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Level Effect is a premier training provider of cyber security courses that offers a 13-week, part-time, live online Cyber Defense Analyst bootcamp. Using the Foundry cyber learning platform, students engage in a hands-on immersive environment to learn, practice, and master the necessary skills and tradecraft to both attack and defend networks. The members and instructors of Level Effect come from deep technical backgrounds within the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) to include the National Security Agency (NSA). Level Effect’s courses are designed to be highly technical and hands-on by going beyond conceptual exposure of topics and focusing on solving real-world challenges and problems faced by organizations every day.

The Cyber Defense Analyst (CDA) bootcamp ensures that students go beyond comprehension and a fundamental ability to use cyber tools, in order to master the analytical and complex scenarios facing organizations every day as they battle evolving and advanced adversaries. Students will be challenged throughout the course, which culminates with the Cyber Defense Certified Professional Capstone where students skills will be tested. In this bootcamp, students will validate their skills and ability to perform on the job with real systems, networks, data, and challenges. Students will learn Windows, Linux, Networking, Forensics, Malware Analysis, Threat Hunting, Threat Intelligence, Hacking, Network Defense, Incident Response, Security Operations, and PowerShell. The CDA bootcamp curriculum provides the necessary knowledge and skills required for certification completion in: Cybersecurity, Networking, Windows Enterprise Networks, Advanced Windows OS, Security Operations, Linux OS, Adversary Tactics, Network and Computer Forensics, Memory and Malware Analysis, Threat Hunting, and Cloud Security. Students should be prepared to dedicate 15 hours a week to the bootcamp, and class is held Monday through Friday from 7PM-9PM CST.  

Level Effect Cyber Defense Analyst bootcamp is designed for those interested in entering the cybersecurity field, IT personnel who need to know how to defend networks from attack, and manager and operations personnel who require a deeper technical understanding of Cyber Defense. Bootcamp students will have the opportunity to earn a Cyber Defense Certified Professional (CDCP) certificate.

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  • Cyber Defense Analyst

    Linux, Networking
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    The Cyber Defense Analyst bootcamp curriculum covers cybersecurity, networking, and networking communications. Bootcamp students will learn about the services and protocols of Windows enterprise networks, including how to manage, configure, and harden roles and policies against network attack. Students will learn advanced Linux OS, Windows OS, security operations, and SIEM. Bootcamp students are taught how to utilize the intelligence analysis process used by the U.S. Intelligence community. Students learn adversary tactics, threat hunting, network and computer forensics, memory, malware analysis, and cloud security. In the bootcamp’s final week, students will take on the role of a Cyber Defense Analyst for a professional capstone project. This bootcamp is taught live online, and classes happen Monday through Thursday from 7PM - 9PM CT. Bootcamp students will have the opportunity to earn a Cyber Defense Certified Professional (CDCP) certificate.
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    Minimum Skill LevelThe bootcamp is designed for those interested in entering the cybersecurity field, IT personnel who need to know how to defend networks from attack, and manager and operations personnel who require a deeper technical understanding of Cyber Defense.
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    Network Fundamentals, Network Hardening, Defense in Depth, OSINT, Malware Identification,  Identifiers of Network Compromise, and Cyber Security concepts. This is what encompassed the course and allowed for some excellent training. This is not a certification bootcamp but more of a job training course which allows you to test for the CDA certification. So the concepts taught are all based on real world incidents and it shows you how to handle them as a member of a security team. Even with no It background this course will give you a solid understanding of what you need to do to be a Cyber Security Analyst / Consultant. Now you would still need to continue your studying and implementation of IT concepts but this is a great start to a job and career in cyber security. Course is broken down into learning modules that utilize video learning, individual hands on exercises ( through VMs of windows and linux ) and also group exercises which have you work as a team to solve issues.
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    - 7/31/2020
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    Keep in mind I am leaving this review as a current Student who has not yet completed the course. I am enrolled in the first ever Level Effect course being taught by the Owners of Level Effect. The instructors not only know the craft at an extremely advanced level, but they teach it very well. I have 0 Cyber Security experience. The only knowledge I have is from 1 networking class I had taken in college, and from reading the security + study guide. I came into this class very nervous not knowing what to expect. And it definitely was very frustrating very fast when very high level concepts are being discussed that I do not understand. It definitely can be enough to make a person want to give up. Cyber Security is not something easy to get into in life, but nothings really easy in life. I stuck through it and after getting through all the mud I have been shown how to find malware. Its only been a month in this class and I have already gained so much information in this class. We are getting into topics that I did not expect to get into until the end of the course. Only makes me excited for whats to come. I've had bad experiences with schools and similar boot camps because not only do they not teach the material very well, they speed through it at the speed of light. Level Effect instructors literally go above and beyond to teach you the information like a teacher should. You could ask the dumbest question and they will go into the most in depth explanation about it to make sure that you understand it. They go above and beyond to make sure the information they are teaching is being received and makes sense. Not only that they definitely show that they care about your success. The instructors are already helping me make my resume to start applying to jobs. Level Effect has promised me that if I am able to pass their certification exam, it proves that I am capable to defend an enterprises network. And having a skill like that is more than enough to help me get my foot in the door to get a job interview. However anything can definitely happen and for all I know maybe I am truly not good enough to pass the final. However The instructors definitely help motivate me to make me think I can do it. Once I have completed this course I will leave a review as to if my thoughts and feelings to this course remain the same. But from the one month I have been in this course, I am glad this was the bootcamp I had decided to take, and it is every bit worth the money.