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Bluebird is a 6-week part-time, live online tech sales bootcamp based in Canada. The Tech Sales bootcamp covers topics like tech sales fundamentals, filling the funnel, customer research, taking sales calls, and closing deals. Instructors are experienced professionals from some of Canada’s leading tech companies.

Bluebird is designed for complete beginners and no experience is necessary. The bootcamp is open to students that are over the age of 18 and eligi...

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  • Carlos S.
    Student • Tech Sales • Online
    Verified by LinkedIn
    Aug 17, 2022
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    Excellent program - Would highly recommend!

    I decided to enroll in this program, not knowing what to expect. The application process was super easy and straightforward. I applied back in February 2022, by filling out a quick form, and shortly after I was contacted to schedule a discovery call. Days after the call, I was admitted into the program.
    The curriculum covered the essential topics and really prepared me for my first job in tech sales. After finishing the program, I was paired with a career coach. I have to say, the ins...

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Is Bluebird worth it?
Is Bluebird legit?
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Is Bluebird accredited?

How much does Bluebird cost?

Bluebird costs around $6,000.

What courses does Bluebird teach?

Bluebird offers courses like Tech Sales.

Where does Bluebird have campuses?

Bluebird teaches students Online in a remote classroom.

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Is Bluebird worth it?
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