3 Free Data Science Bootcamps in 2024

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Last updated on May 15, 2024

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The average data science bootcamp tuition costs between $9K-$16K, but launching a new career in data science or data analysis can actually be free! If you're looking to make a career change, we've rounded up 4 FREE data science bootcamps that will get you the skill set and support you need to land your first data job. Plus, our top three tips of what to look for when choosing a free data science bootcamp.

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🚩 3 Things to Watch Out for When Choosing a Free Data Science Bootcamp

  1. Do you qualify for the free data science bootcamp? Typically, the free data science bootcamps on this list have higher admissions standards (think PhD or Masters Degree).
  2. Is the data science bootcamp actually free? Some programs may offer deferred tuition or an Income Share Agreement, which means that you often won't have to pay for the bootcamp until you graduate and/or land a job.
  3. Is the program a complete data science bootcamp or just an intro to data skills? While there are tons of free intro data classes, don't confuse these with free bootcamps. If you're looking to make a career change, your best bet is to enroll in an immersive data science bootcamp experience so you can get the foundational skills, project portfolio, and career support you need to land a data job.

3 FREE Data Science Bootcamps

  1. Data Science For All
  2. Insight Data Science
  3. Fullstack Academy Data Analyst Training Accelerator

1. Data Science For All

Correlation One’s Data Science for All (DS4A) programs provide free training and career support to students and professionals who identify as Black, Latinx, female, or LGBTQ+, in partnership with major employers around the world.
Cost: $0
Location: Online
Program Length: 13 weeks 
Andres reflects on his experience at Data Science for All: "I'm just delighted that I could attend this program. The overall experience was excellent: great training materials, top professors, superb training platform and most importantly, an evident extra effort to make it an enjoyable learning experience."

2. Insight Data Science

Insight Data Science is a 7-week post-doctoral training fellowship intended to help data scientists transition from academia to a career in data science. The program is project-based under the guidance of industry professionals instead of time spent in the classroom. It also features job preparation and networking opportunities with companies culminating in real interviews at the end of the program. Applicants must have completed or be approaching completion of a Ph.D.
Cost: $0
Silicon Valley, CA. New York, NY.
Program Length: 7 weeks

3. Fullstack Academy Data Analyst Training Accelerator

Is Fullstack Academy free? Yes! Fullstack Academy is a partner in NYC’s Tech Talent Pipeline. Students can attend the immersive data analytics bootcamp at no cost. This training program is designed to prepare unemployed and underemployed New Yorkers with no previous data experience for careers in data analysis at salaries of $55,000 or more.
Cost: $0
Location: New York City and Online
Program Length: 18 weeks

Free Intro Data Science Programs

There are many free learn-to-code resources which will teach you the basic fundamentals of languages like Python or data tools like Excel and Tableau. This is essential knowledge for aspiring data scientists and data analysts, and it's an important foundation to build before you enroll in a full-length data science bootcamp. See our list of data science bootcamp prep programs and free intro coding programs + free bootcamp trials to find the right program for you. 

If you'd like to get your bearings in software engineering and then start a data career, check out our list of free coding bootcamps and free bootcamp prep programs!

Have you graduated from a free data science bootcamp? What advice would you give to a future bootcamper? 

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