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Prod MBA is a part-time, 8-week bootcamp designed for founders, CPOs, product managers, and product owners. The total time commitment is 8-10 hours per week. Prod MBA bootcamp students will learn how to take a product from idea to revenue. Students will learn the four key competencies of a product leader: leadership, product strategy, customer insight, and execution. Prod MBA students will learn how to align stakeholders and product teams around a product strategy ...

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  • aiexperts edge
    cat coaching in pune • Graduate
    Jun 03, 2023
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    cat coaching in pune

    Diverse Levels of Complexity: In order to recreate the atmosphere of the CAT examination, a range of questions with varying levels of difficulty has been carefully chosen. Starting with fundamental concepts, the questions progressively advance to present more challenging and intricate scenarios. By engaging with this assortment of questions, you can cultivate a comprehensive skill set and effectively approach queries of different complexities.

    Step-by-Step Solutions and Elucidatio...

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The average bootcamp costs $14,142, but Prod MBA does not share pricing information. You can read a cost-comparison of other popular bootcamps!

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Prod MBA offers courses like .

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