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Last updated on October 18, 2023

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Seattle is home to all things tech, including data science bootcamps! With a median salary of $200K for Seattle-based data scientists, the Emerald City is an excellent place to learn data science and launch your career. For those ready to make the leap, we’ve rounded up all of the data science bootcamps with campuses in Seattle. Plus, find out what you can expect from the Seattle data science job market, including the biggest companies that hire data professionals in the area.  

The Data Science Job Market in Seattle

Seattle has been a leader in the tech industry for decades, home to tech giants and thriving startups alike. Seattle tech jobs are abundant as Seattle tech companies seek trained data scientists to add to their team. This means that Seattle may be a great place to start a new data science career! 

Typical Salaries of Data Scientists in Seattle 

According to BuiltIn, the median Data Scientist salary in the Greater Seattle area is $200,000. Entry-level data scientists in the area can see salaries between $124K-$200K, with the average salary being $140K.

The Biggest Companies Hiring Data Professionals in Seattle

Top tech companies in Seattle include:

  • Amazon
  • Google
  • Microsoft
  • Meta
  • Square
  • Dropbox
  • Remitly
  • Block
  • Chewy
  • Lyft
  • Snap Inc.
  • OfferUp
  • HBO 

Emerging Seattle tech startups to watch: 

  • CalmWave 
  • Common Room
  • DexCare
  • Earth Finance
  • Humanly
  • LifeAt
  • MotherDuck
  • Protect AI
  • Shipium
  • Spice AI
  • Workflow Labs
  • Yoodli

Data Science Bootcamps in Seattle

This data science bootcamp offers an in-person campus in Seattle. The data science bootcamp in this area prioritizes keeping their curriculum up-to-date to ensure that bootcampers can land jobs at Seattle tech companies and beyond. 

  1. Data Science Dojo 

    • For career changers, we recommend Data Science Dojo’s Practicum Program, which includes an immersive data science bootcamp experience and an internship!
    • Data Science Dojo leads online and in-person data science bootcamps from Redmond, Washington. While experience is not required, it is recommended to have some basic skills in programming. For those looking to upskill rather than make a career change, Data Science Dojo offers intro courses to data science and IoT, as well as short courses on large language models, data engineering, and Python.
  2. Ada Developers Academy

    • Ada Developers Academy is not technically a data science bootcamp, but the curriculum does focus on Python and covers Flask and SQL, so for career changers, we recommend taking the Software Development Intensive. 
    • The Ada program includes an internship which teaches more frameworks and languages. Past internship sponsors include: Nordstrom, Amazon, Zillow, and Expedia!
    • Ada’s Seattle classroom is located in the International District in Seattle.

There are other coding bootcamps that are well-established in Seattle, like Code Fellows and Epicodus. These don’t specifically offer data science courses, but starting with a software engineering bootcamp can be a good foundation for a career in data.

There are more online data science bootcamps than in-person bootcamp — some of these programs may be self-paced, but many of them offer live online instruction and coaching. If you’re interested in an online data science bootcamp but live in Seattle, then these programs may be good options for you:

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