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FlockJay is a 12-week, part-time, online tech sales training bootcamp. Students will learn to effectively qualify, prospect, and close sales within the tech industry, all while using software to build a repeatable process. The first 8 weeks of FlockJay’s courses teach tools such as Salesforce, Outreach, LinkedIn, ZoomInfo, Zoom, Drift, Slack, and Streak. Training is conducted through live, online classes where students will engage in real-time conversations as well as receive detailed, one-on-one reviews via live video. The final 4 weeks involves real sales projects, job interviews, and placement. FlockJay’s mission is to make tech accessible to people from all locations and backgrounds with an emphasis on diversity. To achieve this, FlockJay offers classes at no up-front cost. Instead, tuition is paid only after employment.

FlockJay is set up to help individuals with no previous tech sales experience. Those interested in taking courses must first complete an online form. The application is sent directly to the Head of Administration. Applicants will then be given follow up questions by a member of the staff. FlockJay’s training programs start at the beginning of every month, so that after approval, students can begin the program almost immediately.

Tuition for FlockJay is $0 up-front. Graduates are asked to pay 10% of their salary for one year. If a student doesn't get a job after the end of the course, the entire course is free. FlockJay will provide graduating students with warm intros to top companies, along with resume writing, interview prep, and salary negotiation guidance.

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  • Tech Sales Bootcamp

    OnlinePart Time12 Hours/week12 Weeks
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    An 12-week online tech sales training bootcamp. Students will learn to effectively qualify, prospect, and close sales within the tech industry, all while using software to build a repeatable process. FlockJay’s courses teach tools such as Salesforce, Outreach, LinkedIn, ZoomInfo, Zoom, Drift, Slack, and Streak.
    Tuition PlansStudents can choose to pay $0 upfront followed by 10% of their salary for one year, once they are hired.
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  • Field BDR
    - 1/24/2020
    Jack Batchelor  User Photo
    Jack Batchelor • Field BDR • Graduate • Verified via LinkedIn
    Overall Experience:
    Job Assistance:

    12-week online Bootcamp with extensive support from staff and classmates. You'll learn all the skills necessary for an entry-level sales role. Fellow classmates are from all regions and backgrounds which allows you to build a network of like-minded professionals. Overall a great way to excel in your career and increase your salary.

  • Best Decision!!!!
    - 12/28/2019
    Liz Strong  User Photo
    Liz Strong • SDR at LaunchDarkly • Graduate • Verified via LinkedIn
    Overall Experience:
    Job Assistance:


    • I chose to not attend college. I attended a coding bootcamp, then realized it wasn't for me. Next, I interned at a startup accelerator for a few months. I knew that the internship wasn't going to convert into a full-time role so I started digging around for other opportunities. Finally, I saw Flockjay on ycombinator's twitter, booked a consultation, then started my first day of class 2 weeks late. 
    • I live in SF & I read about tech for fun. Most of my friends are in their twenties in tech. 



    • I love you Flockjay team!! 
    • The instructors really get to know you as a person. At the beginning of each class, we talk about our lives for about 5-10 minutes to put everyone in a good mood.
    • The instructors are incredibly engaging (we laugh so much) and always prepared! I don't remember ever once feeling, "do they know what they are doing?" Flockjay does not drop the ball. 
    • Instructors are always available and responsive on Slack.
    • I am amazed by the amount of emotional labor Flockjay freely gives to every student. I don't know how they do it. Honestly, they are angels.



    • Assignments are submitted via Workramp. Maryann from Flockjay grades each and every answer and leaves detailed feedback so that you can improve. Please appreciate this!
    • Classes run M-Thurs, 5-8 pm PST, office hours are Friday. Mondays are Fireside chats with industry leaders, recruiters, and managers.
    • Flockjay staff takes turns teaching the curriculum with plenty of interactive activities and beautifully (and easily digestible) presentations.
    • The outline of the curriculum is on their website.
    • The instructors do such an EXCELLENT job of relaying the tech culture to those not in tech. This is poorly worded. I'm trying to say that the Flockjay team is diverse, has diverse investors, and celebrates students from diverse backgrounds. Flockjay will help you, if you're from a completely non-tech background, understand what you're getting yourself into. Gosh, they are empathetic and no question is ridiculous. 
    • We rigorously review concepts by challenging each other during Flockjay stadium. Teachers will break us into groups on Zoom to practice skills with very clear instructions and time checks. We touch on a lot of tools, but there really is a ton to cover. It is so, so, so important that you dedicate time outside of class to understand tools such as Salesforce, ZoomInfo, Outreach, etc...
    • Personally felt that the pace was perfect. 
    • You will need to put in work!! Flockjay is not easy, but it is extremely supportive, and you CAN do it!! Many people in my flock were parenting during class.   


    Job Assistance:

    • Fellows updated an Airtable form for Flockjay. I had a zoom call with a Flockjay team member before every single on-site. I booked office hours every single week to keep them in the loop. I had practice interviews and cold calls with my batchmates, Flockjay alums, and other friends. 
    • All the companies I interviewed with were through Flockjay.
    • This was my first job hunt; I wasn't sure what I was doing 80% of the time. I didn't feel nervous because the Flockjay team constantly checked up on via phone call, Slack, and Zoom videos. I really felt a community of support.
    • Pira from Flockjay started hosting Zoom sessions every week to help alums keep their sales skills fresh.
    • I made a twitter thread about my experience 
      • https://twitter.com/iamlizendary/status/1206796508542013442?s=20
    • ​Making this clear -- EXTREMELY AMAZING DURING JOB SEARCH!! I paid my tuition upfront because I had full faith that Flockjay would help me find my dream job. I expected to have less support after I paid (since I didn't sign an ISA), but that was definitely not the case!



    • HAPPY, WARM, SUPPORTIVE ENVIRONMENT! Your batchmates will lift you up! Cherish them & lift them up too! :)
    • Flockjay is growing rapidly and will be a mafia network ;) 
    • Thank you Shaan, Kelly, Alex, Quenton, Reese, Maryann, Francesca, Pira, + everyone else who is remote + everyone hired after Seed funding + all my lovely batchmates + Flockjay alums + smart investors!!! You changed my life!


    Negatives (take everything with a grain of salt):

    • I was in the 3rd batch, so Flockjay was still ironing out some kinks. There was a tool that we were planning to cover, but we ran out of time (not a big deal at all, I promise). Only one hiring manager asked me about it. I was honest and said that I'm more than happy to learn the tool on the job. More than an acceptable answer.
    • I was on the August 2019 batch and we graduated in October 2019. This may have not been the ideal time to graduate. I heard from some batchmates that they were stuck in limbo as some companies were not hiring/onboarding candidates until the new year (2020). I think this may have been much more frustrating for students with dependents. It's difficult to be interviewing while working & parenting full-time, for 2 months and be unsure of a set hire date. I received my first job offer within 3 weeks after graduation, but took 6 weeks to choose and accept my final job offer. It took 7.5 weeks for me to start working. I was the second person from my batch to start working in sales in a tech company. I could have started working within 5.5 weeks after graduating, but I wanted more time to explore my other options and offers. I'm incredibly privileged to not have debt, dependents, nor emergencies to force me to pick the first offer. I suspect that timing will be less of an issue as Flockjay onboards more hiring partners and develops an even stronger presence.