Microsoft Research Data Science Summer School

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Microsoft Research Data Science Summer School

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Microsoft Research Data Science Summer School, or DS3, is an eight week, intensive summer program meant as an introduction to data science for prospective graduate students in the New York City area. The program is intended for upper level undergraduates or graduating seniors, and seeks to increase diversity in the data science market. The school is taught by scientists from Microsoft Research. Students will be broken up into small groups to work on one of two data science projects over the course of the program. Laptops and a $5000 stipend are provided. 

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    • Data Science Summer School

      Data Science
      In PersonFull Time25 Hours/week7 Weeks
      Start Date None scheduled
      Class sizeN/A
      LocationNew York City
      This introduction to data science will cover tools and techniques for acquiring, cleaning, and utilizing real-world data for research purposes. In contrast to traditional course work, where one is often handed a prepackaged dataset obtained by a third party and prepared for a specific exercise, research projects often involve not only cleaning and preparing "messy" data, but often also acquiring that data oneself (e.g., through an API). The initial phase of these projects involves a good deal of exploratory analysis to gain a preliminary understanding of the dataset. Students will be introduced to scripting (on the command line and with Python and R) for these purposes, and will gain direct experience in acquiring and modeling data from online sources. The course also serves as an introduction to problems in applied statistics and machine learning. We will cover the theory behind simple but effective methods for supervised and unsupervised learning. Emphasis will be on formulating real-world modeling and prediction tasks as optimization problems and comparing methods in terms of practical efficacy and scalability. Students will learn to fit and evaluate such models, with applications including spam filtering and recommendation systems.
      Refund / Guarantee$5000 stipend and laptop provided
      Getting in
      Minimum Skill LevelFamiliarity with computer programming and/or statistics is helpful.
      Placement TestNo
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