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Pivot Technology School offers 20-week, live online Data Analytics, Web Development, and Cybersecurity bootcamps. By providing cutting edge, comprehensive technology training, Pivot Technology School’s mission is to empower minorities to take advantage of a changing work landscape. These bootcamps are designed to fit into the schedules of current working professionals. Bootcamp students receive access to instruction through Google classroom and will interact with o...

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  • Deondra Moore
    Student • Web Development • Nashville
    Feb 02, 2021
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    Pivoting in A Pandemic

    Pivot Technology School completely exceeds all of your expectations. With live classes being held virtually with amazing instructors and a great curriculum, I learned JavaScript, CSS, HTML and REACT. I also got the opportunity to put what I’ve learned to work in group projects and live websites. Also you get assistance with resume building and job seeking. Going to PTS was one of the best decisions I ever made. 

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Jess Feldman
Published July 29, 2021
Course Report · Course Report Coding Bootcamp News Roundup - July 2021 This July, we’re reporting on one huge ($850M!) bootcamp acquisition and $35 million in bootcamp fundraises. Two higher ed experts opined about both sides of the debate around expanding federal funding like Pell grants to short-term programs like bootcamps. We’re also covering what bootcamps need to do beyond just tea...
Jess Feldman
Published April 01, 2021
Course Report · Course Report Coding Bootcamp News Roundup - March 2021 We’re wrapping up March, which is Women’s History Month, so it’s only appropriate to share media coverage about the women-in-tech initiatives and scholarships at coding bootcamps. Over at the Course Report office, we published our Alumni Outcomes & Demographics Report in March and it offered key insights into how...
Lauren Stewart
Published January 19, 2018
Most high-salary industries need more diverse workers, and tech is no exception. The conversation about diversity in tech usually focuses on gender, diversity encompasses racial, socioeconomic, cognitive, and experiential differences. Think pieces and diversity reports show large tech companies admitting they have a problem and beginning to address the diversity in tech crisis, but can the ...

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Is Pivot Technology School worth it?
Is Pivot Technology School legit?
Does Pivot Technology School offer scholarships or accept the GI Bill?
Can I read Pivot Technology School reviews?
Is Pivot Technology School accredited?

How much does Pivot Technology School cost?

Pivot Technology School costs around $6,500.

What courses does Pivot Technology School teach?

Pivot Technology School offers courses like Data Analytics, Web Development.

Where does Pivot Technology School have campuses?

Pivot Technology School has an in-person campus in Nashville.

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Is Pivot Technology School worth it?
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Recent Pivot Technology School News

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