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Interaction Design Foundation’s UX bootcamp is an eight-week, online program with a focus on job-readiness. The Interaction Design Foundation bootcamp is self-paced, allowing for students to customize learning around their own schedules. Interaction Design Foundation (IDF) is an independent non-profit initiative with a mission to raise the standard of global design education while lowering the cost.

While Interaction Design Foundation does not require any technical prerequisites, prior knowledge of design concepts and technical skills will be beneficial. Free Interaction Design Foundation courses are available to those students who need additional training and have already enrolled in the bootcamp. Students will have a lifetime access to any project materials completed during the bootcamp. Students are also given a one-year Interaction Design Foundation membership, which includes Interaction Design Foundation courses.

The focus of the Interaction Design Foundation bootcamp is mentor-led portfolio-building. Mentors are experienced UX design professionals, and Interaction Design Foundation matches each student with their personal mentor. Under the mentor’s guidance, each student creates, finalizes, and learns how to present a design portfolio. This portfolio includes practical and guided projects, and can be a mix of the student’s own personal projects and real-world project briefs provided by Interaction Design Foundation.

In the last two weeks of class, mentors help participants prepare for job interviews and practice presenting their portfolios. Students also do design interviews with recruiters from creative staffing agencies like Bamboo Crowd and Creative Circle to ready them for job interviews. An Interaction Design Foundation certificate is issued upon completion of the bootcamp.

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    • User Experience (UX) Bootcamp

      Start Date None scheduled
      Class sizeN/A
      An exciting opportunity to create and hone your personal portfolio site and get ready for a new job in UX. You’ll be paired with a mentor who suits your personality, knowledge and experience to ensure you receive the most valuable feedback and advice. What’s more, you’ll work on unique projects relevant to your industry and career interests, get support with your job applications and have a call with a design recruiter! As a non-profit, the Interaction Design Foundation is able to offer a bootcamp at barely 10% of the average price of bootcamps in the industry. You can expect top quality mentors and resources, round-the-clock support and expert assistance without breaking the bank!
      DepositNo deposit required
      Refund / Guarantee14-day money back guarantee; option to pause and resume the bootcamp as per your needs.
      Getting in
      Minimum Skill LevelOpen to all, beginners included. The bootcamp also comes with access to our Ivy League level UX design courses, so you can learn core fundamentals alongside the practical structure of the bootcamp at your own pace!
      Prep WorkOnce enrolled, you'll go through a comprehensive onboarding process to help us shortlist the best mentors for your unique needs and goals.
      Placement TestNo
    • Justine Crowley  User Photo
      Justine Crowley • Customer Service Professional / Graduate UX Designer • Graduate • Verified via LinkedIn
      Overall Experience:
      Job Assistance:
      Enrolling in, and getting accepted into the UX Design bootcamp immersive at the Interaction Design Foundation was the best decision I made to study online, all in response to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Having transferred my studies from another institute due to this pandemic, and another challenge prior meant that I was able to get a second chance at becoming a UX Designer. During my time at the Interaction Design Foundation, I had full autonomy and support in working on and iterating two projects on my portfolio, where I was able to study on my own time (not on a rigid 9-5 schedule) when I was most productive. Doing so enabled me to increase my hours at my part-time job from 4 to 25 hours per week, as well as graduate without any student debt. I had so much fun working on my projects, and my mentor did a great job in also helping me with my Figma skills, as well as providing encouragement and support. Alec from the support office was also great. If you value your freedom both time wise and financially, then I highly recommend this bootcamp with the Interaction Design Foundation. 
    • IDF UX Bootcamp
      - 3/21/2020
      Amélie K  User Photo
      Amélie K • Graduate • Verified via LinkedIn
      Overall Experience:
      Job Assistance:
      After completing several courses with the Interaction Design Foundation, I decided to join the IDF UX Bootcamp in order to work on UX projects and build my portfolio. I would highly recommend this UX bootcamp for the following reasons:
      1. The bootcamp allows you to personalise your learning path and to select projects that suit your own career objectives
      2. You will get personalised feedback and support from a dedicated mentor who will review continuously your work
      3. This bootcamp will help you to get a better understanding of the UX job market, create an engaging portfolio and break into the UX field. 
    • Darshan Jade   User Photo
      Darshan Jade • Graduate • Verified via LinkedIn
      Overall Experience:
      Job Assistance:
      If you are a lost soul trying to understand UX design and want to make it your career this is the right course for you. I love how they have covered every minute aspect of UI/UX design fast tracking your design thinking capabilities. The mentor(my case it was Nikhil Yadav from Bangalore,India) guide you through all the aspects and help you create a perfect portfolio to land you an awesome Job.I completely enjoyed the process and I am glad I came across IDF UX Bootcamp. 
    • Renata • Designer • Student
      Overall Experience:
      Job Assistance:
      I have been a web designer for 5 years and as time went on, more and more of the projects I was assigned to required knowledge about user experience. Getting into UX became a necessity and when I saw that I could join for a price close to 1,000 USD, I decided to enroll. Signing up for this course was one of the best career moves I ever made. I got a UX job before I finished the program, so I can definitely recommend this course for everybody thinking about getting into UX.