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EyUp is a coding academy that offers a 16-week, in-person, full stack coding academy in Sheffield, England. The academy covers topics like JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Node, and GitHub. Students also receive training for the Scrum Master Certification. EyUp cohorts are kept small to mirror the size of the average dev team, and the instructors are all experienced industry professionals who also act as mentors to academy students.

EyUp is open to students of all ba...

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  • Jess Hamby
    Junior Software Developer • Graduate • Full Stack Coding • Sheffield
    Feb 08, 2022
    Overall Experience
    Job Assistance

    A great course for aspiring developers

    I thoroughly enjoyed my time at EyUp and was very lucky to be offered my first junior position before I finished the course.
    Application Process
    The application process was smooth - I completed the aptitude test online (no prior coding experience required) and then had an informal chat with the trainer for my course, Ash, and a few others from the Academy to discuss why I had applied and what I hoped to get from it. I also attended a taster session which gave me a...
  • Jake Rooms
    Junior developer • Graduate • Full Stack Coding • Sheffield
    Jan 30, 2022
    Overall Experience
    Job Assistance

    My time at EyUp

    EyUp Academy is the result of a collaboration between Wandisco and iO Academy. I was part of the first cohort, Initially I was skeptical that the syllabus could be taught in 16 weeks but our teacher, Ashley Coles, was amazing and taught me a lot about software development and how to work like a developer in the industry. The format of the academy is 1 week of theory and then a one week project where we can apply the skills we've learned. We built paint apps using Java script, aptitude te...

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How much does EyUp cost?

EyUp costs around £11,000.

What courses does EyUp teach?

EyUp offers courses like Full Stack Coding.

Where does EyUp have campuses?

EyUp has an in-person campus in Sheffield.

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Is EyUp worth it?
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