloud Camp to remote devs. There is a base cost to the bootcamp, with assigned mentoring time that will ensure core development needs are met. You and your team determine how much more contact time is needed, and are only billed for what you use, as with our Cloud Camp. This course is scheduled on a periodic basis: students from the Cloud Camp will be assigned to an upcoming Project Camp, based on their projected Cloud Camp completion date, so scheduling can be completely flexible.
      Pay as you go, weekly
      Refund / Guaranteeno
      ScholarshipMay be available – see Course Report Scholarship listings.
      Getting in
      Minimum Skill LevelRequires Cloud Camp completion (see our Course Listings)
      Prep WorkCloud Camp: standard Ruby on the Beach curriculum
      Placement TestNo

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    • $500 Ruby On The Beach Scholarship

      Course Report is excited to offer an exclusive Ruby On The Beach scholarship for $500 off tuition!


      No eligibility restrictions.

      Qualifying Courses

      • Project Camp (Bali)
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