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  • July 2019 Coding Bootcamp News Roundup

    Imogen Crispe8/13/2019

    The coding bootcamp space is certainly not slowing down for summer – in July we read about so many new initiatives happening in the edtech space! Schools raised over $5 million and a bootcamp loan provider raised a $9.8 million Series A round, and several companies like Twitter and huge New York banks are partnering with coding bootcamps to train students. We break down a new income share agreement bill in the Senate, relay tips for determining if an online course is a ‘scam’ and tell you about a handful of new scholarships and apprenticeships. Plus, we’ll share tons of new bootcamps and expansions into new campuses (and we’ll tell you about the one school that closed in July).

    Liz had fun interviewing Rachel Bussert, Epicodus’ Director of Student Services who has been coordinating the internship program at Epicodus for over four years. At Course Report, we love internships as an option after bootcamp, and Rachel tells us what she’s learned about finding internship opportunities, the value of an internship before your full-time job search, and how to make the most of an internship once you’ve landed it. Check it out!

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  • September 2018 Coding Bootcamp News + Podcast

    Imogen Crispe7/10/2020

    The coding bootcamp industry is always evolving, so at Course Report we closely follow news and announcements in the coding education space. In September we saw a lot of interesting new data around women in tech and how coding bootcamps are increasing accessibility for underrepresented groups. We also read about new apprenticeship initiatives, heard from students about their experiences, and founders told us about taking bootcamps in new directions. There were also articles about the impact of bootcamps on the education industry as a whole, and advice about finding a job after bootcamp.

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