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Code Builders is an intermediate online program with a focus on web development fundamentals. The Code Builders curriculum is geared towards meeting the needs of software development interns, junior developers, code school graduates, and aspiring programmers. Courses are taught in 4-week-long units. A course includes a daily, 2-hour live lecture, which is taught by a Code Builders instructor and recorded for optional later viewing. Courses also include an optional 1-hour lecture where instructors address and review areas that students need additional help with. The courses require students to participate 15-25 hours per week. Students should also expect 1-2 hours of homework per day for each course.  Students receive feedback on daily assignments by an automated grader, TA, or instructor. Depending on the course, class sizes can be between 50 - 300 students. 

The Introduction to JavaScript course dives into the core JavaScript concepts, including strings, numbers, arrays, objects, and functions. This course focuses on mastery and understanding of array methods, creating and combining objects, object destructuring, and understanding all the parts and variations of functions. Live lectures happen every weekday from 3PM - 5PM. The Introduction to JavaScript course requires students to participate 3-4 hours every weekday, not including the 1-2 hours of daily homework. 

Students are graded on a pass/fail basis. To pass a Code Builders course means a student has completed the course and understands the content. Code Builders offers “office hours” so students can receive additional support from TAs and instructors.

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  • Software Development Apprenticeship

    Ruby, Rails, JavaScript, HTML, CSS
    In PersonFull Time40 Hours/week39 Weeks
    Start Date None scheduled
    Class size6
    Tuition Plans$7,500 will be due in monthly payments after you land a job.
    Getting in
    Minimum Skill LevelBeginner
    Placement TestNo
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    Today I had the chance to sit in on a lecture given by Bookis Worthy, the instuctor at Code Builders. He taught a class of 6 in a very laid back, friendly and question friendly environment. To be honest, I couldn't follow anything the class was working on due to my lack of experience but I was able to gather that the information was being understood by all of the students. I have been researching coding schools in the Seattle area and was interested in Code Builders because of the program length and cost. I could definitely see myself thriving in an environment such as this and hope to be accepted into the program!