i2 Labs Academy is closed

This school is now closed. Although i2 Labs Academy is no longer accepting students or running its program, you can still see historical information and i2 Labs Academy alumni reviews on the school page.


i2 Labs Academy

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i2 Labs Academy offers a full-time 20-week cybersecurity bootcamp and a full-time 12-week web development bootcamp in Miami, FL. i2 Labs Academy is an initiative of Incite Innovation Labs (i2 Labs). With lectures, labs, practical application, and experiential learning, students will be immersed in an intensive learning environment. Students will glean real-world knowledge and experience from industry and education leaders by being provided hands-on training, in-dep...

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  • Shlomo
    Jul 18, 2019
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    A closed business. You will waste your time trying to go there. You can call the main building first in order to verify this information. They are out of business. ​The website is still operating but they are closed.


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Imogen Crispe
Updated March 01, 2017
Here’s what we found ourselves reading and discussing in the Course Report office in February 2017! We found out the three most in-demand programming languages, we read about how coding could be the new blue collar job, and looked at how new schools are tweaking the bootcamp model to fit their communities. Plus, we hear about a cool app for NBA fans built by coding bootcamp graduates! Read below or listen to our latest Coding Bootcamp News Roundup Podcast. General News Coding ...

Frequently Asked Questions

Is i2 Labs Academy worth it?
Is i2 Labs Academy legit?
Does i2 Labs Academy offer scholarships or accept the GI Bill?
Can I read i2 Labs Academy reviews?
Is i2 Labs Academy accredited?

How much does i2 Labs Academy cost?

i2 Labs Academy costs around $20,000. On the lower end, some i2 Labs Academy courses like Web Development Bootcamp cost $12,000.

What courses does i2 Labs Academy teach?

i2 Labs Academy offers courses like Cybersecurity Bootcamp, Cybersecurity Bootcamp Part-Time, Web Development Bootcamp, Web Development Bootcamp Part -Time.

Where does i2 Labs Academy have campuses?

i2 Labs Academy has an in-person campus in Miami.

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The i2 Labs Academy is licensed by the Florida Department of Education, Commission for Independent Education.
Is i2 Labs Academy worth it?
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Recent i2 Labs Academy News

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