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GenSpark offers an 84-week, full-time Java full stack bootcamp as well as programs in DevOps, L1 Support, AWS, Data Science/Analytics, and more. During the first 6-12 weeks of the program, GenSpark invests in its students by providing paid comprehensive technical and soft skill training.This time is used to prepare students for the 18-month job placement component of the program. The training covers topics like Java, Agile, and Waterfall models, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, and AWS fundamentals. GenSpark places an emphasis on team-based projects to simulate a working environment.

GenSpark offers programs for people looking to get into the field of tech ( the Aspire program), as well as those who have a few years of work experience looking to level up (the Accelerate program). GenSpark is open to students that have completed a degree and some prior IT experience. Applicants will receive an invitation to an open house while the application is reviewed. If the application fits the program, potential students will complete a series of interviews before receiving a decision. Students may be required to submit a background check and drug test.

GenSpark is a program designed to match students to employers that fit their skills. In addition to standard career support, the program devotes 18 months to job placement. 

GenSpark students receive a stipend for the duration of the program and the bootcamp is free for students that are accepted. GenSpark students have been hired at over 100 Fortune 500 companies. The program is devoted to bringing in more talent from groups that are underrepresented in tech with over 75% of students coming from these groups.

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  • Java Full Stack

    React.js, MySQL, JavaScript, Java, HTML, CSS, Agile
    OnlineFull Time84 Weeks
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    Genspark offers an 84-week, full-time Java full stack bootcamp. The training takes place over 12 weeks followed by a bench period of 2-3 weeks. This time is used to prepare students for the 18-month job placement component of the program. The training covers topics like Java, Agile, and Waterfall models, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, and AWS fundamentals. Genspark places an emphasis on team-based projects to simulate a working environment.
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    Minimum Skill LevelApplicants of all skill levels are accepted.
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    Eric S Brister • Junior Mainframe Engineer • Student • Verified via LinkedIn
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    Let me first say that when I first found out about GenSpark that I was impressed with the way that they were positioned to help both tech companies looking to hire new employees, and students or others looking to make a career switch into the IT field. I was in my second to last course before finishing my web development certification at CSU Global, and while they had told us that we would be able to get a job as an entry level developer, because I was inexperienced and that's one of the main factors that employers look at when hiring new employees, it was really scary and unnerving (borderline hopeless) thinking about the fight ahead of me to get into a new career.  That said, I saw GenSpark as an opportunity for all 3 of us; them, their partners, and myself to win without all of the worry and headache, so I took a chance and said, "Let's make this happen," and jumped on with them. 

    Since I have been training in the Mainframe cohort with GenSpark I can tell you that 2 things have stood out to me. The first thing is, that GenSpark is not playing. They have the connections that they say that they have, and they will get you trained... And then paid. The second thing is that the courses are JAM PACKED with a TON of learning, so be in "NOT EVEN PLAYING" mode from square one or be prepared to get your feelings hurt. (even though they will try to make sure that you don't...)

    Now that this is out of the way, "going well" has got to be the understatement of the year! I adore GenSpark and everything is moving right along as planned. The support is exactly the way it should be. It doesn't matter if your computer is updating and you were unable to check in, or you need a miracle worker to fix something more personal or technically impossible, they are "answer you right back and let's get that fixed for you" PERFECT. And that's the only way I would describe them.  The training had me triaged at first and trying to catch up for a minute, but only because I didn't know what to expect and it kind of shocked me at first, not because it's impossible. 

    Bottom line, I really appreciate what GenSpark is doing, and whether it's the way that they are positioned to help companies and HR teams (which, according to this study
     (Links to an external site.) that shows that 97% of employers are planning to increase their investments in recruiting technology, only proves that they are obviously unhappy...) students, recent graduates, and career changers, (who, when you consider the fact that relevant job experience is one of the main drivers for manager looking to fill a position, and the fact that 97% of graduates
     (Links to an external site.) feel like they will need on-the-job training to further their careers after graduation, you could basically say that they are in a horrible position without the help...) or dreamers like me that are making progress towards even bigger dreams down the road and have plans that may end up making a big impact because of their ambition, whether it be within a company or in the evolution of IT itself... I believe that GenSpark is playing a major role and at the frontier of everything that is good in the hiring world. I am in my last week of training, and they had us set up with one of their big tech company partner before we even signed on, so I give them five stars! BRAVO! and THANKS GENSPARK!