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Why It’s Time to Upskill with TrainingTemple This Year

Jess Feldman

Written By Jess Feldman

Last updated on June 15, 2023

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Worried about losing your job to automation but not ready to learn intensive coding skills? TrainingTemple by Coding Temple offers micro training in technical skills that are essential to today’s tech workforce, such as computer literacy, mobile literacy, cybersecurity, and coding, so you can kick start a new career with confidence. Payten Jackson from the Enterprise Team at Coding Temple explains how individuals and employers can use this customizable program for their needs.

Meet Our Expert: Payten Jackson

  • Payten represents the Enterprise Team at Coding Temple, focusing on expanding reach through Partnerships for Impact.
  • Payten keeps a finger on the pulse of what's happening in the job market, and uses those trends to inform the career services team at Coding Temple. 

What is TrainingTemple?

TrainingTemple by Coding Temple is an app-based learning curriculum of micro training for technical roles. The ultimate goal of TrainingTemple is skill development designed for maximum salary lift. We want to trigger momentum towards salary lift for people who aren't historically technical or have very basic technical skills. By completing courses on TrainingTemple, these workers are developing skills that are in-demand and can lead to higher paying roles. 

TrainingTemple is a place to start developing a technical skill set and then transfer it into a workplace flow. TrainingTemple takes learners from zero to one in their technical skill set, whereas the immersive bootcamp from Coding Temple equips learners with the necessary skills to secure technical positions as Software Engineers, Data Analysts, Cybersecurity professionals, and various other roles.These short, accessible upskilling programs help acquire newly essential technical skills that are all over job descriptions on LinkedIn that weren't there a few years ago.

Who is the TrainingTemple program for?

TrainingTemple is mobile-first and easily accessible for workers, which makes it a great opportunity for people who are on-the-go or in the desk-less workforce to start flexing that technical muscle. The program is aimed at individuals seeking technical skill expansion, or employers that are seeking technical skill expansion for their employees. 

TrainingTemple can cater to any number in a workforce and company size — some of our partners have upwards of 30,000 employees while others are onboarding teams of 30. Currently TrainingTemple is only accessible to our enterprise customers that have developed a partnership with Coding Temple or Coding Temple students. 

Is this program focused on upskilling or helping folks make a total career change?

It serves both purposes of upskilling employees or helping employees make a career change. We offer upskilling that enhances the employee's technical skills within their current role, which at the same time can also provide an opportunity for employees to make a career change into a more technical field. 

TrainingTemple serves the professional purpose of the workforce coming into it. If the partnership says they would like the curriculum to focus on upskilling their workforce in computer or mobile literacy, we build the curriculum to do so. If the employer wants to turn an IT team into strong quality assurance developers, we would give them a curriculum that can take them from zero to one, then they could continue on with Coding Temple to build from one to six, since software engineering is always an ongoing learning process. 

Does this program span different industries?

Absolutely. Many folks come in from desk-less industries, like education, manufacturing, industrial staffing, and healthcare. We’ve especially seen more teams interested in incorporating AI and other developing trends. 

Does an employer or their employees need to know how to code to start TrainingTemple?

No, definitely not — they can come in knowing nothing about coding. The app is gamified and interactive to make it easy for someone to learn. For example, if someone has basic computer literacy, they could work through the modules, test out, and move into Intro to Coding, Intro to Quality Assurance, Workplace Applications, and other lessons, but it's not required. Toolbox One is focused on developing really basic concepts, like taking a screenshot on a phone, to practice flexing that muscle, build confidence, and work into the progression of other toolboxes. 

The TrainingTemple Curriculum

TrainingTemple teaches a range of relevant technical skills for multiple industries that are hiring. TrainingTemple also makes it easy to stack skills to get what you want out of the program. This includes micro training in computer literacy, mobile literacy, ChatGPT, cybersecurity, and so much more!

  • In the chatGPT lesson, learners will develop confidence using chatGPT as well as hacks and ways to ensure successful optimization when engaging with this new tool. 
  • For cybersecurity, we start with the basics: What is phishing? How do you set a strong password? Then we move into how to protect yourself at work, how to protect your work property, etc. 
  • Introduction to coding is not focused on any one language but instead looks at the market, what’s in-demand across job descriptions on LinkedIn at that time, or the direction we see workforces going and what students need to learn. Programming languages are included, of course, like Intro to Python and React. 

Is the TrainingTemple curriculum similar to the coding bootcamp curriculum at Coding Temple?

They are separate. TrainingTemple is not nearly as immersed as Coding Temple but can be an early onboarding ramp to the coding bootcamp assessment at Coding Temple. 

If you’re someone who dreams of going into a completely different technical career, TrainingTemple is for you. For example, it could be someone who works in a team at a grocery store and wants to level up to management. With TrainingTemple they can take courses in computer literacy, mobile literacy, data management, and project management and showcase those new skills to their manager. That employee could also take an intro to coding class and realize they love it, then dive into the immersive bootcamp from Coding Temple. 

Do you need to complete all the units within the TrainingTemple program? Can an employer choose to have their employees complete certain modules?

TrainingTemple is completely customizable for our enterprise partners. Nothing is randomly selected or by chance. A learner will come into Coding Temple and see a path developed for them, which is comparable to Duolingo. In order for them to move through that skill-building experience, they have to demonstrate they've retained the information, can apply it, and test out. There's a reason why we create a skill progression path that takes them on a journey where they're stacking skills on top of each other.

It also creates a better user experience when you can see the curriculum has been developed in a way that supports skill progression and retention. If an employer has indicated they want certain skills learned in an order, we work with our curriculum design team to build it out in a way that optimizes retention and application, not just memorization. If students are doing well and moving quickly, they do have the opportunity to test out and prove that they've flexed that training muscle muscle to a point of knowledge retention.

What is the program delivery of TrainingTemple? 

TrainingTemple fully incorporates asynchronous learning built by experts in curriculum design and instructional design for new learners. There are supportive videos embedded within the learning experience. With this self-paced learning approach, learners log in and complete learning at their own convenience.

If a learner wants to learn alongside others, our notification messaging alert option in the app lets you know that we're hosting regular co-working sessions to offer support in skill progression and skill stacking. Some of these sessions may include a focus on efficient email management, getting started with chatbots for customer service, cybersecurity basics, data analysis with Google Sheets, and more!

These co-working sessions are a great opportunity for a learner to participate in a synchronous experience, flex what they’ve learned, and ensure the skills they’re learning are applicable to the workforce or their individual goals going into TrainingTemple. While we’re always offering opportunities to have real human touchpoints, if you’d rather stay in your lane and work alone, this program caters to that as well. 

How is a student’s progress assessed in TrainingTemple? If a student is struggling with a particular module, what kind of support can they receive?

The gamified aspect of the program is fun! There's a leaderboard where you can see who’s quizzing out, getting the most answers correct, earning the most completion badges, etc. When building TrainingTemple our educators and curriculum designers built out parameters to define success. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that anyone that comes into TrainingTemple and wants to work towards that salary lift will get there. 

On the administrative end, we have extensive tracking dashboards. If someone's falling behind, we can clock it right away. We send them a message asking if they need support if they're not on track to hit the learning goals that they've set out for themselves. With the messaging feature, learners can also directly reach out to us. We can also use the data dashboard to identify when someone is really soaring in a new skill that they didn’t know they’d be good at. As well, we track people who are diverse learners and offer them differentiated learning support. 

Career Support at TrainingTemple

TrainingTemple students do have complimentary access to the Coding Temple Career Services support! Our Career Services team are experts in the area of building a career with confidence, which is often imperative for upskillers who may be insecure entering a new field. 

Coding Temple Career Services offers support in: 

  • Resume building
  • Building a LinkedIn profile 
  • Writing emails
  • Preparing for interviews
  • Asking for a promotion
  • Networking 

Find out more and read Coding Temple reviews on Course Report. This article was produced by the Course Report team in partnership with Coding Temple.

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